Friday, 20 May 2011

Kate Middleton's Childhood Home Up For Auction

We are fascinated with Kate Middleton's life. The middle class girl who will become our Queen one day. But how did she grow up? What was her house like? Well, Kate grew up in a Victorian red brick semi, which is currently up for auction. It's potential price is just under half a million pounds. However, given the public interest in Kate it may fetch much more than this based on nostalgic value alone. The estate agent who is handling the sale said, 'It looks a bit lopsided doesn't it? Ages ago someone sold off the right hand bit of the house and hid it behind a hedge. But at first a lot of people still think it's just one house which is a bonus in terms of selling it. There's a lovely back garden properly dog-proofed. There's also a pub down the road called the Queen's Head. Now that couldn't be more appropriate, could it?'

The property is located in Bradfield Southend, Berkshire. Mike and Carole Middleton bought it in the late seventies for less than forty thousand pounds. Kate called the four bedroom house home until she was thirteen when she and her family moved to a more lavish home due to the success of family business, Party Pieces. The house, known as 'West View', is charming with a quaint kitchen and pine doors throughout. Just outside the door is the primary school Kate attended and St Andrews church where Kate, Pippa and James were christened.

The owners have rented the house to tenants for the past number of years and are obviously hoping the Kate connection will push the price up. The estate agent says it's a good investment now, but when Kate becomes Queen the value will skyrocket.  Before living in Berkshire the Middleton lived in Amman, Jordan in a high rise block of Villas. Quite different to Buckingham Palace where she will one day reside!

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