Saturday, 22 October 2016

Vote for Kate's Best Tour Daywear & Footwear; William and Kate Host Event for Inspirational Young People!

Good afternoon, we begin today's post with our remaining tour polls. Today we're looking at Kate's casual/daywear choices throughout the trip and her varied shoe selection over the course of the tour.

Best Casual/Daywear Ensemble

The tour's itinerary called for several casual ensembles covering a range of activities from outdoor walks to boat trips. We saw the first of these on day three of the tour when William and Kate visited Bella Bella. Kate's outfit comprised of several pieces including the Holland & Holland Ladies Lightweight Multipocket Safari Jacket, the Jigsaw Katharine Sweater, and the Topshop Gingham Print Shirt and jeans.

The Duchess changed from her Caroline Herrera coat into casual attire for engagements in Carcross, where Kate championed Canadian brand Sentaler, wearing their Wrap Coat with Ribbed Sleeves, now known as The Kate Coat. Kate teamed the coat with jeans and wore a black top underneath.

On the penultimate day of the tour, the Cambridges canoed to Haida Gwaii. The Duchess sported a new army green blazer by favoured Canadian brand Smythe, teamed with the delicate Somerset by Alice Temperley Spot Pretty Blouse in ivory. The £79 blouse is crafted in a lightweight and semi-sheer material. Kate completed the look with Zara Mid-Rise Trousers.

For a fishing trip later that day, Kate changed into the Really Wild Cashmere Mix Cable Crew Sweater in ruby and a new parka by Troy London. The £350 Wax Parka is described: "A fresh take on our bestseller, this new lightweight coat is made from 100% cotton milled in England with a dry wax finish. A black sports-luxe lining provides 100% waterproof protection and brings an urban appeal to this casual but elegant coat with a cinched waist and drawstring hood." The Duchess wore her khaki Zara trousers from earlier in the day.

Kate surprised us on the final day of the tour in a chic white Zara Jacket, her off-the-shoulder H&M top and black Zara jeans for the morning's engagements. The look was a departure from Kate's usual choice of dress/coat for engagements of the same nature and proved very popular. I expect it shall fare quite well in the poll!

For sailing that afternoon, Kate changed into her Troy London Parka, Jigsaw Katharine Sweater and jeans for a more outdoorsy look.

Vote for Kate's Best Canada Tour 2016 Casual/Daywear Ensemble free polls

Best Tour Footwear

Moving on to our 'Best Tour Footwear' poll. We saw a number of previously seen pairs along with a couple of unexpected surprises in the shoe department. First up, we have the Gianvito Rossi Suede 105 Pumps in Praline. The Italian brand has become a staple in Kate's collection.

Gianvito Rossi

For the second day of the tour, Kate debuted the red suede Russell & Bromley Pinpoint Pointed Toe Court Shoes.

Russell & Bromley

In Bella Bella, Kate teamed her look with her trusty Penelope Chilvers Long Tassel Boots.

Penelope Chilvers

For a government house reception, Kate wore her gorgeous red suede Gianvito Rossi pumps.


We saw Kate's trusty £195 L.K. Bennett Fern pumps (they appear to have become something of a replacement for the Sledge pumps in recent months).

L.K. Bennett

In Whitehorse, Kate wore a new pair of Tod's Fringed Leather Pumps. The £267 pumps were a lovely choice and a style we don't often see Kate wearing. They are described: "Tod's' versatile burgundy pumps have a sturdy block heel and cushioned footbed for round-the-clock comfort. This Italian-made pair is finished with an elegant gold buckle and the brand's signature pebbled sole."

Kate wore a new pair of R. Soles boots during the tour - the brand's £295 Virgi Chocolate Suede Boots.

R. Soles

For George and Charlotte's playdate, Kate wore her Monsoon Fleur Wedges.


On the final day of the tour, the Duchess wore J. Crew's Avery Heels in Tweed. The Italian made, pointed-toe style features textured tweed fabric, tassel details and a stacked heel for maximum wearability and comfort. Again, something quite different for Kate - and a pair I hope we see again!

J. Crew

We also saw Kate sport a new pair of sneakers on the final day of the tour: the Superga 'Cotu' Sneakers. The sneakers are described: "The textured contrast sole sets off the low-profile design, and the label and logo-embossed eyelets lend branded appeal."


Finally, we have Kate's L.K. Bennett Floret pumps in trench leather.

L.K. Bennett

Vote for Kate's Best Canada Tour 2016 Footwear free polls

I'm very much looking forward to seeing the winning selection. Which looks/shoes did you vote for?


