Friday, 12 August 2011

Duchess Kate wears purple again for shopping trip

Another set of photos have emerged of Duchess Kate shopping at the Wilkinson family value store in Holyhead, North Wales. Kate is again wearing the purple Ralph Lauren sweater and aquascutum scarf she wore on her shopping trip to Tesco with darker jeans and flats. This look may be Kate's signature shopping look or she may be trying to appear less interesting to the press. A huge reason there is such intense interest is because we are all so eager to see what Kate wears and emulate her look. Kate looks beautiful today, I think her hair looks lighter? 

On another note, I appreciate and welcome all comments from readers and you are all wonderful to take the time to check the blog! but lately I have been receiving some hateful ones. I will not publish unkind comments about the Duchess of Cambridge. Anything constructive, absolutely, but profanity and general trolling about the blog is unwelcome.

Baeur Griffin

Baeur Griffin


  1. WHAT how can anyone write negative comments on this blog. i have followed this blog from the start and think it has the best information and stories about the duchess which is why i read it and these negative comments are made by people who obviously do not like her so why do they read it. i advise you go somewhere else and belittle another blog and leave this one alone

  2. Sorry you are receiving hateful comments. I have enjoyed your blog since the beginning. Know that you have dedicated followers and don't be discouraged by negativity. Keep up the good work.

  3. Thank you both for your kind comments. They are much appreciated.
    I created this blog as fan of Kate Middleton and simply, it's for her fans not people who dislike her.

    Blogging about Kate is excellent fun as I love to keep up to date myself with the stories, A huge thank you to all my wonderful followers! x

  4. Your blog is awesome! I always laugh when people comment on my blog about how I shouldn't be following Kate and always think, well clearly you are! Hahaha, ah well. I guess you roll with the punches.

    Love the purple on Kate, she looks fantastic!

  5. I totally agree Jane, The most striking aspect for me has been the negative comments geared towards Kate. It's funny that people who dislike her bother to read blogs about her :)

    Continued success with your blog Jane! :)

  6. I love your blog! Truly, it's one of the highlights of my day, and I can't imagine why anyone would even bother reading and/or commenting if they don't particularly care for the royals and/or Kate herself. Those of us who do, LOVE what you're doing here. Kate is the epitome of style, class, and grace.

    And I'm still looking for shimmery hose, darnit! Two major department stores fail in my local area.

  7. Thank you very much Alyssia, and for your contribution to the blog in general.
    There is an excellent community of bloggers and followers who love Kate!

    Did you check out What Kate Wore Alyssia? There facebook page often has suggestions for Kate's pieces? If you can't find anything, let me know and I'll do some research! :)

  8. Thanks for the update! Some people will always find negative things to say about everyone, there's just no pleasing them. Best to ignore them.

    I agree, her hair does look lighter. I was blond as a kid, but now my hair is dark brown. In the summer, it gets quite light from all the sun. I wonder if it's the same for Kate? Or maybe she dyed her locks =D

  9. It's fascinating how hair colour can change due to the season. My boyfriends hair colour alternates form a chestnut brown in winter to a bright red in certain times of summer :)

    Kate looks like she got highlights, I think it really suits her although it may just be the sunlight.

    Thank you for commenting :)


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