Sunday, 22 May 2011

Schwarzenegger scandal disrupts Kate's U.S. plans

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's royal visit to the U.S. has been disrupted after recent revelations about former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was announced earlier this week that JFK's niece Maria Shriver has hired top divorce lawyer Laura Wasser after discovering that The Terminator star had fathered a child with the family's former housekeeper.
Schwarzenegger was due to show William and Kate improvements the state has made regarding green issues after officially welcoming them to California. Aides are now in crisis talks over fears the scandal could overshadow the couple's visit. The couple are said to be privately concerned, As they have just married they do not want to be associated with a scandal. They are hoping to introduce themselves to the people of California and enjoy seeing all the state has to offer. One royal retainer said 'There is a very big question mark over whether the former governor can be part of the visit now, or if he'd want to be. This clearly isn't going to go away in a few weeks. His presence is now very difficult for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge but, of course, it's a matter for their hosts to make a decision on'. It had been strongly suggested that the couple would stay with Schwarzenegger during their visit, They were also scheduled to attend a Hollywood party with him as their guide. This is quite daunting for Kate. It's her first state visit as Duchess of Cambridge not to mention her first time ever to visit the states. Meanwhile the couple will be thinking about alternatives. It has been reported that numerous celebrities are hoping to spend time with the royal couple. Victoria Beckham has supposedly scheduled her Cesarean section to delivery her fourth child on July 4th, in time for their arrival. Sir Elton John and David Furnish are offering to host an extravagant party in their honour at the luxurious Beverly Wilshire hotel. These plans are always made well in advance to ensure security is in order. The newlyweds have just returned from their 'memorable' honeymoon in the Seychelles and will be relying on their aides to make the appropriate decision prior to their arrival.

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