Monday, 28 November 2011

Duchess Kate attends reception at the 'Tweet Suite'

Duchess Kate and Prince William joined senior royals including The Queen and Prince Charles this evening at a reception held for three hundred and fifty members of the press at Buckingham Palace. Guests invited included journalists, editors, photographers and bloggers. Well known British presenters Chris Evans and Philip Schofield were in attendance as were members from the foreign press. The event was held ahead of the Queen's jubilee celebrations. Giving her the opportunity to meet those who will be reporting on the event. It also gave the press a rare chance to mingle with Kate. The last time a similar event was held was in 2001 ahead of the Queen's Golden JubileeWilliam looked fresh faced after working a gruelling shift searching for missing sailors.

In honour of the guests the Palace very cleverly renamed the east gallery the 'Tweet Suite' (I love it :)) for the occasion. Displays about the Queen's Golden and Silver Jubilees were also on show.

Members of the media thoroughly enjoyed the reception. Sky News reporter Paul Harrison described his meeting with the Cambridge's.

Sky newsreader Eamonn Holmes described the couple as 'stunning'.

Daily Express writer Richard Palmer described Kate as very 'self assured'.

Majesty Magazine's Joe Little thought Kate was 'delightful'.

While the reception had a gathering of many senior royals, In my very biased opinion, Duchess Kate stole the show. She looked beautiful in a stunning green Mulberry dress. The Bright Cabbage Peace&Love Jacquard plated dress is currently selling for $2200. The eye catching dress has trees and peace symbols. With it's peter pan collar and midi length it is being hailed as one of her most on trend looks. Members of the media felt the 'peace and love' themed dress was a tongue in cheek message to them to continue playing nice :) It is described as 

"Prim and proper with a Mulberry twist. The full pleated shirt dress will not let you blend into the crowd. A shirt style dress with Peter Pan collar and front pleats, the buttoned up look is kept contemporary and cute with metal mock buckle waist belt and a silk jacquard Peace and Love motif. Bright cabbage dress in 100% silk".

From the Mulberry fall campaign. (With many thanks to What Kate Wore)

Other pieces from the Mulberry 'Peace and Love' collection that Kate might like including her dress in black.

Duchess Kate was wearing her charm bracelet and said she was very proud of William! While the fashion elite love Kate's dress most fans of Kate do not think it is one of her best looks. What about you? Unfortunately no full length photos have surfaced, If they do I'll add them immediately.

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  1. Thanks for the post! I'm sure we'll see more photos before long. :)

  2. Thanks for this very fresh news. I think she's stunning as usual even though I dont like the dress that much. Beautiful colour but too old style shape..What do you think?

  3. And there's another photo! :D She appears to be wearing more eyeshadow than normal...

  4. Bekah - I think her make up looks amazing here and her hair is incredible as always.

    Alice - I didn't care too much for the dress on the mannequin but when I saw these first photos I think Kate looks beautiful, really waiting to see a full length pic to know for sure! :)

    More photos any minute!

  5. Her hair always looks great! :D lol

  6. She's wearing the braclet from the Duchess of Cornwall again! She hasn't worn it much recently! Eager to see how the dress looks on her in a full length photo... :D

  7. Not sure about this dress. Very 80's.. Have to see more.

  8. it would be nice if the British media could be more peaceful... seems like the writing technique they use is very immature and bully-ish... at least when they're writing about more 'frivolous' things. I don't know why they do that? does anyone else get that same sort of vibe from them, they use very mean spirited undertones?

  9. Loved the post! You always have better pics than most other blogs! =)

  10. the Queen dressing Kate? That green dress is horrid! It's way too conservative and dowdy for such a striking woman.

  11. It is very difficult reading the textboxes on a smartphone!!! When I try to slide the page to the left, everytime these arrows appear and the last news-page is loaded. Not possible to stay on the actual page. Really annoying! I love your blog but this problem is driving me mad.

  12. Manu - I'm sorry about the problem you're having and will contact blogger to try to get it sorted as soon as possible.

    Guys and girls, There are still no full length photos available, will post as soon as anything new appears!

  13. Thanks for posting what you can... certainly hope some full length photos show up soon!!

  14. I like the green colour which I think is very under-rated and not many celebrtities wear green. The problem is if Kate does not wear a long dress that trails the ground then people will criticize because there is a stereotype that all princesses must wear a long beautiful white dress.

  15. she looks pretty. but her dress is def staid, matronly and boring.

    actually, "matronly" is unfair to matrons. for example, i like the queen's and camilla's outfits better!

    bravo to william for doing his job - and showing people (and some royals) (yes, i'm looking at you, bea and eugenie) that the royals can be hard-working and dedicated in the real world.

  16. I absolutely love the green pleated dress from the Mulberry collection. It's such a good color on Kate and the other pieces in the collection are just so classy I can't get over it. The beige-mustard striped cardigan with the gold is so great! these colors have become my favorite this fall!

  17. Kylie - I agree Mulberry are creating wonderful, classy pieces. Kate is becoming a huge fan of theirs and I can see why :)

  18. Hi I like the blog but find it annoying that you refer to the Duchess as Duchess Kate. This is not correct. You can say the Duchess of Cambridge, or the Duchess, but Duchess is never used directly with a first name. It just sounds wrong! I think the only titles used with first names are King or Queen, Prince/Princess or Sir/Lady/Dame.

  19. Hi, I've followed her for years as Kate Middleton. Duchess Kate is a term of affection and I feel an appropriate one for her fans.
    Her official title wouldn't be used in everyday life. And I'm not an official royal writer, This is just a fan blog.

    And William still calls her Kate :) :)

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