Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Repli - Kate's come out for Halloween, latest Kate sighting and more

I hope you all had an enjoyable Halloween! As promised, some of the readers of the blog wished to have their 'Kate costume' photos included in this post. I am awaiting more and will update accordingly.

The first photo comes to us courtesy of the amazing Royally Kate. Excellent look, I loved Kate's engagement dress and this is a beautiful tribute and very classy Halloween costume!

Next we have a stunning photo from american student Katelynn. Proving one doesn't have to be brunette to emulate Kate's style.

The Royal wedding is recreated in this wonderful photo from Kate Spade.

Duchess Kate was spotted at a gas station today, Again the man who saw her couldn't believe how naturally beautiful she is. I often think photographs simply don't do her justice. She is even more beautiful on video. 

If any of you are fans of Hello magazine. Duchess Kate graces the cover again for the current issue. I was surprised at the photo they chose, had it been me I would have gone for the full length one or the photo of entering the dinner. The weekly magazine is also available digitally for £2 Here.

Sources (Hello, Twitter, Daily Mail)


  1. I love Kate Spade's pic! Complete with the not so happy flower girl!

  2. Absolutely excellent photo, Love the effort they put in.

  3. The Today show was great! I was cracking up!

  4. They did an amazing job, I love the fact the wedding is still so popular.

    Hope you had a fun halloween :)

  5. I love all of these costumes! Especially the first photo. I could have guessed that was Kate Middleton in the blink of an eye! The ring, the nude shoes, the choice of dress and tiara were all so good looking!


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