Friday, 10 June 2011

'Princess Diana would have loved Kate as a daughter'

Kate Middleton wowed the nation last night in her classic, elegant Jenny Packham rose gown. William looked at Kate adoringly as she spoke with guests exuding a natural ease, reminiscent of Princess Diana. We have all wondered what Diana would have thought of Kate. There have been rumours she would have been jealous but according to someone who knew her very well she would have adored her.

Disgraced Duchess Sarah Ferguson was a close friend of Diana's. Speaking to Piers Morgan she said they 'would have been the best of friends sharing a love of fashion and shopping. Kate would have been the daughter she always longed for'. Sarah Ferguson was not invited to the wedding but described her delight at the day 'I felt pride, total pride didn't we all? It was an amazing day'. Without question Diana's presence was felt last night at the ARK gala held in the grounds of her former home Kensington Palace.


  1. The Duchess is nothing less than regal, beautiful and a breathe of fresh air to the Royal Family. They should be thanking Kate for saving their future. There is only one person who might think Diana would not like Kate and that would be Cruella de Cornwall. Diana would have embraced Kate as a daughter and shown her love and kindness, a quality that embodied her being.

  2. Kate always looks so happy and William is a beautiful soul! Diana would have been so proud of them both!


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