Also today, before Tuesday's reception for Team GB at Buckingham Palace, William and Kate met with inspirational young people at Kensington Palace ahead of BBC Radio 1's Teen Awards.

Since 2008 Radio 1 has held an annual event for teenagers aged 14 to 17 years. The awards celebrate the selfless, brave and exceptional achievements of young people. Celebrities and stars in the music, sporting and online industries are also honoured. The pre-awards event provided an excellent opportunity for the Duke and Duchess to meet the young people involved, and to congratulate them on their success.

More from The Daily Express:

'The royals welcomed teenagers and Radio 1 DJs Nick Grimshaw, Clara Amfo and Greg James into their home to praise them for their inspirational work after being crowned Teen Heroes of 2016.
Among those who met William and Kate at the special reception was 15-year-old Lewis who, despite his own health problems, has created a social platform for poorly and disabled children. Lewis has been named one of Radio 1's Teen Heroes for raising over £20,000 for charities as well as launching his Friend Finder website.
Niamh, 15, who has a rare auto-immune illness called neuromyelitis optica (NMO), is a children's ambassador for the NMO UK charity and helps to raise awareness of her condition with a blog while running a support group for young people.'

Kate told the teenagers: "I don't know how all of you find the time to do the volunteering. It's such a great thing... Keep it up." William added: "Massive congratulations, it's seriously impressive." Before telling the group they are "leading the way".

William and Kate posed for a photo with the group. It's interesting to see a closer look at Kate's McQueen dress as photos were rather limited from the Team GB reception.

The winners will be honoured at the seventh annual awards ceremony on Sunday at London's SSE Arena, Wembley. The star-studded event will be hosted by BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show host Nick Grimshaw. Music acts Little Mix, Jess Glynne, DNCE and the Vamps will be performing along with other special guests. There's a video available on YouTube with nice quotes.

At present, there's nothing announced for Kate's calendar, however, I expect that to change shortly. Hope you're all enjoying a wonderful weekend! :)


  1. Didn't the girls look stylish for their awards?, and the guys seem to have made an effort, too.
    I like the poppy print dress; in spite of the criticism, it seems very Kate and appropriate for the two engagements. Love that she wore red heels!

    1. Some people didn't catch the meaning of the poppies on the dress, ready to criticize anything. I agree with you Martha, the dress was lovely!

  2. I picked the Sentaler Wrap Coat ensemble. I just love that look. The shoes were a more difficult choice, but in the end I went with the Granvito Rossi Red Suede Pumps.

    1. You beat me to it, Tedi. :) I second that!

  3. I loved the video. William and Kate are always wonderful with young people. Those talented and selfless teens must have been thrilled to meet the couple. I always love seeing them interact. They appeared relaxed and happy to be there.

  4. I wonder if they will visit Scotland and Wales as they have done so around this time for the last 2 years.

    It's impressive that they have stepped up their engagements this year, everyone loves them!


    1. I was wondering the same thing. I hope they do go to both.

    2. Rebecca - Sweden23 October 2016 at 05:49

      William will be in scotland on monday :)

    3. Oh I had no idea he would be in Scotland Rebecca, it's a shame that Kate won't be going as well :(

      I did hear that he will be in Vietnam next month for a convention on the International Wildlife Trade. I hope we hear about some engagements for Kate soon.


  5. I voted for the R Soles boots despite my absolute incredulity that anyone would give their business that name....
    Sarah UK

    1. It took me a second, but now I'm laughing.

    2. OMG, it took me longer than a minute! I had to say it aloud. :-D And about those boots, they are oddly named also.

    3. It's better than "Filly Soles." :)

      (as far as I know, I made that name up-no insult intended, if it's a real name)

  6. Thanks for including the AWESOME Teen Video,
    Charlotte. Very special.

  7. Sarah Maryland USA22 October 2016 at 20:46

    as I said in an earlier post I love that grey coat!
    I'm a little sad that we don't have any scheduled engagements for Kate! Come on girl! You were doing so well this year!
    Hopefully something will be announced soon!
    What are the chances the Cambridges take part in the upcoming state banquet? I want some tiara time!

    1. It would be great if they do another one this year too.

    2. Prince Charles is involved in this state visit, so Prince William may not be.

  8. Well this confirms that the McQueen dress is a total miss. Its length is awful. It really does look like a bathrobe in these photos.

    Still, I really appreciate that Kate is trying things out. She does wear what she likes- florals, very feminine dresses, pretty colours, symbolic choices. This is all good.

