Sunday, 3 July 2011

Enchanting photo of William and Kate enjoying firework display released

I just saw this stunning photo of William and Kate enjoying the fireworks display at Canada day. (Many thanks to Jane Barr) It is just a beautiful photograph. The aspect I most love is the fact it's not a photo of a Duke and Duchess attending a public event or posing for the camera, It is simply a snapshot of a newly married young couple in love. Canada day was essentially all work for William and Kate, here we see them taking time out to enjoy the firework display in private. A truly romantic photo.

Today, We can expect to see plenty of the Duchess as she has another full schedule ahead of her. The couple were photographed laughing and smiling as they boarded HCMS Montreal. Duchess Kate changed her silver glittering shoes for more comfortable black ones. Upon arrival they will join the crew for a morning prayer, Followed by a tour of La Maison Daphine. Afterwards their first public event of the day, The freedom of the city ceremony at Québec city hall. Finally they will attend Lévis community celebration before departing for Prince Edward Island. I hope we see Kate choosing another fitted dress, perhaps something bright! I'll post photos as soon as they are available. For anyone who is enjoying a leisurely Sunday off, Sky News generally have full coverage of all events the Duke and Duchess attend.

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  1. The photo at the firework,is such a beautiful and romantic picture.
    Rita :)


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