Saturday, 28 May 2011

Kate plans forty new outfits to dazzle the U.S.

On William and Kate's first public engagement as Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Kate looked relaxed and poised. She is settling into both married life and royal duties with ease. However, William is determined they remain as 'normal' as possible insisting they spend just twenty minutes with the Obamas without television cameras. He also decided they should not attend the state banquet. We would all have loved to see them there, especially for the purpose of seeing what Kate would have worn at her first state dinner.

With preparation underway for the Royal visits to Canada and the U.S. Kate's wardrobe is taking priority. She wants to be conservative enough for Canada yet glamorous enough for California. Wardrobe worries are best tackled at Clarence house where her mother and sister Pippa help her choose the most appropriate clothing. For the Duchess there is more to consider than simply liking the outfit. She will want to present the best of British fashion while giving a nod to local Canadian and American designers. It is estimated she will need forty outfits not allowing for changeable weather. The palace are reported concerned that Kate does not want a lady in waiting, A source said 'On tour you cannot iron all your own clothes, don't have time to unpack, can't hold all the flowers you are handed and, most importantly, need someone to start chatting in a crowded room'. I think it would be ideal if Kate could take Pippa myself. Unfortunately she has just started a new job. A friend of the couple's said Kate's reticence to hire staff has logic to it 'The more you embrace the trappings of royalty, the more people expect from you and you can't reverse it'. Kate is also brushing up on her French as she knows a large proportion of the Canadian population speak it fluently. The first royal tour for the new couple is looking like it's going to be a memorable one!

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