    It's wonderful to see W. and K. supporting such great young people.

    Isn't the young black woman stunning-her clothes are so chic and her hairdo is just magnificent

    1. Yes, that's what I thought, too! Her outfit and hairdo look amazing and she pulls them off so confidently. I surely didn't have such poise when I was her age ;)

    2. Caroline,

      Kate does have such poise and grace. She is very generous with her smiles and seems to have an inner joy that is very powerful. Grace in action.

    3. "Grace in action." ... sums it up, doesn't it!?

    4. Yes, pretty much.

  9. Charlotte, Thank you so much for posting the information about the amazing work done by these young people. It's so lovely to see them acknowledged by the Duchess and Duke! The young royals are such an asset, not just to Great Britain, but to the Commonwealth too. I have learned so much about the work done by the charities they honour and promote, thanks in great part to the information you give us. Let's hope there are others who are inspired to emulate these young folk - they have proved it can be done!

  10. Annette New Zealand22 October 2016 at 21:59

    I am totally non-fashionable, but the casual outfit and shoes I chose were the most chosen ones! (The Sentaler wrap coat and the tweed shoes.) On further reflection these are both totally unlike anything else Kate wears, so does that say something about us rather than her?

  11. Zora from Prague22 October 2016 at 22:02

    Thank you for the post, Charlotte. You always have something for us, even when there are no new engagements and the autumn days are getting a bit too grey from time to time!
    I voted for the beautiful Sentaler Wrap Coat - it seems so soft and comfortable! And for the J. Crew Avery Heels in Tweed which are really chic.
    I'm sure the young people must have been thrilled to meet W&K! I really enjoyed the video. As William said, they are an inspiration.

  12. Are will and Kate visiting Wales next month? They usually do an away day to Wales around November.

  13. Barbara's dress is cute even though it is a cocktail dress.

    1. Who is Barbara? I must have missed her.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. One of the chaperones with the teens. She had on a black cocktail dress with ruffles.

    4. Thanks, 22:38. And Barbara U.S. I do remember you! :-)

  14. Thanks so much for the video of those wonderful young people doing extremely incredible things. I still love the dress and she dressed for two occasions and the dress was appropriate for both.

  15. The video was really good, I'm glad you included it. The pics of the front of the dress were interesting to see and I like the top part a lot. I'm still not crazy about the length or the print but it's a pretty dress and Kate looks good in it. Those teens are really worthy of the awards and recognition. They are inspiring.

    The poll results are going to be really interesting to see. Looking forward to more announcements soon. She has been keeping up a good pace. I really hope it continues through to the holidays.

  16. If Kate hadn't have worn those hideous cowgirl boots with the Sentaler jacket, I would've voted for that look.
    I voted for the very last casual look with the white shoes.

    1. Robin in Ontario24 October 2016 at 03:30

      Wow... you and I think alike! I thought the same and did the same:)

  17. It's hard to choose one pair from the shoes alone. Add boots and casual shoes it's next to impossible, especially since there isn't one unlovable pair in the whole mix. That said, in the end I picked the tassel boots. They are truly magnificent.

  18. I did put in my vote and it's in line with the general consensus :-)
    The video is a lovely surprise, it was interesting to see them interact with the teen heroes,although the dress is still not my favorite. ThankYou Charlotte!XOXO

  19. In the yellow light of the Buckingham Palace pictures, i did not notice that Kate was wearing red lipstick. The cooler light at Kensington Palace made it obvious. Very nice. Her makeup went with the colors she wore. When I went back to look at the first set of photos, I could see that was why her smile looked so special. I would not like dark lipstick on Kate in the daytime, but she looks great in a more dramatic evening look.

    1. Rebecca - Sweden25 October 2016 at 05:29

      I think she may have touched up her makeup a bit, or that this event was before the Buckingham event because I think she actually has more colour, and not just a trick of the light.

  20. Thank you Charlotte for the poll. It was to be honest my least favourite of all. From her daytime ensemble it was really hard to pick one as I had one or two item I liked but there was always something that killed the look for me. Anyway, I picked the Sentaler look because of the coat. From the shoes the J.Crew won.

    Taking a look at her McQueen dress again, I understand why people referred to it as a bathrobe, I think they were right. It was just a miss for me.

  21. I'm so glad she decided to wear her hair down for this event. Her up-dos are lovely, but this reminds me of their first year married and has a very youthful feel to it. =)

  22. well I love everything about the poll love they support the teens

  23. after seeing the full front of kates dress it looks like she has on her bath robe it really is a bad choice what makes it worse is the print on the seams don't match i just think this is a total miss great shoes though.

