Friday, 27 May 2011

Mario Testino finally talks about shooting William and Kate

Royal photographer Mario Testino was honoured last night in New York at a gala celebrating his incredible thirty year career. Testino, 56, was Princess Diana's favourite photographer. He is deeply trusted by the Royal family. William and Kate insisted no one else should shoot their official wedding photographs. Academy Award winning actress Kate Winslet gave a speech praising Testino beginning with a joke: 'The two other Kates, Kate Moss and Kate Middleton were unavailable so you'll have to make do with me'. She continued to say he has the ability to 'dispose of a woman's insecurities'.

The world famous photographer spoke about shooting royals in depth: 'For me photographing the Royals is my way of giving back to the country: documenting this tradition and the history. For a Peruvian - apart from Paddington Bear, there are very few of us that can be a part of it. I feel very attached to England'. When asked about shooting the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge he said: 'They are a young couple in love. The Duchess looked fabulous and even helped to do her own make up'. However the atmosphere on the shoot was anything but calm: 'Everything is compacted into such a short time because we have to produce these pictures. It's more like me screaming and trying to get everything to go'. Whatever his method is, the official engagement photographs are beautiful. Testino has shot some of the most famous figures in the world. Which lucky star is his favourite? He answers this one with ease: 'I've been asked this many times. It would have to be Princess Diana. It took my career to another level.'

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