Wednesday, 18 May 2011

William and Kate tour pirate islands on $70,000 a day honeymoon

William and Kate are a modern young couple who appear to be extremely down to earth. However, everyone is entitled to splurge every now and then. What better time to do this than your honeymoon. After months of wedding planning and intense media coverage, the couple are enjoying every second of their ten day getaway. The owner of the North Island in the Seychelles reported the couple are vacationing there. Farhad Vladi said, 'Yes, we rented the island to the British royal family. Prince William and Kate are spending their honeymoon there you'll understand that's all we can say for now.'

The couple are likely to be renting the entire island in order to ensure privacy. Their nightly tab for the eleven villas on North Island would be $70,000. The security detail costs and flights add up to another $100,000. If the couple are staying on another island the cost rises as villas are even more costly on neighbouring islands. A royal family source said security following the death of Osama Bin Laden was the main reason the Seychelles was chosen as the ideal destination. 'The principal reasons for Wills and Kate choosing the Seychelles is because of the level of security they can enjoy there following the Osama Bin Laden take down and unrest elsewhere in the world.' The couple are keen to explore the islands hiring a $3 million yacht for a treasure island tour of the Seychelles. They spent a day cruising former pirate hideouts,  Praslin and La Digue.

A source said 'The area is like something out of Pirates of the Carribean. There are tropical swamps and the most amazing wildlife you can imagine'.  The boat 'Sea Stream' can do top speeds of nearly 64 km/h and comes equpped with its own jet skis and scuba diving gear. The pair also enjoy swimming and are both physically fit. Whatever the newlyweds are doing, I hope they are enjoying themselves before returning to normality and commencing their royal duties!

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