  24. The blond-haired man by the door, the older man in the suit, is their butler. He was with the teens, as a good butler should have been, until William and Kate arrived to greet their guests. He was there when William and Kated hosted the POTUS and FLOTUS for dinner.

    I really thought Kate's dress was so beautiful on her. What a giving young woman she is. So sweet.

  25. I found it encouraging that the teens are still impressed by royalty. That is a good thing they respect authority and protocol. Encouraging.

  26. Overall I felt the casual outfits were all good and appropriate for the particular event but not one really stood out from the others. The sentelar jacket was striking and good but the rest of the outfit nondescript I thought the best overall outfit was the one with the smythe blazer so I voted for that but I see the sentelar jacket was the most popular. The shoes it was hard to choose from the tod pair & J Crew both unusual and attractive I hope we see her wearing them again I chose the J Crew.
    I was delighted to see W & K holding a reception for BBC1 Teens award winners what a wonderful surprise for those great hard working youngsters and so well deserved something they will remember for a long time.
    It is being widely reported in the press that once again Prince Andrew is trying to get Beatrice & Eugenie taken on as official working Royals which would mean them being funded by the tax payer with free living accommodation which he wants them to have similar accommodation to W & K & H at Kensington Palace. Prince Charles has reportedly said no. Personally I think Charles is right. Andrew raised this issue a couple of years ago but was refused and all has been quiet since Beatrice has been in America but now she would appear to have moved back to England the issue has been raised again. Beatrice has made it plain on many occasions that she wants to be recognised like William & Harry.
    I am disappointed that to date no further engagements have been announced for Kate she is not doing enough she needs to up her appearances and show more enthusiasm for charitable work as well as widening her interests it was an interesting article by the vogue magazine editor who compared Kate to Diana praising and complimentary to both but showing how different they were. Kate has done more engagements this year due to two overseas tours but so far this year her engagements in the U.K are about the same as her total last year of 62 she needs to spend less time on her reported fitness training and more on her public work.

    1. Regarding the York sisters and royal duties. I read some of that too. I said a couple of posts ago that after a string of engagements on-going since Spring and
      having just come off a second tour, followed by yet more engagements (with William's now daily) - all with attendant massive press coverage and public attention- I speculated that Kate would still be criticised for not working
      enough if she took some time to devote to the children and who knows what other
      prep or private charity business.
      It was interesting to me to read re-newed "work-shy Kate" and reluctant William
      comments in response to the Express article. (It is re-re--cycled news and I'm not sure what is meant by " widely reported.")
      My question: how is it that Charles and HM are blamed for the York sister's lack
      of royal duties, but it is always W&C's choice how many duties they perform?

    2. Julia from Leominster25 October 2016 at 17:44

      There is a big difference between Beatrice and Eugenie and William and Kate. The former have never been intended to be working royals but were to lead private lives, and in consequence not receive royal benefits. (i.e. official funding although what their father or grandmother may give them is almost impossible to regulate although it is much discussed.)
      William and Kate are meant to be working royals - (in theory there is no such thing as a part-time working royal - you either are one or not. He is a future king. William, Kate and Harry remain the only working royals under the age of fifty.)
      How was this decision about Beatrice and Eugenie made since in the past royal cousins have often, although not always, taken on active royals (think the Gloucesters and Kents.) This proved particularly helpful in the past since the immediate royal line, the queen and Margaret was a small one.
      There has been a suggestion that Charles in particular made the decision to keep the next generation of the royal family a small one because he felt that it would be more acceptable to a public who is increasingly aware, thanks to today's media and Internet of the cost of the royal family. It's actually not known precisely how that decision was made - only that Beatrice and Eugenie have never taken on royal patronages and duties.
      Was this decision, whoever made it a wise one? This is hard to say but I think it can be questioned. It was based on the assumption that William and Kate and Harry were going to be full time active royals assuming far more duties than they have done up until now. The three do seem reluctant to take on what the public expects of them and those expectations are going to continue to increase.
      At the same time, Beatrice and Eugenie have seemed unable to settle into their role as private citizens - unlike other cousins (Anne's children, and the late Princess Margaret's children.) One reason for this may be that Zara has her horses and David Snowdon his artistic endeavours - while Sarah has remained out of sight for the most part. (Peter Philip has faced controversy over his firm's role in the queen's birthday.) But Beatrice and Eugenie haven't found a niche.
      None of the above have the title of prince and princess except Beatrice and Eugenie. How much difference does this make? Very little to the public I would say but quite a lot to the royal family where being a princess of the blood counts. The present rumour is that Andrew feels this means they should have a royal role - and privileges. It is said Charles disagrees.
      So it is absolutely true that Beatrice and Eugenie have no choice in whether or not they are active royals - that decision will be made by others while William, Kate and Harry all do have a choice - they can continue as active royals as expected and with the expectations of work that comes with that - or, if they wished, they could abdicate their roles and privileges and live privately but there is no half-way. But they are captains of their own fate - which Beatrice and Eugenie are not, at least as to royal duties.

