Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Duchess of Cambridge attends her first 'Remembrance Sunday' service

The Duchess of Cambridge attended her first Remembrance Sunday service this morning in Cenotaph, Central London. This is a special day for Duchess Kate as we rarely see so many members of the Royal family gather for any one event. Senior members of the Royal family laid a wreath to commemorate the lives their lives during hostilities. You will notice Duchess Kate wore two poppies. This is to commemorate the lives of two of her relatives who died in war. One of whom was her late grandfather Peter Middleton who trained pilots in Calgary during the second world war.

Kate did not lay a wreath, Instead she joined the Duchess of Cornwall and watched from the foreign office. Only members born into the Royal family lay wreaths. Prince Philip seems to be the exception to the rule, this is most likely due to his military history. While the Duchess did not lay a wreath she took part in singing the anthem. You can watch a video f the event here.

Prince William laid a wreath and left a touching card remembering two of his friends who died in service.

"For Jo, Lex and all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country Wills".

Duchess Kate, the Duchess of Cornwall and Sophie, Countess of Wessex look pensive as they reflect during the service.

Other photos of Kate from the service. One thing I almost always notice about Kate is how happy she always seems to be. We rarely see her without a smile.....

Duchess Kate looked elegant in a black A/W 2008 Diane Von Furstenburg coat. It was one of the most difficult Kate pieces to ID as the coat is not on the DVF website. However the talented Mary Ellen from What Kate Wore Facebook found it. It is sold out on the site, The coat has detachable cuffs and collar and is 100% wool. Kate teamed the coat with a striking hat with a large bow, by milliner Jane Corbett.

Kate wore her beautiful Kiki McDonough Grace earrings. The white topaz stud earrings framed with diamonds are currently selling for £695.

Remembrance Sunday takes place on the second Sunday in November annually. It is day put aside to remember those who have given their lives for peace and freedom. This morning, the Queen lead the nation in remembering and reflecting. A two minute silence took place and the Queen laid a wreath on the Cenotaph. A very special day to to remember relatives or friends who died in conflict.

The Field of Remebrance outside Westminster Abbey
(Sources: Daylife, Daily Mail. Just Jared, pure people)


  1. Much like our Memorial Day in the States. Very cool! Everyone looks tip-top in their black suits and red brooches. :)

  2. It's such a pity it wasn't televised in the states! Many Americans would have loved to have seen Kate :)

  3. Too right, you are. Oh, and love the additional pic of William! He looks so handsome!

  4. Alyssia I'll be adding in more pics throughout the day :)

  5. I am an American and will be wearing a black dress and a poppy today to church.. Having been a wife of a Navy man, I understand what sacrifice is given by those who guard our freedoms and keep us safe..

  6. I think it must be so difficult for women who have husbands in service. Like Kate and yourself. Men in the Navy/Air force/ Army do essential, life saving work and deserve this day to be appreciated.

    Have a lovely day Alison x

  7. Wow! She looks good! But serious, for sure!

  8. i'm loving all 3 ladies' coats - so smart and chic.

    i was inclined to give kate my top award for her hat (a real hat! not a fascinator, not a semi-hat/semi-fascinator), but on looking again i think the crown is too small. doesn't it look like a child's hat's crown, and the hat doesn't sit low enough on her head bt rather sits on top?

    i think sophie's hat is striking, but a little too striking for a remembrance service i think.

  9. Kate's hat is reportedly by Jane Corbett, I will update the post as soon as it's confirmed.
    I was amused to read that reported at the service were calling Kate, 'Jack Sparrow' because of the fit of the hat.
    Personally I prefer a simple, classic hat, Fascinators are often more artistic than practical :)

  10. She looks stunning as usual. Thank's for the lovely post and pics :-))

  11. You're very welcome Alice and thank you for visiting. :)

  12. Kate's makeup makes her look way too harsh. She seems to have such a nice personality that it's a shame the makeup overpowers that.

  13. I think people generally feel her eye make up is too much, this even led to speculation it was tattooed.

    Keep up the excellent work on your site Mandy :)

  14. Great post. Just one thing, correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think Kate's grandfather died in the Second World War. I'm pretty sure he only died within the last year or two.

  15. Maggie, you are correct, Thank you for letting me know. :)
    Peter Middleton trained pilots in Calgary during the second war. He died aged 90. I know in his well he left £97,300 to each of his children. Richard, Michael (Kate's father), Simon and Nicholas.


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