Monday, 16 May 2011

Andrew Morton releases 'William and Catherine: Their Story'

There has been a vast amount of books published about William and Kate since their wedding. However, this one is slightly different. It is written by Andrew Morton, the British journalist turned royal biographer who shot to fame in 1992 after writing a biography of Princess Diana revealing the truth about her marriage to Prince Charles. The book was a sensation and caused uproar among the monarchy. He also published an unauthorized biography of Angelina Jolie making wild claims about her personal life.
What can he tell us about Kate? Has he made any shocking discoveries? Truthfully, No. Morton says, 'There's very little grit behind the contact lens of her life. She is straight out of Disney central casting, this girl. Don't expect high jinks and headlines from this couple. Their marriage is going to be like the Queen's and Prince Philip's.' Morton feels he has a unique perspective having known Diana well and watched William grow into manhood. He felt Kate's wedding dress summed up what she will bring to the British monarchy referencing Princess Grace and the late Queen Mother. 'The world is ready for a bit of calm in the Windsor house. The fun and games will be around her siblings Pippa and James and Prince Harry.'
Morton has followed the story of William and Kate since their university days, but was surprised at how it unfolded throughout the years.'The relationship was far more up and down, tears and tantrums. They split briefly in 2007 because he thought he could do better, but he realized what he really wanted was stability and steadiness. That's what she gave him'. The book is slightly more than 200 pages long. The cover photo was chosen 100 minutes after the royal wedding had finished. Publisher Michael O Mara has submitted an application to the Guinness World Records for fastest production of a book. 'We did it in seventy two hours, I think that's as fast as it could be done'. The book is now available at Amazon. Check Barnes and Noble coupon codes for this book, too!

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