Saturday, 12 November 2011

New photos of the Cambridge's wearing black for the Prince's charities forum and more

BAFTA/John Maloney British Monarchy Flickr
I was doing my morning search of 'Kate news' when I saw these photos of William and Kate (With thanks to My small obsessions and Dress like a lady for this excellent find) attending what appears to be a meeting for the Prince's Charities Forum at BAFTA 195 Piccadilly. Taken yesterday afternoon, this is the first time the Duchess has attended the forum.  

BAFTA/John Maloney British Monarchy Flickr

Duchess Kate looked radiant in a black Zara Jacket with zip and belt. (With thanks to What Kate Wore Facebook) The stunning jacket has a detachable gold zip allowing one to alter the length. Kate has always been a fan of the high street and it's excellent to see her wearing a Zara jacket for an important meeting. The jacket is a piece from the summer and isn't available in many places online, however several people have seen it in their local Zara, so pop in to your local store and have a look! The Duchess wore a grey top/dress underneath and both she and William were wearing their poppies.

The Prince's Charities Forum is an initiative started by Prince William and Prince Harry in 2009. The Prince's believed they could find an efficient way for their charities to work together. The first forum in 2006 included tusk trust, Sentebale and the football association. Representatives from the Royal Navy, Royal air Force and the Army attend the forum. This is the first meeting we have seen photos of Kate attending. No doubt her input to the forum will be appreciated and valuable. You can read more on the forum Here.

                                                    What Kate Wore Facebook


I have just got around to posting frequently on the' Duchess Kate Facebook Page' The purpose of the page is to update with the latest stories, news and of course blog posts. It is also a page for discussing all things Kate, fashion, appearances, old news. So, please participate and post anything Kate related you would like. I'm afraid I cannot dedicate as much time to it as I would like and all input would be appreciated. 'Click Here' to visit the page.

The annual festival of remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall takes place this evening.The Queen and other members of the Royal family will be in attendance, Here's hoping Duchess Kate attends......

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  1. New pics! yay and thank you!

    good for carole wearing the same size as her daughter. After 3 children and about 25 years older, that is an accomplishment! i'm trying to lose a dress size and i really applaud (and envy) her refusing to allow pregnancies and age to lead to weight gain.

    i actually like the red collette dress better on carole - her fuller bosom fills the dress out better and gives it a little shape (from the half pic we can see).

    the fascinator, on the other hand, looks too young for carole.

  2. Alpa - I agree Carole has a fantastic figure and I hope when I'm her age I look half as good,

    Hoping for new photos later today! If not tomorrow for sure.

  3. Thanks for the post! Kate looks "official" in black!

    And I love that she and her Mom wear the same things sometimes! :D

  4. I love she went for Zara, She makes high street look couture Bekah!

  5. "High Street Look Couture".... not quite sure I get what you mean...???

  6. I think Kate has a talent for making high street clothes look like couture gowns :)

  7. Oh, like that. Okay, get ya. Yes, I agree! :)


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