Friday, 6 May 2011

Kate's wedding day make up get the look!

Kate Middleton made the brave decision of doing her own make up for her wedding for an audience of over two billion viewers, She looked flawless and stunning.  Recreate her look yourself...........
Kate Middleton Wedding Makeup 
Bobbi Brown confirmed this week that members of the royal wedding party received “makeup artistry assistance” from company makeup artist Hannah Martin. So what was the verdict? Brown, who’s been in the makeup business for more than 20 years, thinks the newlywed was the perfect picture of a blushing bride. “Catherine looked absolutely stunning,” she said in a statement. “I wouldn’t have changed a thing about her makeup. She looked beautiful, fresh and most importantly, happy.” To help Kate and Pippa wannabes get the girls’ gorgeous looks, the company released face charts with suggestions of products and colors you can use at home to get your own royal wedding face. To emulate Kate’s look, the brand recommends items like ivory, metallic and slate eye shadow, black ink gel liner and three shades of pink blush, plus a pink lip color topped with gloss. Pippa-like directions include bone and ash shadows, black ink gel liner, a bronze blush and pretty pink lip gloss. Check out the face charts for specific product names and placement.

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