Monday, 9 May 2011

Duchess Kate is a world top ten beauty

The Duchess of Cambridge will be delighted to hear she has scooped a top ten spot  in a poll of the world's most beautiful women. Kate came ninth in the Wizard Jeans poll.  It was announced a few days ago that she had obtained the 39th spot in FHM's sexiest woman in the world. Sally Allen of Wizard Jeans said, 'Kate's looks had blossomed, Our top ten selection are often the subject of spontaneous and unexpected press exposure yet always manage, somehow, to look fantastic. Sometimes they're caught without their make up or on bad hair days, or in less than flattering poses, but their natural beauty always seems to shine through.'

Kate was subjected to bullying in boarding school. Boys taunted her, voting her looks a mere two out of ten. It is not hard to see how she was rated so highly on the poll with her slim figure and dark locks. Her status as a style icon has been catapulted since her wedding. She looked amazing in a fitted Alexander McQueen satin and ivory gown. Her fashion sense has been the subject of discussion, often negatively as critics feel she dresses too old for her age. Former pussycat doll and rumoured host of the US X factor Nicole Scherzinger topped the poll.  This is excellent news for Kate and undoubtedly the first of many 'most beautiful' polls she will excel in since her status has been elevated due to two billion worldwide viewers becoming familiar with the Duchess.
Nicky Philipps the only artist to have painted Prince William and Prince Harry said 'It would be difficult to do her justice. It's always difficult to capture beautiful people.' Philipps is the obvious choice for the Duchess of Cambridge's first official portrait. If asked she 'wouldn't turn it down in a million years' 

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