Saturday, 11 June 2011

Kate shops at Boots before Gala dinner

Photographed just hours before her dazzling social debut at the ARK Gala Dinner, the Duchess of Cambridge could have been any other shopper on London's King's Road. Kate was spotted in flat white pumps, hudson jeans and a cream scoop neck jumper with a lemon vest underneath. Her long, wavy hair was tied back in a bun. Kate was accompanied by two plain clothes Scotland Yard police protection officers while shopping in the Peter Jones department store in Sloane Square where she reportedly spent almost an hour purchasing a small number of fashion accessories. She bought facial moisturisers from Boots low cost Nivea range. Kate browsed through Boots casually unnoticed by her fellow shoppers. Her protection officers keeping a low profile.

The Duchess was then driven back to the Clarence House apartment that she and William are sharing with Prince Harry until they move into Kensington Palace next month. Just four hours later, Kate was transformed, arriving at the ARK Gala wearing a shimmering pink Jenny Packham dress. The event raised £17.2 million for disadvantaged children in the U.K. and around the world. Kate is obviously keen to maintain a sense of normality, shopping on the high street as she had always done prior to her marriage.


  1. Wow! Have just come across your blog today and it is brilliant! I have been trying to put older photos in chronological order and you have done it all for me...This must take so much time and effort, thanks so much and please don't stop.

  2. Thank you so much, Your comments are greatly appreciated.
    I have to say I find sorting the older photos of Kate very enjoyable. I'm going to have at least ten entries per day.
    Please do scroll down if you have the time as the page will be in chronological order. Looking forward to adding some university photos too. :)

  3. I am a 42 yr old investment banking professional (female). I am american but use to live in London for work. I wanted you to know that I love your website. I have a royal news obession and love Kate and William and love reading any and all news. You also always have photos that other sites or magazines do not have. Wanted you to know what a pleasure it is to read your internet page. I am dieing to hear of Baby news or even see a hint! I am hoping for girls so their will be a female sucession after William. I am also living for the day that both are crowned Kind and Queen. I feel that will be a day of peace (for Diana) finally. I agree he could not have chosen a better young lady and Diana would be so proud of her.

  4. Anonymous- What a lovely comment, I am so happy you enjoy reading the blog and delighted to have such an eloquent reader!.

  5. Elaine C. Crossland8 April 2012 at 22:34

    Mild surprise is expressed that Catherine is carrying her own lampshades etc. after her shopping trip. Think about it--How would the Royal protection officer draw his weapon or pull the Duchess to safety if necessary, while carrying lampshades? Heaven forbid he ever has to, but at best it would cause a slight delay in fullfilling his real job while he dropped the shades.His sole job is to protect. Hands free!

  6. Nice blog, I will often look at the updated content.


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