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Monday, 9 May 2011

Middletons to complain as racy photos emerge!

Two Sunday newspapers have published photos of the Middletons holidaying with Prince William on a yacht. During their week in Ibiza they stayed at a £5 million villa dubbed 'La maison de bang bang.' Taken in 2006 the seven photographs show Kate and her sister Pippa Middleton in almost matching bikinis. The headlines over the weekend read 'Perfect Pippa-and the Prince of belly flops', 'Oh buoy, It's Pippa.............and she's topless inside'. The News of the World had a six photo spread with one showing Pippa removing her top. A source close to the family said 'The whole family is furious at what they see as a betrayal'. It is not known where the newspapers acquired the photos but it's reported a family friend was involved. William and Kate's circle of friends is incredibly close knit hence they are shocked to find out someone has been leaking photos from five years ago. The Middletons are trying to have the photos removed from the web and seem to have somewhat succeeded. The story has already been removed from the News of the World's site. The popular paper had more photos of Pippa scantily clad on their website.

The Middleton family are seriously contemplating making a formal complaint to the Press Complaints Commission. Why is this different to any other newspaper spread? The publication of these images may well breach the editor's code of practice by invading the privacy of the Middletons. The greatest sanction by the PPC is issuing a critical adjudication against a newspaper or magazine. This is a very strong deterrent. Under the system of self regulation the editor will have to publish their mistakes, something newspapers detest. Interest in Pippa Middleton in particular, has skyrocketed since she wore a white Alexander McQueen dress at the royal wedding. Photos of Pippa dancing in a bra and skirt circulated soon after causing a surge of intense media interest.  
Vivid Entertainment president, Steve Hirsch, offered her $5 million to appear in an explicit sex scene in one of his porn movies. Kate's brother James has also been offered $1 million for a cameo in a similar movie. A source added 'Pippa and James are highly embarrassed.'

The photos in question capture the Middletons behaving like ordinary twenty-somethings, Kate and Pippa swimming and playfully engaging with William on her uncle Gary Goldsmith's boat. The family probably feel they need to deal with this matter in order to stop more photos emerging.

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