    3. Julia from Leominster25 October 2016 at 17:56

      So what does Julia think. In hindsight, give that William, Kate and Harry don't seem eager to throw themselves whole-heartedly into royal duties - and Beatrice and Eugenie don't seem to have done well living privately - it might have been beneficial for all had they been made full-time royals - down the road - there will be far more patronages available than the Wales trio seem likely to assume - and as those roles become filled by celebrities rather than royals - the value of the royal family is likely to be increasingly questioned.
      But I believe that ship has sailed. Andrew is hugely unpopular, as is Sarah, and Beatrice and Eugenie have gained the reputation at this point as spongers, endlessly off on holidays - (especially Beatrice.) I don't think they can be redeemed in the public eye at this point. They can do charity work - nothing is stopping them - but it won't be as official royals. So while it may not have been the right decision Charles made - it is probably one everyone is stuck with.
      One reason I'm a self-appointed royal nag comes from a lifetime of watching the royal family. Loss of favour doesn't tend to come gradually - it tends to be like a landslide on a muddy slope - once you're falling. it becomes a huge task to pull yourself back up before you crash. There are royals who have done so but there are once popular royals who have crashed and the more popular the royal, the harder the fall.
      William, Kate and Harry are free to do as much or little as they want. They are also free to have their names forever linked with the end of the monarchy in Britain. Anyone who thinks huge country-changing events can't happen if the public is made restless, hasn't been watching the news this year. Overall, I believe the public wants a monarchy but also wants its money-worth.
      So for the sake of George and Charlotte, and future children to come, it might be working making certain the public (all the public, not just us here) are convinced they are enthusiastic royals. There were hints of this, during this year but I don't like the blank slate I'm seeing on engagements for Kate right now.

    4. I think maybe The York Sisters can be part time Royals. They are not going to become full time when Will, Kate and Harry are not. When some of the Queen's cousins step down from their duties and York girls can step it up a bit.
      I think Prince Andrew wanted history to repeat itself, with Charle abducting from King then he and his girls would be the next in line. Like when the Queen was a child, another set of Yorks.

    5. Sarah Maryland USA25 October 2016 at 20:35

      Well said Julia! Yet again I agree 100 percent with what you have said. Even if the engagements aren't for a couple of weeks KP should at least announce something because seeing on charlottes page the words "no engagements scheduled" just makes me mad!

    6. Zora from Prague25 October 2016 at 21:24

      I've just read Princess Eugenie and her boyfriend had split up... I remember hearing speculations about an upcoming wedding so I'm really surprised. It must be sad for her family.

    7. Sorry, but I do not agree. At all.

      After all the busy ness and now a (so far, brief) "blank" spot on the calendar, and you would think William and Kate are derelict bums, wavering on ruining the empire, to hear it from some here. honestly, William and Kate will NEVER win with some people here, regardless. Sadly, their critics all but evaporate in their minds any strides and events just done, as if they had no impact and never existed. It is quite a disgusting phenomenon, IMO. And very disrespectful to the efforts of William and Kate and their team.

    8. Very well said Julia! And I agree with you. With Andrew angling for a greater role for Beatrice and Eugenie, the only reason I could think of for Charles denying him and not looking churlish is if Kate upped her appearances. Both William and Harry seem to be doing one appearance a week now. I do believe that Kate needs to be "out there" at least every two weeks. Or else Charles should allow a greater visibility for Beatrice and Eugenie and "spread the charm". Although I personally don't care for the York girls but maybe they would step up if it was laid out before them. I have heard that Beatrice is a very charming person one-on-one and in crowds. I watched the recent "The Queen's Worst Year" on TV last week. She survived it because of the example she had been for the years before that, and when she admitted that the year had taken a lot out of her, and because, even then, England was still very monarchy-oriented. Is it still today? I honestly don't know. Not according to my friends who live there but that is a very small sample (then again, they voted for Brexit so maybe they reflect a majority). Then again, they do like William and Kate and Harry (they don't like Charles) and I think if those three were to tone the monarchical excesses down, Kate appear more often and spread that charm she has around, England would accept them as "modern" Royals.
      Anyway, Julia, just wanted to say, I agree with you and you said it very well!!

