Saturday, 19 November 2011

Duchess Kate pays a surprise visit to primary school in jeans

We really are being very lucky with Kate news and photos lately and today was no exception. It has been widely reported that Duchess Kate has been making private visits to charities in order to decide where she would like to work with. Last week the Duchess of Cambridge made a surprise visit to an art charity center in an inner London primary school.

Unfortunately the photo isn't wonderful quality as it was taken on a parents mobile phone. However we can see that Kate chose to dress casually wearing jeans a turtle neck sweater and black boots. Obviously the Duchess wanted to keep a low profile for her informal meeting in order to learn more about the organisation. The pupils at the school were not entirely convinced with one little girl saying "She doesn't look like a princess. Where's her dress". :)

A local woman who was collecting her brother said

"Kate was dressed down in a jeans and a jumper. The children had been told by the headmaster Mr Miller and the deputy headmaster Mr Murphy that a real life Princess was coming to the school. They were so excited and were all told to wait in the car park to see her. When I got there, some of the children were so tired they were sitting on the ground. When she came out of the art room after the visit, Mr Miller walked her to her car. She posed for a picture and waved at the children before she left".

The pupils were expecting to see Kate dressed like one of their favourite Disney princesses. :)

As a History of Art graduate Duchess Kate would be the perfect patron of 'The Art Room' which is based in Oxford but has a London branch at the Robert Blair primary school. The Art Room works with children to increase their confidence and self esteem through art. If interested you can donate here. Access to Art can open a door for so many children and unfortunately funding is a definite problem. I was touched to see one pupil said

'I would like to live at the Art room and have my friends over and eat things'.

A plate decorated by students of The Art Room.

A spokesman said 

" The Duchess of Cambridge paid a private visit to The Art Room in order to find out more about what we do and gain a wider experience of the work within this sector. The Art Room wrote to her and caught her eye".

It will certainly be interesting to see if Kate chooses to support The Art Room. From what I could see in the photo she appeared to be enjoying herself and by making these visits privately she can relax and make an informed decision. It has also been announced that Kate's name wont be added to the Prince William and Prince Harry foundation even though she has agreed to become one of its patrons in case her popularity overshadows the charities. 

Duchess Kate painted with children in a school during the Royal tour. I think Art is a serious love of hers and we will see that in her charitable choices.

Sources (Daily Mail, The Art room,)


  1. Your blog is the BEST!!! I always look forward to reading your posts about Kate sightings.

  2. That's lovely of you to say Rachel, we have been so lucky with Kate sightings lately, I expect we are going to be seeing more of her than expected.

    Have a lovely weekend :)

  3. Your posts are great... :D
    Lots of Kate sightings! Gotta love it! :D

  4. Thank you Bekah. I cannot believe how much we have been seeing of Kate lately, It's wonderful! :)

  5. Love it! Love that she dressed down and paid a surprise visit. What a treat for everyone, especially the children. Thanks for all your awesome updates! :)

  6. Alyssia - What I love about this photo even though it isn't very clear is the fact that it represents who Kate is. I expect she enjoys making these under the radar visits dressed casually. :)

  7. I enjoy reading your blog, greetings from Slovenia!

  8. Yes, I know! She has been out and about a ton! So has Pippa! :D

  9. This looks like the day I saw her at Tesco in Holyhead. If so, she was wearing the Aquatalia boots and a pair of black jeans. IDK if there are pictures online. I certainly hope not. That's a bit too invasive. Very laid back look and she wasn't wearing her engagement ring. Just the band. She was very friendly.

  10. Anoynmous - It certainly as cold, Kate looked great though.

    Dehlia - That's amazing, When did you see her?


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