Saturday, 14 May 2011

Wills paid £200 for Kate to be his slave

We have all been led to believe that Kate Middleton first captivated Prince William at a University fashion show.It has now been revealed that William became aware of her months before this, when he paid £200 for her at a 'slave' auction, at a Harry Potter themed party. The interesting new insight into the couple's

romance comes from a former housemate of theirs, Laura Warshauer, who is bringing out a song about William and Kate entitled 'To Will and Kate, meet me at exit 109'. It depicts a couple who drank wine out of plastic cups, ate lasagne sitting on the floor and joined in a huge foam fight in the quad. Miss Warshauer revealed the couple had instant chemistry. 'One of my favourite memories was in November of first year and we were invited to a Harry Potter party at this castle. We all got on a big bus to go there and I remember Kate and William dancing together all night. There was a charity auction where you could bid for the person for the day and Wills paid £200 for Kate. She was dressed in school uniform. No one else was winning Kate that night. They already had that connection'. She added, all their friends expected them to end up together, apparently it was obvious William had his eye on Kate from the moment they met. The music video includes several pictures of William and Kate with the lyrics 'Here's to Will and Kate, I remember living in the freshman dorm with you'. She admitted that she and Kate drifted apart like so many university relationships, but described her as an incredibly caring friend who was always there for her when she was upset. The single is out now on iTunes. The question is, will the Duke and Duchess be downloading it?! :)

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