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Operation Princess Kate, Designer uniform for staff at Kensington, Kate doll, upcoming events + more

Hello Kate watchers,

It's been quiet on the Kate front since the Copenhagen trip with the exception of a couple of small stories, I would like to share with you. We all know Duchess Kate is loved worldwide, nonetheless I was a little taken aback to read that Afghan soldiers fought off the Taliban in an attacked named 'Operation Princess Kate'. Afghan soldiers were captivated by Kate after seeing photos of the royal wedding. Afghan National Army Sergeant, Abdul Wahid said

"We are grateful to the British troops for everything they are doing to help us become a capable army who can take on the insurgency. So we decided to name this important operation in honour of someone who is close to the hearts of the British people. Along with my fellow warriors, I was proud to play my part and to honour a member of the Royal family in this way".

Operation Princess Kate was a resounding success as a team of four hundred Afghan soldiers descended on a Taliban stronghold. Sergeant Wahid believe Kate brought them luck. Who knew Kate could be so good for international relations? There is nothing out Duchess can't do :)

I've often wondered what life is like for the staff at Kensington Palace, watching the Royals go about their daily lives, one thing I had not thought of is there uniforms. British label Jaeger are set to design uniforms for front of house staff as part of the royal residences £12 million transformation. The uniform which will be unveiled on March 26 2012 will be worn by around fifty staff. Great thought has been put into the design of the uniform. I was amazed to read the design was influenced by palace architecture and the interiors of the state apartments. The uniforms are being manufactured by London based Jermyn Street Design. Stuart Stockdale, Creative director at Jaeger said

"It's a great honour to have had access to the Royal ceremonial dress collection at Kensington Palace. I have been inspired by centuries of royal and court style and married this with modernity to offer the Palace staff a bespoke uniform that they can feel proud and enjoy wearing. The new uniform really tells a story".

William and Kate will need a large staff when they move in to their new apartment and working for the couple just became an even more attractive prospect :)

Prince William and Duchess Kate have been named as the most influential royals in a list compiled by London's Evening Standard. The panel of judges said the couples influence had grown greatly since their wedding last April. A wonderful honour for William and Kate.

Duchess Kate graces the cover of Hello magazine again this week, (She must be simply doing wonders for their sales) Photographed with Princess Mary of Copenhagen.

Companies around the world have cashed in on the royal wedding, In fact I would imagine it has done wonders for sales. With everything from replica engagement rings to books and DVDs available we could all have a piece to remember the wedding by. However, the latest 'Duchess Kate wedding doll' leaves a lot (Let me stress an awful lot) to be desired. 
The £120 figurine draped in a replica of Kate's wedding gown complete with lace detail looks exactly like 'Action Man'. With masculine proportions and a manic smile this doll certainly doesn't resemble Kate in any shape or form. I think with time and effort a wonderful doll could be produced which emulate's Kate, but this isn't it!
What do you all think? Will this doll be on your Christmas list? :)

I actually wanted to write this post to remind you all of the imminent Kate sightings. Tomorrow evening (November 10) The Cambridge's will attend a dinner at St James' Palace in aid of The National Memorial Arboretum appeal. The appeal was launched by William in 2009 to develop the world renowned arboretum into a centre for remembrance. I will include plenty of information on the Aboretum appeal in tomorrows post.

This weekend the 'Remembrance Day' ceremonies will be taking place. With events Saturday and Sunday we should be seeing quite a lot of new photos of the Duchess! We may possibly see Kate at an unscheduled event too.

Here is a video from last years Remembrance Day.........

See you all tomorrow, I will update with photos and news as soon as they come in.

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  1. Gotta get that Hello magazine...maybe I should make a trip to town to look for it. ;)

    I love that photo of Kate with the soldiers! I posted it on Twitter & Buzz. :D

  2. Great pictures in Uniforms.

    Thanks for share.


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