Friday, 13 May 2011

William and Kate to receive welcome from the stars in California

It was confirmed on May 5th that Prince William and his wife Kate will be visiting California after their tour of Canada. The date is set for July 8-10th. It will make a nice weekend visit for the couple. Kate has never been to the United States before. There has been intense interest in their plans for this visit, especially from the stars who are eager to have them as guests. William is a close friend of David Beckham. They forged a strong friendship when they worked together on England's failed 2018 World Cup bid. A source said, 'They are always texting each other. People haven't realised quite how close they are. David may ask William to be a godparent, you never know'. It is thought the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be among the first to meet the Beckham's fourth child due this summer.

The couple will also be greeted by former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Despite his marital separation being highly publicized, he is eager to show the couple a good time. They are expected to attend a Hollywood party. As president of BAFTA, William is keen to promote the British film industry. A provisional itinerary for their trip includes a tour of giant redwood trees in Yosemite National Park, the Big Sur coast and a poverty programme. This week, President Obama told Prince Charles he had been mesmerised by the royal wedding.

The citizens of California will be excited to see the couple wherever they choose to go. Caroline Beteta, president of  the California Travel and Tourism Commission said, 'No matter where they venture in California, the royal visit will create a global postcard for the golden state'. Princess Diana proved a major hit in the U.S. when she visited in the 1980s. The young royals will be hoping for the same welcome. During Queen Elizabeth II's trip in 1983, she visited Los Angeles, Palm springs, San Francisco and San Diego. During an earlier visit, she watched movies being made at Universal studios.

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