Thursday, 5 May 2011

William and Kate to visit California!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will visit California in July after their tour of Canada. St James's palace have confirmed. They are expected to be welcomed by governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, The couple will travel to the west coast from July 8th-10th.  Kate has never been to the USA before, no doubt this will be exciting for the couple as it is also William's first official visit there.  Meanwhile the couple are preparing for their trip to Canada.

The Queen, whose head appears on coins in the country, visited Canada last July and pronounced it "good to be home" as she embarked on her 22nd official visit to the country. She also visited Ottawa for the country's birthday.
Next year the couple face being separated for two and a half months if the RAF posts him 8,000 miles away in the Falkland Islands.
It is understood that plans are being drawn up to send Prince William to the South Atlantic next year as a Sea King search and rescue helicopter pilot.
The Prince would be on the islands during the 30th anniversary commemorations for the Falklands conflict, when his uncle the Duke of York flew a Sea King in combat operations.
Sending such a high-profile member of the Royal family to the islands, especially during an anniversary year, is likely to antagonise Argentina, which continues to assert a territorial claim to the islands despite defeat in 1982.
Speculation two years ago that the Prince could be sent to the Falklands prompted condemnation from Argentina's foreign minister, Jorge Taina.
The move would be the first lengthy separation for the royal couple since their marriage in London last week.
Earlier this week the Duke and Duchess spent their first night on Anglesey as a married couple. The island cottage will be their marital home until 2013.
St James's Palace refused to confirm where the couple, who have postponed their honeymoon, spent the weekend.
The Prince has made it clear that he wants to be treated as any other officer in the Armed Forces, including serving on overseas operations.
He accepts that his position as a future king makes it highly unlikely he could serve on the front line in a war zone as his brother, Prince Harry, did in Afghanistan three years ago.

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