    9. My third try. This is not a reply to any particular comment. In fact, I have not
      read any of Julia's yet, but will just as soon as I can find time.

      Charles cannot abdicate until he becomes king. Then his heir William would
      follow him, not his brother Andrew. Edward VIII's brother George VI followed him because Edward had no children to serve as heirs. Charles does. I doubt he would give up what he has spent a lifetime waiting and preparing for.

      William said in an interview that they did not speak in terms of "fulltime/part-time" royals. The media have popularized those terms,without actually fully defining them, however. The term senior royal is used wthin the BRF and it varies in who is meant according to context and occasion. Sometimes the cousins are involved, sometimes just the Queen, Phillip and their adult children and grandchildren who are
      immediate heirs.
      If Charles dictates what activities the York sisters can do, he also must
      control what royal duties the Cambridges do.One can't just pick one or the
      other pair to support one's theories.

    10. 22:04, that is the million dollar question!! :)

      Julia, if the monarchy can survive Charles marrying the third person in his marriage, surely W&K are not a threat. They represent the sunny future that the best PR team cannot produce.

      Regarding Charles and the Yorks, I suspect that the downsizing has more than a little bit to do with the scandals that have surrounded A&S for the last 25+ years. Charles has spent a lot of money on rewriting certain chapters of history and he does not want anyone to interfere with his efforts.

    11. Sarah, it states "There are no engagements announced at present." Nothing to get mad about. It simply means KP hasn't announced anything yet, but this can change overnight. It does NOT mean that nothing is in the works and Kate intends to eat bonbons for the next six months.

    12. Amen, to your second comment also, RF

    13. slower and steady wins the race. William and Kate are building foundational strategies and diligently. I think it is wise, and brilliant, actually, in it's scope. as someone already mentioned, there are some who will never be satisfied with William and Kate no matter what. their dissatisfactions seem almost programmed, almost robotic in a way, if that makes any sense. That is the best way I know how to describe that at the moment.

    14. Julia from Leominster26 October 2016 at 16:34

      I do agree that Camilla is one of the worst things that has happened to the monarchy - I've never suggested otherwise. The problem is these things are related. To make up for the lack popularity and even more, the lack of interest in Charles and especially Camilla, William, Kate and Harry are going to have to remain hugely popular. No, Charles won't give up the monarchy and most people accept that - but they are looking to the future.
      Few people outside of this blog keep track of what engagements Kate has or doesn't have, they just know when she appears or doesn't appear - but along with that is a perception she is eating bonbons when she isn't out working. At some point, hard-working royals get a pass that they are working even when they aren't photographed - the queen, Philip and Anne and to some extent Charles fit in that category (although if you follow Her Majesty's Jewel Vault you can tell the queen is working - outside her holiday time - on almost a daily basis. There is a converse to this - Andrew could do hundreds of engagements and get no credit - he's finished in public opinion. But one might say William, Kate and Harry are on a probationary period - people cherish hopes for them but they don't yet carry a strong and defined reputation for work.
      Charles can certainly stop trying the York sisters from having a role. How much influence he has over William, Kate and Harry is less clear - there have certainly been hints he would like William more involved with some activities like the Prince's Trust and William has chosen not to be. To put it more clearly, you can chose not to hire people (Beatrice and Eugenie) but your power over how much work those already hired to (William, Kate and Harry) is less - especially in a family that is heavily decentralised. Once you are an active royal - to a great extent - you make your own role.

      So I would love to see more activities like this lovely meeting with these wonderful young people.

      As for clothes - a nice poll - I voted for the Tod's but loved the Crew's too.

    15. Anon 21.37

      Just curious, how long should all we have an impact and be satisfied after each engagement? I read it here the other day, one engagement worth more if the Cambridges do it. Do you have a specific time or we are all allowed to express our concerns?

    16. I think that William, Kate and Harry are doing superbly. As for Beatrice and Eugenie, it might be very difficult for them to shed the pampered princess and party girl images they have so diligently created, regardless of any future "Royal" intineraries. Although, once they make a marriage commitment to the right persons (how long did they play around with their recent boyfriends?) and have children that might all inherently change. Hopefully.

