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Prince George's Godparents Allegedly Revealed

The Sunday papers always promise a royal story or two, often an exclusive - sometimes fluff - and other times entirely factual. I was preparing a blog post earlier when I stumbled onto Twitter to find out The Sunday Times had revealed Prince George's godparents. We hadn't expected such news to break until the Palace made an official announcement.

Roya Nikkhah who broke the story shared this via Twitter:

Roya Nikkhah Twitter Feed

The Sunday Times announcement shares the names of three chosen godparents and judging by the names William and Kate have chosen friends who have been loyal to them over the years and are roughly their own age. Firstly, Hugh van Cutsem is the most obvious selection - a very close friend of William's. The Prince is Hugh's daughter's godfather (Grace van Cutsem who stole the show at the wedding). I mentioned in our prediction post Hugh was a likely choice. His father, who passed away recently, was a very close friend of the Prince of Wales.

Tatler/Splash News

The second choice is a surprising one which nobody has predicted. Old Etonian Fergus Boyd had the room next door to William's in St Salvator's Hall at St. Andrews, later moving in with him, Kate and Olivia Bleasdale to 13a Hope Street in their second year, and then into a rented farmhouse outside the town for their final two. Kate spent a couple of weeks with Mr. Boyd and friends during her 2007 split from William.

Royal Insight

Mr. Boyd also met his future wife, Sandrine Janet, at St. Andrews. The couple were married in 2009 in an idyllic village in the Loire Valley. It was expected to be a day of celebration and one of reunion for William, Kate and the former St. Andrews students with whom they had spent some of their happiest years. Shortly before the wedding William and Kate decided not to go. Clarence House refused to elaborate but revealed William had no engagements that day. It was reported they decided not to go due to Fergus and Sandrine's new circle of friends.

Since headlines surrounding financier Fergus Boyd's wedding there hasn't been much mention of him in relation to William and Kate. Fergus and his wife attended the royal wedding in 2011 but there was plenty of talk that their friendship wasn't as strong as it once was due to William and Fergus socialising with two completely different crowds. The royals value privacy and loyalty above all else and there were concerns about Fergus's new friends. Because Fergus keeps a low profile it's entirely possible their friendship is still very strong off the radar. Perhaps it's a way of repaying him for his years of loyalty and the couple feel he would be a good influence on little George?

The couple's alleged third choice is Emilia Jardine-Paterson (formerly d'Erlanger), co-owner of interior design company d'Erlanger and Sloan. Emilia is a friend of both William and Kate's, and she attended Marlborough College with the Duchess and accompanied her on a holiday to Ibiza in 2007 during the couple's break up. In Emilia's late teens she was linked to William and joined him on a summer holiday cruise around the Greek Islands. Emilia has moved in the couple's circles for a very long time but she is another unexpected choice. If she has been chosen she's obviously a very trusted friend.

Mail Online

William and Kate at Emilia's wedding in 2010.

Hello Magazine

There hasn't been official confirmation on Prince George's godparents from the Palace and we won't know if the story is accurate until there is, however, I wanted to share the news particularly for those across the pond who don't have access to UK papers. Are there more than three godparents? It is believed there are six in total but again we won't know until the Palace makes an official announcement. I do quite like the three choices, friends who have been in their circle a very long time who they know they can rely on.

The news coincides with a Sunday Express exclusive which reveals The Queen has approved William and Kate's christening guest list:

'William and Kate had several long chats with Her Majesty about plans for the October 23 service while they were staying with her at Balmoral last month. When they told her they wanted "an intimate family affair" with only an inner circle of relatives and friends, she told them: 'I totally understand'.
 Eyebrows were raised last week when it was revealed William's aunts Princess Anne and Sophie, Countess of Wessex will not be at the event. We can confirm that Prince Andrew and Prince Edward will not be present.
 However a well-placed royal source said last night: "William and Kate wanted a small, personal and thoughtful service and concluded too many people would spoil it. There is no suggestion they don't get on with any members of their family, but it was easier to leave out the great aunts and uncles.'

