Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Will Kate feel trapped at Kensington Palace?

As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge prepare to move into Kensington Palace in the coming weeks, they may be feeling more apprehensive than eager. After the divorce of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, Diana lived there unhappily. Due to it's high accessibility on all sides, it is perfect for the relentless paparazzi who hounded Diana day and night. Diana referred to it as 'KP' and openly admitted it became more 'prison than palace'. Staff consider it to be seriously 'unlucky'. One might ask, why did they choose to make their home there? William is fiercely protective of Kate and would have considered all viable options before making such a decision. Clarence House was considered until the Duchess of Cornwall declared: 'There's no room here'. St. James' Palace would be considered a depressing place to live for a young couple. Finally Buckingham Palace might have seemed like a sensible option. However senior royals felt this would indicate that the Queen may see William as her successor.

According to a source, Kensington Palace was the only place William had wanted due to his fond memories there of his mother. 'They are memories that are very precious to Will, though he doesn't talk much about his childhood'. After Diana's death it was left as a shell for ten years. Few men choose to move their brides into their mother's home, but it is different for Prince William, and Kate would certainly understand that. She was deeply honoured to have been given Diana's engagement ring and will most likely feel the same about moving into her old home. I do hope it is a happier home for Kate than it was for Diana with a degree of independence. Diana loved to go to the shops surrounding Kensington Palace, but the paparazzi never allowed her that luxury. The couple will make new memories at the palace and Lady Di would be happy to know William is bringing Kate there!

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