Friday, 30 September 2011

'Kind' Duchess Kate promises to visit cancer patient's blog and pays a visit to the National Portrait Gallery + Reiss sale

I think we all agree William and Kate's visit to the Royal Marsden Hospital yesterday was a triumphant success. Meeting the Duchess was a little extra special for one patient. Nine year old Fabian Bate and his family were thrilled to meet the Cambridge's. William told him he is so brave and hey both seemed genuinely sad about his situation. Fabian went on to tell Kate about his blog. Kate instantly replied "I'll look that up and post a message". The Bate family hailed Kate as 'kind' and were taken aback at how interested she was. "She asked lots of questions. And sounded like she would post on the blog". A very touching gesture on behalf of Kate which obviously means so much to Fabian. I do think Kate connects with children so well. I will update as soon as Kate posts a message for Fabian.

Kate with Fabian Bate

Duchess Kate has been spotted out and about quite frequently this week.  Kate spent Wednesday afternoon touring the contemporary collection with curators in the National Portrait Gallery in London. Kate graduated with a degree in Art History from St. Andrews  so she wasn't afraid to ask lots of questions nor was she fazed by a more controversial piece, Marc Quinn's, 'Self' a self portrait cast of the artist's head made from his own blood then frozen. (Certainly doesn't sound like a typical afternoon for the Duchess :))
A source said

"She was dressed all in black. She must have been boiling because it was a really hot day in London - in knee length black boots, black tights and a slim fitting black dress. She had her hair up, completely pulled into a twist in the back".

While Kate was unfazed by Marc Quinn's blood head, I must say I was quite startled when I saw it first :) What do you think?

Moving on...........
Despite the excellent weather London has been enjoying over the past few days, Kate went shopping in Hobbs on Sloane Square for a winter coat earlier this week. The Duchess purchased the brown Unlimited Cleste Flared Coat for £369.

"Wrap up this Autumn in this stunning double crepe wool coat. In a sumptuous seasonal chestnut brown, this coat subtly flares from the hips. It's given an on trend toughened edge thanks to the leather stud fastening cuff straps and waisted belt"

Finally for those of you who love Kate's style, One of her favourite labels Reiss has a 10% off sale for today only. If you're interested Click Here!


  1. To me, Kate seems to have a phlegmatic type personality.
    In other words she does not react much to things, such as going hunting.
    Quite different to princess Di who did.
    I also think she is fairly choleric too, meaning she is not very emotional, just uses her head.
    She is a very calm person.
    I find she does not have a lot of personality.
    She seems to just do a she is told.
    Yes she is interesting though & very attractive.
    I like her simple elegant young & un stuffy style.
    I think she would look beautiful in Ralp lauren's latest spring fashions.
    Oz girl from down under.

  2. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  3. Did you take a look at the kid's blog?
    Do you know how it's called?I would really like to look that up!
    Thanks in advance!

  4. Hi!
    I did search quite a bit for the blog but was unable to find it. I expect if Kate does post a message it will be well known and made public.
    I'll add it to my next post if Kate leaves a message and it's reported publicly :)

  5. THanks for answering!I really appreciate it!I just guessed that Kate wouldn't like to make it public.Maybe she will,who knows?

  6. No problem at all.
    It is possible the blog is private as it belongs to a child but it's a kind gesture from Kate! :)


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