Sunday, 4 September 2011

Royal Tour number two confirmed for next year

After William and Kate's tremendously successful tour of Canada and California. It seemed inevitable Royal aides would be eager to make arrangements for another. I'm sure you will all be delighted to hear the couple will undertake their second Royal tour on behalf of the Queen next year. Prince William is reportedly eager to visit Australia and New Zealand however a Royal aide said 'The couple will be undertaking a tour but it's unlikely to be Australia and New Zealand'. Apparently the Caribbean is a more likely destination. Would love to see Duchess Kate's fashion choices there! Wherever the tour is I'm positive it shall be a resounding success and fellow Kate watchers will be look forward to it!

As you have all noticed, The Cambridge's have been keeping a very low profile. For some reason pregnancy rumours seem to have accelerated. I have received quite a few tweets in relation to whether or not Duchess Kate is expecting. Thus far there is no reason to believe she is. Should there be confirmation of this rumour in the near/distant future I assure you it will be literally everywhere. Of course I will post about it here immediately too! 

Kate singing the Welsh National Anthem in Anglesey

In other news, The Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly learning to speak Welsh in order to fit in with the locals in Anglesey where she and William spend most of their time. A source said 'She is picking up the language and doing well. Because they live in Wales she is surrounded by the language when she is out about. It is not a case of a lesson a week, she hears the language around her and learns it like that. Anglesey is her home-If you immerse yourself in the culture you pick things up'. The Duchess has been practicing by speaking to locals in supermarkets and around town. In February Kate sang the Welsh National Anthem on her first official visit with William for the launch of a new RNLI lifeboat on Anglesey. 

Kate with Willem Marx in 2008

Those of you who are familiar with Kate's earlier days will remember her first boyfriend from Malborough Willem Marx. Marx has reportedly found love with a girl who bears a striking resemblance to Kate. He has been seeing magazine editor Shirley Leigh Wood Oakes for a while. The press are indeed turning this into a dramatic story but Kate was photographed with Willem in 2008 and the pair were clearly happier as just friends.

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