Wednesday, 6 July 2011

William and Kate arrive at Slave Lake for unscheduled visit

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have made an unscheduled visit to Slave Lake, Alberta. It was decided that the couple would visit here after news regarding wildfires which had caused great danger to the locals and caused the population of 7,000 people to evacuate. William and Kate looked at the ruins left by the fires with great sadness. Upon arrival they were met by a small number of dignitaries and quickly left via mini bus to meet with residents. Most of Slave Lake's locals attempted to get a glimpse of the Royal couple. People who met Kate had nothing but good things to say especially 'She is so much like Diana'.

It was very much a casual, laid back visit. Not about speeches or meeting with heads of state and Duchess Kate's style reflected that. She wore the same navy Smythe blazer she was last seen wearing when boarding the plane for Ottawa. She teamed it with a white ruffled blouse, J Brand jeans and her black Pied A Terre jeans. She always manages to make jeans look classy, I loved this look on Kate. Even William opted for slacks (We know how he loves his navy suits :))  I'm thinking her blouse might be couture couture below but do not know for certain yet. Any thoughts? :)


  1. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures with us.
    Rita :)

  2. it doesn't look the same. pic on model: the ruffle goes all the way down. kate's is shorter. what kind of brand is couture couture? us or uk one? lovely blog

  3. Thank you for your kind comments and for visiting my blog!

    I must say the blouse mystery is very confusing, I have searched everywhere as have the people at What Kate Wore and the Kate Middleton Style Blog.
    I think Couture Couture is owned by this company
    They have stores all over the world!

  4. the blouse can say that again! :) i have the same shoes though. love those pied a terre wedges


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