Sunday, 25 September 2011

Lady in red Kate attend friends wedding in Collette Dinnigan dress

Yesterday William and Kate attended the wedding of friends Tom Sutton and Harriet Colthurst at St Mary and St Nicholas Church in Wilton, Wiltshire. Kate was joined by her friend Louise Aubrey-Fletcher as William had arrived earlier to fulfill his duties as usher. Kate looked absolutely stunning in red. As you all know I think red is her color :) After toning it down at recent weddings it's nice to see her in a more daring color.

It was also reported Kate spent four hours in a hair salon on Kings road on Friday. This was obviously in preparation for the wedding. Her hair looks fabulous. William was also spotted today enjoying a pre wedding lunch with the groom and fifteen ushers at 'The Ship Inn' in Burcombe before going to the service with Kate, He even left a £100 tip. A member of staff said 

'There were range rovers driving up and down outside and then a member of special branch came in and a group of people obviously going to a wedding and I looked over and there he was. It wasn't what you expect to happen in Burcombe and they were all very nice. It was really exciting'. 

Next we will be seeing Kate on Thursday officially opening a hospital untit with William, Looking forward to seeing what she wears. McQueen or high street? I have a feeling she may recycle. In the meantime I will update with confirmation on the dress and fascinator. You never know, We may have a surprise sighting before Thursday :)


  1. yay, new pic!

    but - 4 hours? really?

  2. 4 hrs. for a hair appointment I get Bord after my 1 hour appointment lol

  3. I included the tweet in the post regarding her hair appointment :)

    Perhaps she spent 4 hours for other reasons discussing hair ideas for upcoming events?

    Very excited to see the rest of the outfit, Reminiscent of Issa but looks like Erdem! Hard to tell now

  4. Love the dress and shoes! I so wish we could get away with wearing hats in the South (USA) as easily as they do in Britain. They're so stylish and deliciously feminine! Thanks for keeping us updated!! :)

  5. Oh, and I'll bet your bottom dollar she was getting a Brazilian Blowout or some such. They're all the rage in the US, and take approximately 3-4 hours.

  6. i don't love the dress. i prefer the pale pink collette you showed; i like the tailoring, and think more tailoring looks better on kate's slim body, giving it a lovely shape.
    this dress seems a little shapeless.
    it would have been great to see her wear her blue erdem lace dress which she wore in quebec - i really like that dress!

    i also don't like the hat: it's shape elongates her face, making it look long and thin. it reminds me of the black hat she wore to peter phillips' wedding.

    pippa! the worst of the 80's (peplum, shoulder pads), and a very busy print, all in one outfit!

    do you think this is the dress pippa wore under the lime green satin coat to the wedding after trooping the colours?

  7. 4 hours is believable. I was at the salon from 9 am to 2 pm on Friday, and my stylist was working almost non-stop. She looks lovely. So glad to see her in a bit of color.

  8. Do people wear their engagement rings on the right hand in the UK? I looked at Pippa's...just wondering...

  9. Thank you all for your comments :)

    Anonymous- Pippa is not yet engaged there are plenty of rumours but it's not official yet. People do wear their engagement rings on their left hand in the IK :)

    Alpa I do agree with you, Kate would look beautiful in the pink Collette Dinnigan.
    As for Pippa the dress certainly is't a good fashion moment for her. There's just too much going in.
    The dress is very similar to the one she wore at Sam Waley Cohen's wedding although I think the pattern is a little different.

    The dress debate is continuing. I emailed Collette Dinnigan but no reply thus far.
    Everyone from french connection to Temperly is being considered.

    Any guesses on the designer? :)

  10. Facebook has amazing commentary from the wedding.

  11. How about crediting the headshot of Kate that was from the Sunday Express, as being from Princess Dianaa

    Because that's where you found it.

  12. Oh, I love Kate's dress in that pic! Very chic!

  13. Patricia- I have removed your scan as I did not know it was yours and I did not get it from Princess Diana Remembered. Apologies for any inconvenience :)

    Alyssia - The dress is indeed beautiful. Collette Dinnigan designs are amazing!

  14. I have a pretty lush head of hair, not quite as long as Kate's, and I have to say when I go for highlights and a trim with a regular blow-out, I am there for a good 3.5 to 4 hours. I hate that it takes that long but it has always been that way regardless of the hairdressers over the years.

  15. I was surprised there was so much interest in her spending 4 hours at the hair salon. She had it colored, trimmed, she was photographed with it in rollers I'm not surprised at all.

    Her hair is always gorgeous, I think it's worth the time :)


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