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The Cambridge's host a triumphant dinner for the National Memorial Aboretum and Why William and Kate will be apart for almost two months

Daily Mail/Paul Rogers
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge hosted a black tie dinner and reception for the National Memorial Arboretum at St James' Palace. Home to the Armed forces memorial which remembers those who have lose their lives during hostilities since the second world war. Supporting this appeal is very close to William and Kate's heart, As an RAF pilot William has lost friends in conflict. The couple's wedding tree theme continues, tonight's trees will be planted in the Aboretum. (Kate reportedly loves gardening)

Daily Mail/Paul Rogers
The couple looked happy and smiling despite the news today from the ministry of defence that William will be sent on a tour of the Falklands in February for six weeks performing search and rescue duties, during which time Kate will not be able to see him. The conditions in the Falklands will be a world away from life at Kensington. The Prince will have a very small room with minimal basics. William was advised to take a waterproof jacket, fleece, socks, thermal underwear and shoes in good repair as there are 'no shoe repairs in the Falkland Islands'.
I was disappointed to hear this as it will be a difficult time for our favourite royal couple, no doubt Kate will miss William terribly while he's away. It is reportedly the longest time the couple have spent apart, Despite this the couple are said to have discussed it at length and Kate is 'very supportive'.

The National Memorial Appeal hopes to raise £12 million in the next year. The 150 acre Aboretum began planting in 1997. William got involved in 2009 after visiting to remember friends who died in action. For anyone interested in visiting admission is free and it is open daily apart from Christmas day. The Aboretum relies on donations and organisations for funding. If you wish to donate Click Here. You can also purchase items such as books and a poppy umbrella Here. In his speech Prince William described the Aboretum as an

"Iconic focal point for the nations remembrance of British heroes. It is a place of sanctuary for those who come to remember and a place of quiet pride in the selflessness and sacrifice of those who have gone before. It is also a place of education".

Prince William's passion about remembering soldiers who have lose their lives was demonstrated this week when he wrote a strongly worded letter to FIFA president Sepp Blatter asking to have the ban on England players wearing poppies overturned. (Wearing a poppy at this time of the year is a mark of respect for fallen soldiers). FIFA immediately backed down, This shows the power the monarchy have to do good. I was delighted to hear the ban was overturned and Prince William did a wonderful job. Will you all be wearing poppies this weekend? :) William and Kate are wearing theirs this evening...

Duchess Kate looked simply breathtaking in a pale silver, one shoulder, floor length gown. She looked like a Grecian goddess. Absolutely beautiful. We haven't seen Kate in a one shoulder dress until now and it compliments her tall, slender frame perfectly The dress is by British designer Jenny Packham.(With thanks to Mrs Regal Eyes) The satin chiffon dress was made especially for the Duchess.

One shoulder chiffon dresses from the Jenny Packham Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

Angelina Jolie was photographed in a similar Jenny Packham dress earlier this year.

I believe the Duchess is also wearing her Jimmy Choo Vamp Glitter Sandals.

Kate is noticeably wearing new diamond earrings. A poster on What Kate Wore remembered the earrings from Here
Beauty Jewellery said

"We can confirm that the earrings worn by the Duchess of Cambridge on Thursday are from Beaut's vintage collection. The design is part of a collection supplied exclusively to Jenny Packham".

A truly wonderful evening for the Cambridge's. Duchess Kate is becoming more beautiful at every royal engagement :) There was great excitement about tonight's event, (If any of you are on Twitter you would see how many tweets BBC's Peter Hunt received asking about the dress....)

Most importantly this evening was about honouring those who lost their lives in conflict. One of tonight's guests Jacqui Thompson lost her husband when he was killed by a roadside bomb while on patrol in Afghanistan was touched after meeting the royal couple and said

"It was fab to meet them. They said they were sorry to hear about Gary and they were so sincere and interested. I felt they could have been my son and daughter. When I heard he was going to the Falklands I felt for his wife and the worry she must have. When you love someone you're going to miss them terribly".

You can watch a video from the evening here.

Sources (Newscom, Daily Mail, Mirror, What Kate Wore,Monique Jessen Via Twitter, Royal Reporter Via Twitter)


  1. I really wish she would have wore her hair up with this dress.

  2. I have to agree with womp11, she'd look even prettier with her hair up!
    A nice friday to all of you!

  3. I am pretty sure the bracelet is the same one we have seen her wear to several formal events.. I am unsure of the earrings.. Maybe they are on loan from HM??
    I also agree, a nice updo to show off those sparkly earrings..

  4. He hair is so amazing, it looks lovely down, but she has such a perfect face she could wear it up too. The dress is different, it looks lovely on her , she looks perfect:)

  5. Kate's hair would have looked gorgeous up but I think the dress is so beautiful it works either way. Love this look, Jenny Packham is fantastic.

  6. I think the Duchess looks absolutely gorgeous. Not many of us could pull off the one shoulder dress, but she's fabulous in it.

  7. Agreed Heather, It's a beautiful choice and Jenny Packham is so talented, Never thought I would see Kate and Angelina Jolie in the same dress :)

  8. Oh Wow, Jenny Packham strikes again! I think I know pretty much every outfit Kate wore, and the three dresses by JP are my favorites! I went and watched the video on the Telegraph site, Kate is Drop-dead gorgeous!! Personnally I think her hair is perfect, it's so beautiful yet she doesn't have to worry abt it falling in front of her eyes or anything. Sublime outfit

  9. I can't believe I am saying this, but I almost like Angie in that style dress better... not sure why... but I think Kate's hair would have looked better up with this gown, despite how gorgeous Kate always is. :)

  10. Anonymous - I have always thought that Kate looks even more beautiful in video. Pictures don't do her justice and the look is stunning.

    Bekah - Angelina Jolie is similar to Kate in the sense that they would both look good in sacks lol

  11. LOL Yes, that's true! Mom and I were just discussing the dress... we agreed that probably the main reason we didn't care for it was because they are both thin, and it makes them look almost ill-thin, if you know what I mean. :)

  12. Mystery of the earrings solved.. They are fakes.. Crystals in Silver..

  13. Yes it was an amazing find A poster from what Kate wore remembered them frm this site

    I'll add them in to the post now :)


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