Tuesday, 27 September 2011

What Kate bought in Topshop today

I mentioned earlier how lucky we have been in relation to Kate sightings this week. And there has been another one! Ashlin from the Get What Kate Wore Facebook Page has kindly allowed me to share that while returning a dress to Topshop on Kensington High Street at 6.40 p.m., She spotted none other than Duchess Kate in the store.

 This is certainly a very exciting sighting. Duchess Kate was wearing a green jacket (very possibly the Katherine Hooker she wore to Cheltenham 2007 below) and black jeans and low heel knee suede boots. Identified as the same ones from Today's earlier post. Kate was also carrying her Mulberry bag again. The Topshop in Kensington is literally around the corner from the Palace yet the salesman remarked he had not seen her in there before.

The Jacket Kate wore today

Ashlin described Kate as 'very tall and very slim' in person. She also saw the Duchess while she was in Canada and thought Kate looked healthier than in recent photos. As you know the press has been having a field day with the anorexia rumours but judging by the photos of Kate getting her hair done and at the wedding she is looking a little healthier recently. While we do not have photo's of Kate in Topshop we do know what she bought!

Duchess Kate purchased this beautiful Velvet Trim Boucle Jacket which is selling for $130. It is described as 

"A cobalt blue boucle jacket with peter pan collar, velvet binding detail and popper fascinating"

Kate also purchased this Teal Spot Pencil Skirt for $76.

Kate has been a fan of Topshop for years. In 2007 she was photographed wearing their stunning blue and white stripe dress.

Duchess Kate spent over five minutes at the checkout service as she was looking at these Large Oval earrings. Although they are only £8.50, Kate decided against purchasing them despite giving it serious consideration. I think this is one small example of how down to earth she is. She obviously doesn't believe in wasting money regardless of the amount.

However Kate did purchase a pair of earrings today. The exact pair are not online but Ashlin was kind enough to take a photo of a pair herself. They are £6.50 (Can you imagine, for such a beautiful pair) gold and round "almost like a curved feather from the freedom line". Take a look at Ashlin's Facebook Page for a detailed account on her sighting of Kate! Many thanks to Ashlin for sharing this with us. :)

Sources (Ashlin @ Get What Kate Wore facebook, Topshop, GetWhatKateWore Via Twitter)

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  1. I love the blue jacket.. So cute! I think it's very cool Kate is still so down-to-earth!


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