Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Princess Diana 'Would Have Been Jealous' of Kate

When William and Kate began dating at University, the press instantly began comparing Diana and Kate. Throughout the engagement and the wedding, William ensured Diana's presence was felt. He gave Kate her engagement ring to keep her spirit alive not only during the preparations for the royal wedding but for their marriage. It is well known how close Diana was to her sons and the close bond they shared.

What would Diana have thought of Kate? One would presume she would be thrilled for William and take Kate in as a daughter. However, according to her royal biographer, Andrew Morton, who recently released William and Catherine: Their Story, her feelings would have been quite different to those of a loving mother-in-law. Morton said, 'Diana loved to be in the limelight and for once she would be in the shadows. By now Diana would have almost been fifty and passing the fashion baton to her daughter-in-law further distancing herself from the spotlight'. Morton also discussed the sensational coverage of Pippa Middleton since racy photos were released. 'William isn't bothered by gossip. He always says he has a lot of baggage. It's not just the Middleton family who have skeletons in their cupboard. The house of Windsor is full of them. You've got the Fergie pictures of having her toes sucked and you've got Prince Charles and his racy taped recorded messages to Camilla'.
It is impossible for anyone to know exactly how Diana would have felt about Kate, however, given her love for her children, I think she would have overlooked competition about popularity and looks in favour of forging a close bond with her eldest son's wife.

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