Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Duchess Kate wears red to Copenhagen to raise awareness for UNICEF

I'm very excited to report William and Kate arrived in Copehagen today to raise awareness for UNICEF. Huge numbers from the press turned out to see the arrival of the royal couple. They joined Prince Frederik and Princess Mary at the palace for a private lunch. The palace is adorned by contemporary art and has been recently renovated. Like Kate, Princess Mary was a 'commoner' before marrying Prince Frederik. (She didn't know he was a Prince when they met) I was struck by how similar Mary and Kate look, Do any of you think they look quite alike? I imagine the pair had plenty to discuss over lunch....

Duchess Kate then travelled to the UNICEF supply centre with Princess Mary while Prince William and Prince Frederik arrived in a separate car. The royals then heard about life for children affected by the crisis and helped pack supplies getting ready for delivery.  You can watch the video Here. The royals also met UNICEF ambassador and former James Bond actor Roger Moore.


Prince William tasted the high energy paste used to treat severe malnourishment, Kate declined to try it. (It's supposedly similar to peanut butter)

Princess Mary and Duchess Kate reportedly got on like 'a house on fire'. While it wasn't a social occasion Denmark's future Queen welcome Kate with open arms and the pair seem very fond of each other. They are two of the worlds most loved, down to earth royals and I do hope we see more of them together in the future.


Duchess Kate looks beautiful as always, wearing the red L.K. Bennett Ami coat. (With many thanks to the amazingly talented Susan from What Kate Wore and to Get What Kate Wore ) The burgundy coat is currently selling for £276 on sale. L.K. Bennett is truly one of Kate's favourites she normally opts for their shoes, this coat was a stunning choice for today. It is described as

"Sharp tailoring lends itself to a flattering silhouette with the Ami coat. Made in a rich wool mix, this belted coat has a striking collar and is fully lined".

Duchess Kate wore a red dress underneath her coat, as she didn't take her coat off we do not know who the designer is. However the lovely ladies at What Kate Wore discovered Kate's belt is by Reiss from 2008 and is called the Bessie Belt. (With thanks to Duchess of Cambridge style for the photo) 

The Duchess has always been a fan of suede boots, She gets quite a lot of criticism for wearing them but I think they suit her and are the perfect footwear for the winter. Today, Kate wore Stuart Weitzman Zipkin black suede boots. The four inch boots with a gold zipper are available for $635.

Kate's accessories were stunning today. She wore the charm bracelet Camilla reportedly gave her as a present. The disc charm has 'Catherine's' monogram on one side and Camilla's on the other.

Kate's gorgeous Vinnie Day gold plated logo leaf earrings are currently available for £100. They are described as

"These are a wonderful pair of earrings which we find never go out of fashion. They are easy to wear both day and night. Comfortable to keep in the ears".

William and Kate made a private donation via their foundation to the east Africa crisis. However millions of children still need life saving assistance as the drought continues. I have been researching the work UNICEF do and it is truly inspiring. Sadly UNICEF face a $40 million shortfall and require donations to help the thirteen million people facing famine in east Africa. William and Kate hope their visit raises awareness and gains support for this essential, life saving work. You can donate Here.

I must say Kate did a splendid job today, She was completely at ease in Copenhagen with the Danish royal couple and she looked stunning. I think her fashion choices are actually getting better with each event. In an interview with the BBC Duchess Kate spoke eloquently about the 'terrible situation' occuring in east Africa and one could tell she was genuinely concerned and understanding. Kate said

"It's really just how shocking the situation still is.I think it was initially a very big story . A lot of people did hear about it, but I think because it has been going on, people have perhaps lost track of the terrible situation. So I think this, hopefully, will put the light back on this crisis".

Watch Kate's interview Here

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  1. Your blog is the BEST!!! This is the only place I have seen these pics. I googled and could not even find them. I will keep checking for updates throughout the day.

  2. Aww thank you Rachel,

    There is a wonderful number of Kate bloggers.

    Better photos coming very soon!

  3. she is divine!! so, so beautiful. Thanks for posting!

  4. Thank you for visiting the blog!

    Looking forward to seeing what she wears next thursday!

  5. Hello!
    I have to agree with Rachel, your blog is the best and you are a very kind girl!
    Oh, my god, her hair is just amazing! But this outfit is not one of my favourites!
    Have a nice day and thanks for sharing this with us!

  6. Ana B., Thank you sincerely for your kind comment and your participation on the blog.
    I love Kate's hair too, it's amazing.

    Have a great day x

  7. I agree with others, this blog is the best! So much informations and pics are here.

  8. Thank you so much Martina, you are all too kind. Duchess Kate has wonderful followers.

    Have a wonderful weekend x

  9. I love Catherine and love the outfit she wore but to be honest I think she's overdressed for a charity occasion. Her outfit will be perfect for attending a christmas concert or some event like that.

    Catherine and Mary are both lovely princess. They're not just beautiful but also down to earth person. They even look almost the same age (either Mary looks younger than her age or Catherine looks older than her age)

  10. I do agree they look very similar in certain photos, Kate loves to recycle her best pieces and we could see the coat over christmas. :)

  11. Kate looked so gorgeous on this day! I shared photos I came across (thanks to gals like you) all over the place. lol I love her in red... and I WANT WANT WANT THAT COAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D

  12. Love your blog! You have complete coverage of all things Kate....I'm an American, and admit I'm obsessed over the style, grace and beauty of the new Duchess!

  13. Bekah - It's a stunning coat, I wouldn't be surprised if they reissue it, If they do I will let you all know via the blog.

    Anonymous - You are too kind, You know the majority of my readers come from America, I'm delighted to see Kate is loved so much in the states :)


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