Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Duchess Kate shops in Tesco wearing light brown sweater

Duchess Kate was photographed shopping for groceries at her local Tesco in Holyhead, North Wales yesterday. Kate proved she is just like any other wife opting to buy 'Tesco Value Potatoes' and I love the fact that she still does the grocery shopping herself, As a Duchess she obviously doesn't have too, but Kate is clearly very down to earth. It's refreshing to see. Kate also purchased lettuce, chicken and ice cream.

Just Jared

I was concerned some readers may not want to see candids like these but the general consensus is we don't see Kate out and about too often so it's not a daily thing. Thanks to all my lovely followers who contributed. I will be continuing the blog as I have been up this point including all new news and photos! :)

Do any of you think Kate's hair looks darker? Kate is not wearing her engagement ring her, I expect it is so precious she doesn't wear it everywhere. Perhaps she was off to the gym or somewhere where she would have to take it off.

As you can see, Kate looks radiant (How many of us can we say look this good when popping to Tesco :)) Noticeably Kate is wearing the same light brown turtle neck sweater she wore while privately visiting 'The Art Room' last week. Many thanks to Ashley who very cleverly remembered she had seen Kate wearing the sweater during a skiing trip to the Alps during February 2010. If the designer is confirmed I will update :)
It's a beautiful sweater and it looks very warm and comfortable. Kate completed the look with dark jeans and what appear to be her Aquatalia Cookie Boots.

Kate was photographed shopping at the same Tesco store back in August, Again she chose a sweater and jeans. 

Baeur Griffin

For readers of Hello magazine. The current issue includes a wonderful piece to celebrate the one year anniversary of William and Kate's anniversary. I'm sure it will include excellent photos as always.

On a quick side note, I saw Amanda Wakeley on television earlier this evening. She said it's very important
'A woman wears her dress and the dress doesn't wear her'.
Perfect summary of the beautiful pieces Kate has chosen by Amanda, hope to see her wearing more in the near future.

Sources (Ashley via facebook, just jared, hello magazine)


  1. Personally I'm glad you posted the photos- I love seeing any new photos of Kate & I always come here first for that because I know that you post the latest images and news. I can understand why you would feel undecided about using them though :) I think you've done it in a respectful way.

  2. Please do not stop including candid. I myself adore them and find them so enjoyable. I get why some may thing they are a bit intrusive at times but truthfully are these photos any more intrusive then her coming out of the hair salon or inside shopping for clothes and shoes ( as we have seen in the past) I know that someone leaked these photos and that is very crappy but i do so adore catching a glimpse of what her "normal " life is like. I love that she shopped for what appears to be "dinner" i love to know that she is going to cook that dinner and maybe have some ice cream for dessert. Candids give us a bit of an insight into her life when she is not "royal" if we find that they are becoming harmful or she is not able to handle it then of course by all means please dont include them but for now a few photos of her going about her day are a delightful surprise.

    thanks this is just my opinion

  3. Hallo,
    I like to see every photo of her!

    A big thank you for posting all the pictures.....

  4. As far as posting these pictures it is up to you and what you feel is ultimately right. I would just go with your gut, if it feels intrusive or wrong don't post. You are right, the pictures are out there and if people want to see them bad enough they will search themselves. I viewed these from the Daily Mail and there was one where Kate seems to be looking right at the camera, I felt for her because she looked as though she felt her grocery run had been invaded. But then again, she did sign up for all of it when she said "I do."

    I personally love the more official photos because I feel like that is the part of her life she doesn't mind we see.

  5. Not sure if you paid anything to Just Jared for the pics but they are intrusive - none of us would want to be photographed in Tesco. I would prefer she has her privacy when not at a public event. We have plenty of pics to see then. Pippa is being hounded worse than this. It is evil and if we get privacy laws in uk should be stopped

  6. I really hate for her that these intrusive photos are being taken. But... I'm never going to not look at photos of her, so I vote that you still do posts like these. I like seeing what she wears to public events, as well as her casual attire.

  7. HRHofRiverOaksManor23 November 2011 at 13:59

    I am an avid follower of your blog mainly because of your regular posts as well as classiness towards Kate. I feel candid photos are fun and I love to see how down to earth Kate is. I feel as long as the pictures are not putting her in any type of compromising position or seem to be bothering her its ok. I love to see her out and about. Thank you for your regular posts and please don't stop! ;)

  8. Hi! Thanks for sharing your "moral-doubt" with us. I have to say that this is one of your best posts. The fact that you're worried about posting those photos show to all of us how commited you are to this blog. I completely understand your position. But this is not an isolated situation, this will happen a lot! So if you're feeling bad for doing this, I think you shouldn't do that anymore because it's not worth it. And also, you should be having fun doing this, not feeling guilty. Don't worry about the readers; I can only speak for myself, but I would never stop reading your blog for something like that. In fact, show to everyone how kind you are. The Duchess would be proud of you!
    Have a nice day!