The press did sensationalise the fact Sophie and Anne are not attending in recent days. The fact is, both royals have engagements scheduled and have done for months. It certainly isn't a 'snub' and as stated in the Sunday Express there is no rift within the Royal family. I expect William and Kate want a very small service and a day to celebrate the christening of their first son.

We'll be back tomorrow with our next 'Kate Loves' :)


  1. Kate, Texas, USA13 October 2013 at 06:00

    WOW! I am interested in the short list so far. I expected a Van Cutsem to be in there and it makes sense that Hugh be chosen since William is Grace's godfather. She definitely did steal the show at the wedding and in my personal opinion is a little taste of heaven with her beautiful eyes and sweet little face. :) I am a bit surprised at the other names mentioned....Fergus Boyd and Emilia Jardine-Patterson. I guess there's a tighter bond than what is known to the public and that's obviously a positive aspect being in the Royal circle. To anyone chosen as a grandparent it's such a great honor, but especially when your godchild is the future King of England. I know whomever Will and Kate have chosen, it would have been well thought out and someone willing to take on the honor and responsibility. I will be VERY surprised if Thomas van Straubenzee is not asked. I guess we'll see.

    As far as members of the Royal family that have not been included.... I completely see why William and Kate have chosen not to invite the masses, but their child is the future king. I was surprised when it was announced the christening would not take place in the Music Room at BP. Then, the exclusion of senior members of the family. Again, I do understand their reasoning, but part of me feels they need to stick to tradition because of Prince George's future title. I do hope there will be more least 6 like William. Knowing William and Kate, I can see them keeping the list short, but I hope not. Surprised yet not surprised at all the choices that have been made for the day so far.

    Just a week and a half away! REALLY looking forward to the day! Charlotte, thanks for the great update and the late breaking news! You always have the news to us SO quickly!!! Enjoy your Sunday!!!

  2. I look at your blog several times a day. Great job. I order a subscription for Hello Magazine mailed to the
    US. Last year it was about 168$ I like the actual magazine better than
    The IPad version. I am a 79 years old and love all the info on Kate.

  3. Thank you for posting this!! For those of us in the US we often miss the fun gossip mill stuff! I love your Kate Loves series!

  4. Jean from Lancs.13 October 2013 at 09:20

    Thanks for the unexpected post Charlotte. Interesting list---if true. I don't think anyone would be surprised at the choice of one of the Van Cutsem family,. However more than anything the Duke and Duchess value loyalty and all these three have been loyal in the past, so it would be surprising if any one had spread the news before the Palace announcement.
    If they have, I suspect they would be quickly removed from the list.

  5. Aside from Hugh van Cutsem, their alleged choices are quite surprising, but I like them too. I particularly like the fact that Emilia and Fergus are friends of both Will and Kate, and that all three are young.

  6. I like the choices. Emilia was at Kate birthday trip to Cirque de Soilel with the Middleton clan this January. Fergus could have made millions from his story since he was living with them when they got together but didn't. I am thinking the last 3 slots are family since it didn't get leaked. Pippa, Harry and Zara perhaps?

  7. William and Kate did not attend the wedding because they had concerns about Fergus Boyd's circle of friends? Surely there is more to it than that. Not attending was a real slap in the face unless the two have had some sort of falling out over Fergus or his wife's behavior.

    1. I wonder about that as well.

      And if I remember that Kate book that was just released, Emilia D'Erlanger introduced her to William while she was at Marlborough.

  8. Jean from Lancs.13 October 2013 at 16:44

    Having now read most of the Sunday papers--another couple of stories.
    "Daily Telegraph" reports that the Duke spent a day last week at a police training establishment learning how to protect his family in the event of an attack--including someone throwing petrol bombs at him. Seems sensible--but rather frightening---would hope their personal protection is up to the job!
    The "Express" reports that he has been spending time learning about the Duchy of Cornwall, which he is likely to inherit before becoming King. He is sitting in on Duchy meetings and visiting farms.
    Again seems eminently sensible.

