Saturday, 3 August 2013

William Reveals He's "Thinking Nappies" at Polo, Prince George's Birth Certificate + Temperley

Prince William joined Prince Harry for charity polo at the Audi Polo Challenge Match at Coworth Park this afternoon.

It is the Prince's first official appearance since the birth of his son. The match raised funds for William's patronage Skillforce, and the the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity of which William is president. The polo club is only a short distance from the Middleton family home in Bucklebury where William, Kate and George have been staying for over a week.

William and Harry took team Quattro to victory winning the match 5 goals to 3.5.

The Audi Polo Club shared a photo of guests at the match. Some beautiful, summery styles on display including a very pretty pink dress worn by actress Annabelle Wallis.

Audi Polo Club Twitter Feed

Prince William scored a goal but admitted his mind was on Baby George. More from The Telegraph's story:

"I was in baby mode out their, thinking about nappies, I wasn't really in the zone", he said. The Prince said it was "good to get out of the house" but he added "I've got to make sure I'm not too late back".
 And asked about son George, he said "He likes to move around a lot, he wiggles a lot, so he keeps us on our toes."

The organisers of the match didn't forget the little Prince either, presenting William with a mini polo mallet for George. He jokingly asked if it was nappies and said he had to pick some up on the way home.

@SkyNewsRoyal Twitter Feed

I'm sure we'll see Kate and George cheering on William at next year's polo events :)


The birth certificate for His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge was signed for yesterday. Clarence House shared a look at the certificate via their Twitter Feed.

Clarence House Twitter Feed

Unlike other parents, they did not have to attend their local office. Instead, the registrar of Westminster, Alison Cathcart, visited Prince William at Kensington Palace yesterday morning, while Kate remained in Bucklebury at the Middleton family home with Baby George. I expect it was more convenient for just William to travel, as he returned to Berkshire for today's polo match.

@BBCPeterHunt Twitter Feed

It was interesting to note Prince William did not list his occupation as RAF helicopter pilot but as Prince of the United Kingdom and he listed his wife's occupation as Princess of the United Kingdom, something that has caused quite the furore among the 'Is Kate a Princess?' brigade. Kate's rank is Princess but her title is Duchess (It's really very confusing, I know). Kate is Princess William but if a royal holds a peerage, e.g. Duchess of Cambridge, that is used.

William's name is listed as His Royal Highness Prince William Arthur Philip Louis of Cambridge while Kate's is listed as 'Catherine Elizabeth Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge'. William, who was the nominated informant, signed the certificate 'William' and gave the couple's usual address as Kensington Palace.


Reports are beginning to surface suggesting it could be a couple of weeks before we see the official photo of William, Kate and George. While the photo will be taken before William returns to Anglesey shortly, it could be the middle of the month before it is released. 

Robert Jobson Twitter Feed

Royal commentator Victoria Arbiter revealed the first official photos of Prince William were taken when he was twenty-nine days old by Lord Snowdon and released on July 29th - Charles and Diana's first anniversary. At the time, the majority of the papers failed to include Charles on the front page.

Victoria Arbiter Twitter Feed

 I know we hope to see all three - William, Kate and George make the covers together this time round.


Finally, our fashion segment of the day (that's if your thirst for style wasn't quenched already by the Princes' white pants and William's red trainers). Alice Temperley invites you to step into her world with the relaunch of her new website.

Temperley London

More from Vogue:

'The label's online platform is already well on its way to becoming the company's biggest store with internet sales having risen by 200 percent over the past year. "E-commerce has changed the way women shop", Temperley told us.
 "We wanted to create a site that delivers everything a truly Temperley environment in an engaging and stimulating way. We have come a long way since the site first launched, and giving customers something new and inspiring is at the forefront of our strategy. It's our world online."'

The new site features the company's first-ever blog The Temperley Times - which includes a look at the brand's AW13 Campaign 'The Byrds'.

Temperley London

The Autumn/Winter collection offers a selection of beautiful, Downton Abbey style gowns which would look fabulous on the Duchess including the Long Wave Embroidery Dress, the Long Wave Embroidery Strappy Dress and the Long Venetia Embroidery Dress.

Temperley London

There is a significant sale taking place on the website at the moment which also offers several garments which are potential future looks for Kate. Below we look at the Long Balanchine Dress (reduced from £595 to £178), The Long Ribbon and Tulle Dress,the Long Dena Dress, and the Laurel Halterneck Dress.

Temperley London

We also look at styles from the Cruise 2014 Collection.

