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William and Kate say thank you, Kate inspired hoisery and more

When childminder Carla Watts and the children she looks after made individual cards congratulating Prince William and Duchess Kate on their wedding day, They thought no more about it. That is until they received a letter on behalf of the Royal couple and a postcard for each of the children. The letter read:

"The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have asked me to thank you for your very kind letter that accompanied all the wonderful cards which the children made in connection with their wedding. I have enclosed a card for each of the children and would be grateful if you could distribute them on their behalf
. Their Royal Highnesses have been overwhelmed by the incredibly kind messages they have received and have been immensely touched that you should take the trouble to write as you did, as well as organise the children to make such special cards. It was greatly appreciated and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have asked me to send their warmest thanks and best wishes"

Carla who was thrilled as were the children aged 0-6 said "When I was young, I did the same, I sent a card to the Prince and Princess of Wales for their wedding. I also sent cards when Prince William and Harry were born." This was very special to the children and a wonderful gesture on behalf of our favourite Royals.

One of the most popular trends Kate has inspired has been the return of invisible hoisery. Duchess Kate's legs always look flawless and the majority of the time one cannot tell whether or not she is even wearing hose. We know Kate wears John Lewis Non Slip Hose which are available for £5.The trend has become so popular that department store Debenhams has launched their own line of sheer hoisery for all skin tones. The tights will be available in various shades to cater for every skin tone. 

Here is a look at the models legs before they tried on the tights.

And after..As you can see there is no undesirable shininess nor colour alteration to the models legs.

What do you all think? It seems pretty good in my opinion. Colours available are olive, bronze, coffee, beige and honey. The best part is they are just £3.50 a pair. Debenhams hoisery buyer Joanna Townsend said

"Nude hoisery is one of fashion's best kept secrets. It's a woman's weapon to fight the onset of winter, when wearing black opaque tights is just too depressing on a golden Autumn's day. Producing product in nude colours should never take a one size fits all approach , and we are confident these tights will appeal to women of all ages and ethnicities".

I have always been a fan of Reiss clothing and I honestly think since Kate began wearing their pieces, It has got even better. Reiss have three new dresses in stock which are very Kate, The LornaLivia and Carlie.

I mentioned the Livia in a previous post, I think we could definitely see Kate in at least one of these, My bet would be on the Lorna. The wrap front trim dress comes in cream, cherry and black. The long sleeves and structure are exactly what Kate goes for. (I wonder if they have Kate in mind when designing pieces now :))

Next up is a very interesting story for any potential brides reading, Many thanks to the wonderful Susan at What Kate Wore for discovering the news!
French lacemaker Sophie Hallette is creating a stunning new line of bridal accessories using Enchanted Atelier the lace design used for Duchess Kate's wedding gown. The Enchanted Atelier collection will offer veils, a sash, a bolero jacket and gloves of various lengths. Any of these would be a special addition to any wedding and any bride would love to use the same lace as Kate. I think every bride would like to emulate Kate in some small way.
The collection debuts this weekend at New York Bridal Fashion Week, Looking forward to seeing the collection, I'll update you with news and photo's on the amazing pieces.

It had been widely reported Kate is gaining weight in a bid to fall pregnant. Apparently a source said "Kate has made a vow to accept any snacks she is offered, she has risen from a size six to a much healthier eight". With as much as a whisper of a rumour we can always rely on the press to jump on the bandwagon.

Yet again In Touch magazine are reporting William and Kate are expecting a baby in June (I believe this is the fourth false report this year :)). Again, there have been no official announcements so for the time being we can assume Kate is not pregnant. She looks radiant and healthy and appears to be enjoying married life.

I wonder do William and Kate find the media obsession and false speculation amusing! I expect they ignore it. If In Touch magazine prints Kate is pregnant every second issue they are bound to get it right eventually. :)

 I had to share this photo of Michael and Carole Middleton at the theatre the night before last. They both look amazing, Carole is wearing a Catherine Walker jacket too. (Favourite designer of Diana's and now Kate's) For more photo's check out the Middleton Page. It is very easy to see where Kate gets her excellent genes :)

Finally I have added a new poll asking what you most like to see included in blog posts, Please vote and leave comments if you have any suggestions. If there is anything you would like to see specifically included don't hesitate to let me know. I'm always seeking ways to improve the blog and your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Sources (Daily Mail, What Kate Wore, In Touch, Reiss)


  1. Great blogging on hoisery! It was definitely going out of style through the 90s, and the way it camouflages imperfections on the legs is definitely something not to dismiss! Follow my Kate Middleton blog!!

  2. What a great post - I love those new Reiss dresses, and that's so sweet of the D&Doc to thank the children. The Middletons always look immaculate don't they.

  3. Your blog is my new favorite blog about Kate. I check it everyday. You seem to have more pics and information than the other Kate blogs, although I like them, too.

  4. Kylie- Following now :) Wish you the best of luck with your Kate blog, I always enjoy reading others and seeing someone else's take on Kate news.

    Mrs Exeter- Thank you so much for your kind comments. I adore the Reiss dresses they are obviously very Kate inspired, I also love the fact Carole Middleton wore Catherine Walker.

  5. Rachel -That is incredibly kind of you, I do my best to include all Kate news, All the Kate blogs do such an excellent job. I enjoy reading them all myself.

    If there is anything about Kate you would like to know or a specific post you would like written, Please just let me know :)

  6. it's my opinion that they do not find the stories about her pregnancy amusing... at all


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