  9. Upon reflection, Emilia doesn't seem that surprising a choice. Van Cutsem is only because I thought he was a Catholic. Was certain someone from that family would be chosen. Not sure how the religion fits or whether he was married in a Catholic service.

    Fergus does seem surprising because of the absence at the wedding. Very odd. And almost certainly none of the godparents would have any influence over George if something happened to William and Kate. Unlikely the Middletons would either. Most likely Harry and any prospective spouse of his.

    William would do well to put public engagements before the Duchy, First things first. In the event of a rise in anti-monarchy feelings, the Duchy might be the first thing to go. Don't think the govenment could make such sweeping changes? Just ask the former members of the House of Lords and former owners of stately homes handed over to National Trust because of taxes. Governments often winnow down privilages and property rather than abolish something outright.

    William's first goal should be to tamp down anti-monarchist sentiment - something he can do best. Just saw in Telegraph another negative piece about Andrew's travel. While Anne and Sophie will be missed at Christening and should have been invited even to an "intimate" affair, Andrew and family won't be missed.

    Interesting to note while much talk of William and Kate being populists, he seems to have made no friends from the servicemen he worked with over the years. Their friends are mostly all toffs.

  10. I wish that photo of Kate and Fergus from the university fashion show wasn't included in the post. Perhaps I am a prude, but it just doesn't seem appropriate to illustrate a story about the future King of England's godparents with a picture of his half-naked mother hanging out with a godparent candidate. I know Kate and William's love story began with Kate in her underwear and a see-through dress at that fashion show, but I prefer to focus on her image and charity nowadays, as opposed to her (perfectly normal but potentially embarrassing) behavior as a 20-something. It's not at all Kate's fault, but it is unfortunate for her that in this age of 24/7 media and paparazzi there are SO many readily available photos of her half-clothed or falling out of clubs drunk.

    Before anyone accuses me of being totally out of touch, I will note that I'm actually a professional woman a few years younger than Kate. I would be mortified if any of the coverage of my professional activity was illustrated with embarrassing pictures of me partying or hanging out with friends in just a bra. I imagine that as the future queen, and someone who appears to be quite modest in her dress and behavior now, Kate would also prefer not to have these photos resurrected.

    1. Hello Anonymous. I certainly agree with you. I feel the picture with Kate and Fergus just doesn't seem right. And I'm sure Kate wouldn't to have these photos brought up now. I would much rather focus on her now image and especially since she has opened a new chapter in her life - motherhood.

    2. Hi Anonymous,

      You make excellent points, and as a young, professional woman also a few years younger than Kate, I see your logic. But, I would argue that the image of Kate and Fergus Boyd (not to mention images of Kate modeling the infamous transparent knit dress from that same fashion show) were included by the author to serve a journalistic point. The images are some of the few non-paparazzi photographs of Kate at a public event at that university period in her life, a critical one when analyzed in the context of the blog's subject: to illustrate the long, trusted friendship between Kate, William and one of baby George's apparent godfathers.

      Yup, it's not ideal that freelance photographers and paparazzi stalked Kate during her London years and that, as a result, we have the wealth of embarrassing images. (To be totally fair, I would stumble out of a club if I were trying to navigate my way to a cab with dozens of bulbs popping in my face and people screaming my name after a night of enjoying myself.) Can I also say, I am proud that intelligent, young women of my generation are reading and commenting on this blog?? I appreciate your comments!

      - Anonymous2

    3. Pauline Oak Hills14 October 2013 at 06:06

      Oh please this picture is just showing her doing a fashion show nothing more. I am older then most of you and I see nothing wrong with it. And for people coming down on Ms. Charlotte is out of line. This is her blog and if people do not like what she post then they do not need to visit thsi great blog.

      You have to remeber that she was only 19 and this was for charity.

