Friday, 13 May 2011

Duchess of Cambridge accused of wearing copy-cat wedding dress

When Kate Middleton arrived at Westminster Abbey on April 29th, with her father Michael, the world watched as she unveiled her stunning wedding dress,  a timeless creation by Sarah Burton who worked tirelessly with Kate to perfect a gown fit for a future Queen. Brides all over the world have rushed to emulate the look. Bridal designer, Marie McElheron said 'There are a lot of girls trying to use part of Kate's dress in their own designs now. All parts of it: the lace, the high neck, the sleeves - they are all being incorporated into dresses now. It is going to be very popular even though it's a style that will only work on a certain girl, but it's going to be huge'.

With so much hype and media coverage surrounding the gown it has emerged that the goddaughter of Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, has accused Kate of copying her wedding dress. The actress Isabelle Orsini married Belgian Prince Edouard de Ligne two years ago. Ms Orsini's dress was made by the Belgian designer, Gerald Watelet. Are the two dresses identical? Absolutely not. I think there is a vast difference in the two gowns. Both dresses have a high V-neck line with a lace bodice and full skirt. The main similarity is Kate and Isabelle. They are both slim, striking brunettes who complemented their tiaras with veils. However, Kate's dress still bears more similarities to Grace Kelly's wedding gown.

Ms Orsini, 36, told Italian magazine Novella 2000, 'As soon as the Duchess of Cambridge went out to go the church, I thought her dress was a copy of mine. It means Kate Middleton has good taste'. The wedding of Prince Edouard and his bride was a low-key event compared to William and Kate's. The style of these dresses are popular among European royalty. Royal brides are supposed to have their arms covered and it's tradition to have a long train. Kate's dress was clearly from the house of Alexander McQueen. The detailing and structuring was made for Kate.

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