Saturday, 19 November 2011

Duchess Kate looks striking shopping in Zara

I was very excited to see these unexpected candid's of Duchess Kate leaving a Zara store in London yesterday. Kate looked relaxed and elegant walking beside her royal protection office. I expect the Duchess is starting her Christmas shopping (Yes it is that time of year again :) I was chatting with another Kate fan on facebook recently and commented on the fact it has been a couple of months since we saw a candid photo and that I expected to see one soon........

Pop Sugar

In this photo we can see Kate's stunning outfit.

Duchess Kate looked chic and glamourous today. I really expect she would stand out on any street even if she was not married to Prince William. Kate wore a fitted black polo neck sweater and the Mulberry Polly Push Lock Herringbone Wool Skirt. (With thanks to Rachel for the ID) The skirt is currently selling for £424 and it described as

"A feminine pleated skirt in a black wool blend with a herringbone stitch. Slighlty flared, small waistband, deep pleats, decorative belt. A mixture of classy,......classic and luxurious".

Duchess Kate is also carrying her favourite Mulberry Polly Push Lock handbag. I love how she is wearing a matching skirt and handbag. They look beautiful together. 

Kate finished off her look with black tights and her favourite black suede Aquatalia cookie boots. The Duchess also wore them in the last candid photo we saw of her leaving James Ward's salon.

This has to be one of my favourite 'Kate' outfits. She looks simply stunning. Only Kate could look even more beautiful out shopping than when attending a ball. I'm also glad to see her shopping at Zara, she is staying true to her love of the high street. Kate is still very young and we rarely see her in a shorter skirt, I think the length suits her as she is so tall. Hopefully we will see her wearing whatever she purchased!

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  1. When I go to London next summer I really hope I see her out shopping! I already warned the hubby I would be hitting up her favorite haunts to do a little shopping for myself - maybe I will get lucky =)

  2. If you're around Kensington there is every chance especially her favourite stores, Do let me know if you see her, Another reason to love London :)

  3. Do we know what style/designer are her boots?

  4. i hope to visit london too, i've never been, and it seems like such an awesome , cool city, with so much to do, see. She looks great, and i can't believe it's been months since a candid shot of her has been seen. I'm just wondering about her protection officer... she doesn't really look like she can do much.... protection???

  5. Thanks for sharing :)

    Have a nice day,

  6. Anonymous - I will be adding in information on her boots shortly :)

    bonnieux - I know if one didn't know any better you would think the protection offer was Kate's mom, maybe that was the idea though to look inconspicuous.

    Rita - No problem at all, Enjoy your day too.

  7. Is that her body guard with her??

  8. Oooh... I was wondering when we'd see more "everyday life" photos! So yay~ finally we see some!

    Kate looks fantastic, as always... :)

    Darling boots!

  9. Bekah I love them too, Her Aquatalia boots are definitely her favourite. Aquatalia are giving a pair away through what kate wore. check it out. you could win :)

    womp11 - That is indeed a royal protection officer :)

  10. Did you see this news post? I wish there were better pics! :)

  11. not loving it. any of it. and def not together.

    maybe if the boots were higher, above the knee?

    or the turtleneck wasn't tucked in?

    or if it wasn't all black/dark gray?

  12. Michelle - Thank you so much for kindly leaving the link, I just finished a post on it with some information on the charity she visited.
    I appreciate you taking the time to leave the link. :)

    Alpa - I think it would have been nice to see a boot with a higher heel. I must admit I'm a little biased when it comes to Kate's fashion. I rarely dislike what she wears. However I do agree with you, a bright colour would look beautiful on her!

  13. Her outfit is perfection!!! I love that skirt.

  14. I know this is totally off topic and full of speculation.
    Does she look "chestier" than usual??
    I know when I was "with child" ( 5 times.. ;), that was one of the first things things that changed (TMI I know) I also didn't show until about 7 months (I am built like the Duchess but taller). So this is she or is she not pregnant speculation could go on for a long time..
    If she isn't then I am happy she is putting on a bit of weight, she is filling out her clothes nicely..
    BTW I love the black outfit!!!!

  15. You know what Alison, my sister and I were discussing the as soon as saw the photos. Initially I thought it was the turtle neck jumper but she does look chestier, perhaps she has gained a little weight and of course a pregnancy is always a possibility. Tall, slender women don't show for a while. Remember Nicole Kidman?

    btw Congratulations on your five kids, It's a wonderful achievement :)


  17. Thank you for all your kind comments, It's very kind of you. :)

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  19. Duchess Catherine looks beautiful as always! I love the outfit. I think she would look beautiful in a potatoe sack! She's just beautiful and has a beautiful spirit. I can't wait for the babies to come, they will be beautiful.

  20. I think Kate is the hottest girl on the planet and she takes everything in strides. Take excellent care of that beauty William.


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