  9. Seems to be the same sweater she was wearing when she visited the primary school.

  10. I would like to thank all of you for taking the time to give your opinion on this. While we have seen many candids of KAate we have never seen one quite like this. Personally I love seeing new photos of Kate and because candids of her are taken rarely I think it's ok to share them on the blog. I just wanted to get your opinions as I would hate to disappoint any of the readers.
    I genuinely expect we may not see another candid like this, even a candid of her on the street could be weeks away.
    The purpose of this blog is to share all the latest news and photos and I absolutely love this blog and all the wonderful followers who contribute :)
    I think the general consensus is you would all like to see the blog continue as it has been with all new photos included! Thank you all so much. :)

  11. I would also like to thank everyone who emailed me and gave their opinion.

    I will edit the post, thank you again :)

  12. I like that you include them. I think if it really bothered her a lot she wouldn't do her grocery shoppping herslf anymore. I'm not implying that she does it to have photos of her taken at all! But yeah... I like your blog a lot ;-)

  13. Thank you so much! I do think Kate knows she's in the public eye and will be photographed from time to time but she continues on with her normal life and I admire her for that

    Thank you for your lovely comment.

  14. I'm glad you post these pics. I know they are maybe taken in a "private" place and moment but I'm too curious about her. I love your blog and I hope you'll keep posting news and pics of our beloved Kate.
    PS: Yesterday I dedicated to her a post on my own blog if you want to take a look here is the link

  15. Does anyone notice that she isn't wearing Diana's ring in these photos? I wonder if she only wears it for public engagements for safety reasons as it will forever be a timeless piece!

  16. I love all these sightings of Kate! Awesome!

    She looks great in "every day" clothes...

    I love the candid stuff as much as the more "Royal" stuff... anything 'bout Kate works well with me!

    I need to get down to the grocery store and buy a copy of that Hello magazine! I missed one issue I really wanted to read... got last weeks... :)

  17. Bekah - I want to assure everyone the blog will be continuing as it has been with all the latest news and photos. I like to get feedback form you all and it's been very insightful :)
    You can buy Hello online too, It does look great and they have Kate on the cover almost every week :)

    Anonymous - She doesn't wear her engagement ring all the time. I imagine it's so precious to her she may be afraid of something happening to it.

    Alice - Thank you, I love to see other blogs including pieces on Kate, I will take a look now :)

  18. i don't always wear my engagement ring to the grocery store either- i'm kind of rough on my hands. and in the winter, i'm always putting on lotion. it makes sense to leave it off. i LIKE that she wasn't wearing it. it shows she's just a normal girl.
    i do find the photos a little invasive, though. we don't really need to know the specifics of what she's buying. she is entitled to some basic privacy, regardless of her position. these photos are not quite the same as when she's in the parking lot or out on the street... but i do agree that you have been respectful (unlike some, who are only looking for dramatic nonsense). straightforward, polite, and positive commentary. nicely done!

  19. I am able to get copies of Hello for only $4 at our local grocery store... I just forget to check for them every week. :P

    But I like hard copies, cause then I can tear out the articles/photos of Kate, and add them to my scrapbook! :D

  20. Anonymous - Thank you, I am a huge fan of Kate's and have a huge amount of respect for her. I do love that she's a normal girl as you said. In the engagement interview she said she really hoped to take care of the ring hence not wearing it all the time. :)

    Bekah - Your scrapbook sounds amazing, Do you have a big collection? I almost wish I could fit everything on the blog in a scrapbook :)

  21. I love your site you do a great job keeping us to date. I love seeing all the pictures and information you post. Thanks for your work. And I think her sweater looks so comfy, I want it lol.

  22. Thank you Kisha - I really appreciate you're comment I adore the sweater It hasn't been confirmed who made it but it looks similar to some Ralph Lauren sweaters according to What Kate Wore.

  23. Oh goodness, no... I've only been collecting since about a year and a half ago! It's HUGE! lol

    Mostly newspaper clippings, magazine articles, and pics I've found on the Web and printed off.

    But I do have a coin and some stamps with their photos on them, and postcards too. I wanna get one of the calendars.

    My scrapbook isn't fancy, but it does document a lot of Will & Kate's life and is interesting to look through. :)

    I was able to get a copy of this issue of Hello, by the way. :D

  24. It sounds incredible Bekah, and will be amazing to pass on to future generations.

  25. That's what I thought... I'd pass it on to the next generation... :D

    Question: Do you love purple?!

  26. You know Bekah I do love purple, I think it's quite a 'royal' colour. Originally the blog was had a pink theme, I'm sure I'll change it again in the future but for now I'm enjoying the purple look. My boyfriend is a web designer so always has excellent creative ideas!

    Excellent tip on the green tea Bekah!

    So excited to see what Kate wears at tonights reception at Buckingham Palace.

  27. Oh well I love purple, so that's why I asked. But pink is awesome too. :)

    Thanks! :)

  28. I love your blog, and please also post pics of kate in real life, it makes her more of a real person


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