    4. The very fact that this silly argument is still current is really quite ridiculous. WHY does anyone care that the Duchess of Cambridge modeled in a charity student fashion show over a decade ago? WHY does anyone think that this somehow harms her image?

      It doesn't. Only people who read sordid, screechy, and dare-I-say-it lower-class tabloids think it does. No one in royal circles or any other circles that matter cares. I realize that sounds rather snobbish, but frankly, Brenda and Tracy and whatever other chav names you can come up with, I don't give a damn.

      The royals don't care about the charity fashion show, NO ONE cares. It's remarkably silly that anyone is still talking about it.

    5. Vittoria, you don't just sound snobbish, you sound downright rude. "Only chavs who read low-class tabloids could care about that, people who matter don't." My goodness! Such "arguments," if they can be called that, are intellectually lazy. Rather than supporting your point of view with any reasonable, intelligent points, you've simply declared that *your* view is the correct one because people in "circles that matter" feel the way you do, and anyone else who feels differently must belong to the unwashed, unintelligent "chavvy" lower class. Maybe I sound rather dismissive of the British social hierarchy and the notion that belonging to certain circles makes one automatically more important, but frankly, I don't give a damn!

  11. I've been waiting on the edge of my seat to see the list of godparents for George! I think Fergus Boyd was a bit surprising. But I'm not surprised at the other two on the list - seeing as Grace Van Cutsem was on Will and Kate's lineup. I'm curious to know who the other three are? Is it possible that the other three will be family members? I can't wait for the day or the photos - hopefully some with George's eyes open. I'm really dying to know what color his eyes are =) I also can't wait to see what the Duchess will wear for this kind of event? Knowing Kate she would have thought long and hard about it and will be well prepared and dressed =)

  12. Stupid question - what exactly will all these god parents do with future king? Guide him in anyway? Also, I can't see that any of those mentioned would raise him, in the unlikely event something would happen.

  13. Charlotte, personally I did not see anything wrong with including the photo of Kate from the St Andrews annual charity fashion show. I am a good deal older than the young professional ladies who commented on it, but I never viewed the photos as scandalous. It was a university fashion show for charity. Kate wasn't the first, nor would she be the last, to participate and, if not for her connection to William, it would be a non-issue.

    Wouldn't this world be a much nicer place if a CHARITY event was as "scandalous" as life got. :)

    I always believed that if it was another young woman, people would be cheering her on and supporting her decision to participate in a charity event, but since it was Kate and some folks were grasping at straws hey were

    1. Thank you Royalfan, you do always present a measured and informed opinion. There are so few photos of Fergus Boyd and using that one demonstrated a point. However, I elected to remove it. Some over the top/demanding/vitriolic comments (not published) which were too much to respond to on a hectic Sunday :)

    2. Thank you, Charlotte. :)

      My last sentence was cut off when I pasted the comment...

      I trying to say that because this was Kate, some people wanted to turn the charity fashion show into something scandalous. But in doing so, they ignored the fact that this was an annual event at St Andrews.

    3. Unbelievable people could get so worked up over a photo. I didn't see anything wrong with it either. Like it or not, Kate was once a normal person (sort of) doing normal things (sort of) and to whitewash it now seems a bit .. . can't quite think of the word! It also illustrated how long he's known her/them.

      I did wonder about his being named godfather when WC didn't go to his wedding because they don't like/trust his new circle. If you judge a person by the company he keeps, that would throw him out, no? Would they really trust their child's spiritual upbringing to someone whose friends they don't like and don't want to be around?

    4. Absolutely not your fault and believe you were right to include it, Charlotte. William and Kate are fully aware that photo exisits. It was not a pap photo. By choosing Fergus as a godparent, if in fact they do, William and Kate can be sure that that photo will be both wide spread and constantly thrust in George's face when he is older. It's part of the legacy of that friendship and far from being no reason for it to be published, it should be.

      Think you did the right thing including it Charlotte and you have done a beautiful job as always.

