Monday, 20 June 2011

Duchess Kate redecorates Kensington Palace

William and Kate have been keeping a low profile over the past few days, probably due to moving in too Kensington Palace. Reportedly Kate didn't feel at ease initially and has decided to do some redecorating. The Duchess of Cambridge had an entire crate of candles and room sprays delivered to the 17th century palace in an effort to modernise the place. She felt there was a 'fuddy duddy smell'. Kate had £900 worth of 'Scent 1' fragrances delivered including lavender, sandalwood and moss based waxes. Along with cushions to give their apartment in the Palace a more relaxed feel. A friend of the couple said 'Kate had little say in her marital home. But the only time she's put her foot down was when it came to interior design. Kate has a keen eye for contemporary, effortlessly cool styling and was adamant she and William would make their home feel like a home not a formal residence. Whereas William is used to the the smell and feel of the palace, Kate is used to a more modern relaxed environment. She felt it had an overriding, musty, damp smell and ordered a six month supply of her favourite products. William was happy to go with the flow'.

It is understood Duchess Kate ordered fifteen £38 candles and six sprays. Since Princess Diana passed away Kensington Palace has been somewhat dormant, The only mention of it was in relation to Diana. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge seem very keen to feel as comfortable and homely as possible there. It is a world away from their relaxed life in Anglesey wales. The couple are moving into the four bedroom cottage within the grounds of the Palace in the coming weeks.


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