Thursday, 27 October 2011

William and Kate to visit Copenhagen next week, The couple's official photograph and where Kate was spotted today

In yesterdays post, I was delighted to add the royal couple would be attending a concert in December. However we will be seeing the couple much sooner than that! William and Kate are due to visit UNICEFs emergency centre in Copenhagen next Wednesday, November 2 2011. They will tour the centre and help pack emergency supplies. This is very exciting news as they will be joined by The Crown Prince and Princess of Denmark, If you are not familiar with them, they are a very down to earth couple and serve their country wonderfully. Princess Mary of Denmark worked as a solicitor before marrying the Prince, Obviously she and Kate will have plenty in common.
Perhaps Kate will wear one of her Amanda Wakeley dresses?

Like William and Kate, Prince Frederik and Princess Mary make a lovely couple :)

"Their Royal highnesses will seek to raise awareness of the crisis in East Africa, and life saving supplies are getting through to children and families affected. So far, UNICEF has delivered more than ten thousand metric tonnes of supplies to the region treated 108,000 severely malnourished children in therapeutic feeding centres and vaccinated 1.2 million against measles".

I'm delighted to hear the Cambridge's are making this trip which will raise much needed awareness for UNICEF. For more information on their work or if you wish to make a donation Click Here.

You may have noticed the above photo of William and Kate is new. It is the couples official photograph, The photos were taken by Getty award winning photographer, Chris Getty. (With thanks to What Kate Wore) Chris shot the photos in Clarence house before the tour of Canada. Kate is wearing her beautiful navy Amanda Wakeley suit. 

Duchess Kate has been continuing visiting museums. Today she was spotted at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The museum is known as one of the greatest in terms of art and design. Kate studied Art History at University and I expect she is interested in culture and art. Grace Kelly was also deeply passionate about expanding the arts in Monaco too. (I always think there's a little of Grace in Kate :))

One of the ladies who saw Kate yesterday was kind enough to tweet me, She saw Kate in department store Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge yesterday. Kate was wearing a biege jumper, pencil skirt and suede boots. A big thank you to Sophie and TammyVia Twitter.

Looking forward to seeing the couple next Wednesday, I will post as soon as photos and news emerge.

Sources (UNICEF, Twitter, Chris Getty, What Kate Wore)

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  1. Beautiful photograph, and it's so good to know they're out and about, putting their own personal stamp on charitable works. UNICEF is a wonderful cause.


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