    5. Thank you very much. It's a delicate balance but I would say, it's a shame some people want to forget Kate had a life before marrying William and her time at St. Andrews was a very important one.

    6. I agree. And she was modeling for a charity wearing a beautiful ensemble that I know she would not be ashamed of. She met her prince because of it. I would cherish those memories no matter what my life looks like now

  14. On subjects like this, I think it's probably best to avoid speculation. The names of the godparents will be announced in due course, so I really don't see the point of not waiting. The tabloids so often get it wrong, and then people who take their information from the tabloids do as well.

    We're not, after all, little children who can't wait for a peek at the birthday or Christmas presents.

  15. I don't think Kate has ever been body shy. She likes transparent tops. She wears them often in one form or another. She wore one to Peter's wedding when she met the Queen. She wore a low v-neck black dress as she left her Chelsea home, she wore a very off the shoulder black top at a university party, a little top to that energizer bunny party with the pink ears and so on. She may have thought that to be standing to so close to Fergus in her undies was no different than being in a bikini, who knows. Although the expression on her face is a little puzzling, almost sultry. And, everyone says William first noticed Kate in that see-through dress at the fashion show. From everything I have read they were already running together in the mornings and doing morning swims in the local pool. Surely he would have noticed her figure then, don't cha think? Alot of questions about their relationship for sure. They knew each other before university, and an established royal correspondent says that Kate actually did have a picture of William (and Harry) on her wall at school because he said he had talked to too many of her classmates there that had confirmed that. I don't know why all the mystery and contradictions. The picture with Fergus is what it is. Apparently, that is the only photo linking Kate even knowing Fergus. And, perhaps any rift that might have precluded them from attending Fergus' wedding might have had something to do with the politics concerning Sandrine's grandfather, landed French gentry. I guess books and more books could be written on all of William and Kate's years together. Theirs is a very complex and very fast crowd. Let's hope George somehow has a simpler life.

    1. Having a picture of William in her room is not exactly scandalous. I don't know why people make a big deal about it. I would think if she did, that would prove even more so that she didn't think she would date him or even befriend him. Wouldn't that be a bit awkward if William saw a picture of himself in her room?

  16. I am really hoping that Prince Frederick and Princess Mary of Denmark will be chosen. They seem to get along with Will and Kate, they have young children, and as fellow royals, they would be great guides for Prince George.

  17. Good morning lady Charlotte. Hello everybody,

    I had a feeling Will and Kate would chose a young circle of friends or royals. Frederick and Mary of Denmark would be an excellent choice, but an outside choice considering people closer to home. .

    Am I right in thinking the Jardine-Pattersons are the wealthy Scottish banking family of Hong Kong.? I could be wrong. Emilia was mentioned a lot as Kate's good friend at Marlborough college, so nice for to be included. I notice kate doesn't have close girlfriends. She's very much into William and his friends. Maybe she's one of the lads a tomboy type or shy. Like me..:).

    Again I am amazed at your blog lady Charlotte. U are on the pulse.and straight in with the news. U must explore the possibility of a media profile or a channel on YouTube or something. Im fascinated by the historical angle of royalty and by far this is one of the best blog sites around.

    Cheers from Notting Hill London.

    1. No, you are thinking of Jardine, Matheson, aka simply Jardines.

  18. Hi Charlotte! Didn't you say in the earlier godparent post that Hugh Van Cutsem would be a terrific choice, but couldn't be chosen because he's Catholic? I wonder if it's one of those "older rules" that's being thrown out the window? Or I guess this all could just be speculation...

    1. Yes there was talk about that but Hugh and William are such close friends, I thought it had to be him or Thomas Van Struabenzee. If the list is true, it is a very surprising one.

  19. I love your blog! Could it be that the other 3 (assuming there are 6) are Harry, Pippa and James?

  20. There is really no need for Pippa or Harry to be included in the six, since their blood relationship to Prince George is stronger than the godparent one. I image Zara would be a popular choice, and (at lears) one of Prince Frederik or Princess Mary would be an astute one!


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