Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Cambridge's Open Children's Cancer Center

Duchess Kate chats with patient Beth Ansell
William and Kate visited the Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton today to open a £18 million children's cancer center. The highly anticipated royal engagement is one close to Prince William's heart as he follows in the footsteps of his mother, taking over as president of the London hospital. Diana also performed her first official solo royal visit at the Royal Marsden. The hospital is the first in the world dedicated to cancer treatment and research. 

William had just fifteen minutes sleep ahead of today's visit after a 24 hour shift which involved picking up a sailor from a naval ship and a woman with head injuries on Snowdonia. He then flew from RAF valley to meet Kate near the hospital. (Kate travelled separately from London) and even joked about the bags under his eyes. Despite this the pair look energetic and excited to be officially opening the center.

Twelve year old cancer patient Alice Marples presented Duchess Kate with a beautiful bouquet of flowers (Simply adorable). This is not the first time Alice has seen William, two years ago she interviewed him for the CBBC Newsround programme. Alice has been bravely fighting a brain tumour for eight years and will travel to the US for treatment nextThe Cambridge's were given a tour of the unit where they met medical staff, patients and their parents. Kate was asked if she would consider supporting the charity personally, She replied "We'll have to see. William's in charge". The couple spent over two hours there before leaving. William unveiled a plaque in honour of the officially opening and spoke poignantly about the center

"This place is inspirational. I mean that in the truest sense of the word. It inspires me. I always come away from the Royal Marsden feeling totally uplifted. Catherine and I will do that today".

Diana visiting the hospital in 1982
Duchess Kate looked stunning wearing an oatmeal Amanda Wakeley sculpted felt long sleeved seam dress knee length dress which is currently selling for £450. I love this dress, It's classy, elegant and completely appropriate for the occasion. Amanda Wakeley confirmed Kate loved the dress so much she bought it in three colours. It is described as

"Sculpted felt knee length fitted dress with 3/4 length sleeves and a slash neck. Features seam detailing. The cut of this dress really contours and flattens the body"

Initially the dress instantly reminded me of the Malene Birger Bullet dress Duchess Kate wore in Yellowknife, Canada. However the shoulders and waist detail is quite different. Looking at the photo's one can see Kate looks healthier at the moment. I must also add her hair looks incredible. It was definitely worth the four hours in Richard Ward's salon.:)

Duchess Kate completed the look with her favourite LK Benett items. The Nude Sledge 2 Pumps and the Natalie Clutch.

Overall today was a wonderful day for William and Kate but most of all for the staff and patients of the Royal Marsden Hospital. Duchess Kate is a natural with children and I think we may see her support a charity similar to this. One also got the impression Kate was looking after William today, She had her hand on his back quite a bit and seemed completely at ease. Diana would be glad to see her work is being continued on. The hospital does truly amazing work as you can see from the photos' above, If you would like to make a donation or are considering it Please take a look Here.

This video is an excellent summary of the visit.

Finally one last photo for the day, (I do find it incredibly difficult to post under twenty photos per royal engagement :)) What I love about this photo is their body language, almost identical. Both are smiling and holding their hands in a very similar manner. 

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  1. Thank you so much for posting all this delicious information.

    Kate's so pretty and such an inspiration. I hope that she will become more involved with charities soon!

  2. Thank you for reading the blog! I'll be adding more photo's from the visit soon.

    Kate is amazing, She is currently deciding on her charities and it will be announced in the new year what she has chosen :)

  3. This is wonderful, and thank you so much for sharing it with us. I so wish more of our well-knowns (celebrities, etc.) in the US were involved in things of this nature. Heartwarming and refreshing, indeed.

  4. As always thank you for your kind comments and for following Alyssia!

    I do agree celebrities should give back. The look on the children's faces when William and Kate arrived was priceless. They are doing a wonderful job.

  5. What a lovely post. Catherine looks so wonderful in that dress - I can't wait to see the other colours. Hope William has caught up with his sleep now LOL!

  6. William did look quite tired but did an excellent job as did Kate, Loved her dress :)


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