    17. Just because the monarchy managed to weather previous storms does not mean it will be able to weather similar ones in the future.
      The world today is different, vastly different from what it was 20 years ago. If that is not obvious to people I don't know what to say. The sentiment towards monarchy is different. People are more questioning and less deferential about the idea of a King or Queen. They are generally less in awe of inherited wealth or status. I am sure that is also obvious to people who interact with young people regularly.
      I don't think that the monarchy is in any immediate danger. But unless William and George are able to carve out very specific roles for themselves I can see a lot of unrest. All monarchies have become streamlined and smaller, with monarchs having very limited narrow roles to play. The British monarchy will inevitably go the same way if it does exist 50 years from now. The question is whether it will continue to exist.

    18. Beatrice and Eugenie are" princesses of the blood," as many like to emphasise.
      They've been hired. That's a fact.
      I'm not sure where the information that Andrew chose to remove his daughters
      from royal status came from. They show up on the balcony and other BRF events
      often enough. Anne's family do not.
      Speaking of Anne-it was my impression that (1) children of a monarch's daughters
      have no royal title, chosen or not and(2) Anne further removed herself by
      divorcing and remarrying while her former husband, her children's father, still
      lived. At the time, I think before Charles did exactly the same thing, it was
      considered not the done thing.
      There was no choosing for Anne to remove her children.
      And Andrew did not make a choice to remove his daughters as full time royals.
      Far from it.
      If Charles controls the York sisters' roles, he controls his sons', too.
      If W&C are free to work however and whenever, so are B&E. In fact, as princesses of the blood, they have an even greater obligation to perform royal duties than Kate does.

    19. If Kate spent her time munching bon bons, she could hardly look the way she does! Seeing her with her children certainly demonstrate how busy she is. Thank God she has not been separated from them for months on end, as the Queen and Queen Mother were from their little ones. Kate and William seem to have struck a reasonable balance, and their children as well as the monarchy will profit from it. If you don't believe that, read about the way Queen Mary's children were raised, and the results of their childhood pain!

    20. I tend to agree with the reference to "robotic". W&K continue to increase their workload yet some of the commentary does not change. And I think 22:04's question was brilliant... How can we acknowledge that Charles has a say over Andrew & Co while suggesting that W/K/H are free agents?

      It's important to point out that Charles has nothing to fear if the public knows he is behind the effort to keep the York's off center stage. After all, A&S are unpopular and noted for one scandal after another while the York sisters are seen as being more like socialites than royalty.

      On the other hand, it would NOT be wise for Charles to be seen as being behind efforts to keep his popular sons and daughter-in-law on a short leash.

      I'd also like to point out that no one gets "mad" if Anne isn't in the news for a week or two and it isn't just because her schedule is a busy one. The reality is that she is not sought after like W&K. I don't mean to sound unkind, but is she missed by the media? I sometimes wonder if the criticism of W7K is truly workload related or if people are judging them against some unrealistic reality star expectations.

    21. False logic, 0127. Because Charles does not want the Yorks on the front line does not mean he thinks William and Kate should sit on their laurels. I would argue quite the reverse.

    22. It is hard to imagine that Charles controls his niece's royal duty load, but not that of his own sons. That does not compute.

      Please, bluhare-argue the reverse. How do we know Charles is behind B&E's royal
      duty load, but has no control over WCH's?

    23. 01:01,

      Not to worry. William and Kate are NOT "sitting on their laurels". They are doing such a good job. I am sure Charles is very proud of them.

    24. Amen, RF and 22:11, Amen. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

      William and Kate are diligent, caring and hard-working people. How anyone can ignore that and continue to complain doesn't make sense, and conveniently overlooks their many accomplishments.

    25. 22:11,

      I agree. I think they have found a beautiful balance. They have a game plan and it is a good one.

    26. Wasn't it Beatrice who split with her longtime boyfriend, rather than Eugenie?

    27. Anett, as far as it goes regarding the critics, that would be about a nano second. They do seem to forget accomplishments quickly (if they acknowledge them at all) and pounce with criticisms even quicker.

    28. lol, 15:31.

      and they certainly have egg on their faces today for being so quick to criticize.

    29. Anon 15.31

      To be honest, I can't condemn anybody for their opinion. The Cambridges's pattern is basically very simple. Except for tours (work vs fluff) Kate in particular works like what a week or less. She has 3-4 engagements in average a month.
      Some can call it diligent, some can call it lazy.

