Sunday, 3 July 2011

Duchess Kate enjoys day in Quebec city in another blue lace Erdem dress

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have taken part in a prayer service in Quebec city . The service is being held aboard HMCS Montreal, where the couple spent last night travelling from Montreal. They slept in the quarters of the warship's head officer Commander Real Brisson. These quarters are generally reserved for VIPS (You don't really get more important VIPS than the future King and Queen of England :)) They enjoyed breakfast with the sailors and reportedly enjoyed their time getting to know the crew.  

The Anglican bishop of Quebec, Dennis Drainville was very excited about the visit 'The significance of today for me and many other Anglicans is very simple. We have a long association with the Monarchy. William will someday be King and because of that his opportunity to come here and be among people and learn more about Canadians. It's important, we are very diverse'. Despite some troublesome protests the couple have received a warm welcome thus far. (Who wouldn't like them?.....) 

Duchess Kate looked stunning in a pre spring 2011 blue lace dress by Canadian designer Erdem.  This is the second time she has chosen one of his lace designs on the Royal tour. 
There seems to be a lot of disappointment about the dress being another blue, lace Erdem. I must say, I think it's beautiful and the colour is so striking. What do you all think? She teamed it with her blue sapphire earrings a nude clutch and nude heels.

Next the Royal couple made their way to 'Maison Dauphine' . The centre for street youth provided Duchess Kate with excellent entertainment. One man performed a trick for her and she was extremely impressed. I love how Kate's face is so animated, a picture really is worth a thousand words with her! Outside two hundred spectators chanted 'Kate, Kate'.

William and Kate proceeded to city hall, Where William made a speech in french. 'It is simply a pleasure to be here. Thank you for your patience with my accent and I hope that we will have the chance to get to know each other over the coming years'. The protests continued here in full force. Sharpshooters were stationed on a roof in the square in city hall to keep watch for any suspicious activity. For security reasons the couple did not linger with crowds but met as many as possible in the short time they were there. As always the couple will be fashionably late for their next engagement :)


  1. A beautiful couple they are,and the dress she is wearing realy stunning.
    Rita :)

  2. I love the lace detail and the colour. Fitted dresses suit her so well. Perhaps we will see another Erdem dress during the tour :)


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