    30. They had at least 20 on the last tour alone, as well as continued engagements
      once home. According to your math, they're good for at least 6-7 months, on an
      average. :)
      Also, when one travels for work and is away for 24 hours a day, most employers consider that being on the job and allow compensatory leave. If you are judging
      royal engagements by average employment standards.

    31. Anett,

      That does not constitute all their work. William is a rescue helicopter pilot in addition to his other activities. Both William and Kate do work behind the scenes. My guess is that that work behind the scenes is substantial. So to say a week or less is not accurate. And to call the tours "fluff" is really an obvious bias, and IMO an insulting one to William and Kate and their team and the host countries and their teams and to the goodwill, diplomacy, etc. gained by their efforts.

    32. I agree, 14:53,

      That would be calling all the Queen's tours, that helped build the Commonwealth, etc., "fluff". And I doubt that most ambassadors/diplomats around the world would describe the own work as "fluff".

    33. wow. good points 18:49. William and Kate do act as ambassadors and diplomats on their tours. It is very important work. Good point about the Queen's tours also. No way are the tours "fluff".
      Where do people even come up with that? Gotta be jealousy.

  27. I voted for the first look, although I'm not in love with the jacket (too many pockets), I did like the overall look - the sweater with the shirt, and the boots, I love tall, brown leather boots. And I liked her hair that day a lot, too.

    I didn't love the Sentaler coat/sweater, I just didn't like the ribbing on the sleeves, which is the only thing that makes it different from other wrap coat sweaters. It reminds me of an armadillo. (However, I do very much like the Sentaler wrap coat that has the ribbing at the ends of the sleeves. Would have loved to have seen Kate in that instead of some of the coats she wore) I especially don't like cowboy boots! So I wasn't a fan of the whole look.

    I voted for the J. Crew shoes. I love J.Crew and those shoes were so out of the box for Kate, I just had to give them my vote.

    1. Pam, I agree about the ribbing on the Sentaler sweater. It reminds me of the Michelin man . Too bad because, otherwise, it is a nice piece.

  28. I liked the dress, but then I voted for the tassel boots too��. Oh well it's fun to indulge my royal watching and see such lovely people with hard jobs even if it seems to scream glamour. Thank you Charlotte, you do such a nice job with your blog. Thanks so much for making it informative and fun.


  29. Pure white sneakers seem to have been out of fashion the last few years. Are they coming back "in"?

  30. The J Crew shoes gave skinny pants a new definition, means the skinny "genes" look acceptably blending as trendy and seem to pass as pants with a contemporary edge. Voted for those shoes and the rest of the look with it. In some of these casual looks, she looks like that Polo image, Safari and o/r casually comfortable. Durable, sturdy and practical leather boots like the Penelope Chilvers are nice, but not in that messed up state as a guest among hosts no matter what the natural environment. It is her choice, but this is my opinion w/o being judgmental. It might have spoken the ware and tear of the shoes on its behalf, but don't know what it meant for the person who wears them/comfort and attachment? I remember one female doctor and another one a male doctor, who were so attached, yes both brown scuffled shoes. Yes, they wore those more often to work than their other shoes. Live and let live.

  31. Everyone should be happy today. The Duchess has an engagement November 3 for Action on
    Addiction and the Princess (Bea) has been on an observation tour in Asia for nine days and is appearing at a fund-raising dinner in New York City. The charity sounds more like Sophie's field of interest (eyes) and it may be that Bea stepped in at the last minute.
    These things were going on or in the works while we were having our heated discussions.I'm sure the tour was planned long before the recent re-cycled stories.
    Would more of a wait and see attitude be appropriate over speculation and condemnation?
    I doubt being proven wrong will shake anyone from dearly-held convictions.

    It is interesting that Beatrice was apparently already on her tour before the Express
    article came out.

  32. HalleluYah 20:08, I totally agree with you about waiting before starting to complain. That's wisdom.

    In answer to how long one should wait. There's your answer.

  33. Every time we show up at the office it usually is not a world media event. Every time Kate shows up for work it is a world media event. So kudos to Kate for not only being altruistic and diligent in that, but for flourishing in the midst of such an intense media presence every time she leaves her doorstep. Certainly not your "ordinary" job.

  34. Can anyone tell me why there's nothing on Kate's calendar? I mean a film premiere is not really a lot of work, is it?
    It is nice that you keep us busy with selecting best tour wear, earrings etc. But I would like to see more of Kate.

    1. 18:34,

      might help your concerns if you read 20:08
      and 14:53. Might give you some peace.


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