Temperley London

We'll see you on Monday with news on the Claduia Bradby giveaway winner before continuing with our 'Kate Loves' series later in the week.


  1. I hope the photos are released sooner rather than later. And I have no doubt that William will NOT be cut out of them. Lol. In this couple's case, they are equally popular.

    I wonder if Uncle Harry visited with his nephew after polo....... :)

    1. I would think it's quite possible Uncle Harry visited. The Middleton family home is wonderful in terms of security and privacy, I imagine it was a large part of the reason they chose it.

    2. I agree Charlotte. I believe the Middleton's had many practical reasons for buying the property.

    3. Kate, Texas, USA3 August 2013 at 23:51

      I think it's time Uncle Harry paid a visit and showed off some of his babysitting skills! I would love to see Harry with little George. Maybe Georgie will have his Uncle Harry and Grandma Diana's wicked sense of humor! :-)

    4. LOL. Well, if George takes after his Uncle Harry, then this boy will keep his parents on their toes. Good thing William has new trainers and Kate is good in heels. :)

  2. Hey,

    great post. Even if we don`t see them we are occupied :) Thank you.

    Is there a reasn why "William's name is listed as His Royal Highness Prince William Arthur Philip Louis of Cambridge while Kate's is listed as 'Catherine Elizabeth Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge'"?

    I totaly love the dress from the cover page of the Temperly online plattform.

    CU Amy

    1. You're very welcome, I'm in love with Alice Temperley's designs :)

  3. Yay a new Kate Loves soon!!! They are some of my favorite ones! I loved William bits of infomation. I'm glad hid mind was on Prince Georgie. Also I wish I was called Princess of simething!

    1. You know, I have so many 'Kate Loves' posts to write up, it will be good to get a few published this month.

    2. I would lovd them!

  4. Jean from Lancs.3 August 2013 at 21:30

    You spoil us Charlotte; a lovely Saturday evening post.
    Saw some of the polo on TV this afternoon--the men look so dashing on their ponies, but hope they don't teach baby George to wave his little mallet as they do, or some people could have very sore heads!
    The Temperley dresses are lovely---particularly the red one-the colour suits her so well.
    The heads of both the charities were interviewed and said how helpful both the Duke and Duchess were-- they are listed as William's charities, but they seem to support each others.

    1. William just seems so ridiculously happy and I think he loves the normality of picking up nappies on the way home. I know the Palace said he didn't want to let his charities down and as the polo was such a short distance from Berkshire it made perfect sense to take part. I expect George could grow up to be quite the talented polo player :)

    2. Sarah from Calif.3 August 2013 at 21:40

      Jean, I love the red one too!

    3. Kate, Texas, USA3 August 2013 at 23:56

      Jean and Sarah, the red one was my favorite too! Loved it! Jean, I wish I could have seen some of the polo match. I'm sure it's fun to watch. It's wonderful to see William so happy. It's just such a joyful time for the Royal family, especially the Cambridge family!

    4. Im sure George will be trained in polo by his very talented and handsome father!!I do like the Temperly dresses too and my favorite is the white full length dress with the red roses design work along the shoulder line.
      It looks classy and very Kate!!!Thanks Charlotte for this post!You are the BESTO!!!xoxo

  5. Charlotte, I knew I could count on you to cover this polo match. You are awesome!!! The whole Princess title is confusing to me. When Kate becomes Princess of Wales will her title become "Princess" instead of Duchess? I have heard that no one in the British Royal family ever has the title Princess except for those born as princesses. I have heard that even Diana's title was not Princess. I find this all very fascinating. Could you share what you know about this title/rank business?

    1. Hello!

      Diana's title was HRH The Princess of Wales but she was universally known as Princess Diana, it will be the same with Kate I'm sure.

    2. One of the few exceptions to the rule that only princesses of the blood carry "princess" with their given name was "Princess" Alice, Duchess of Gloucester who was born a commoner but who was given permission by the queen to call herself Princess Alice after her husband's death.

      This was because Alice didn't want to be called Doweger Duchess of Gloucester, partially to avoid confusion with her daughter-in-law since both were carrying out royal duties but probably also because she didn't like "doweger".

      Diana during her marriage was HRH The Princess of Wales, never properly Princess Diana. After her divorce, I beleive she became Diana, Princess of Wales, without, of course, the HRH. Camilla is technically HRH The Princess of Wales, although she doesn't use it.

      Confusion seems to arise with Catherine because William is still often called Princes William even though he is formally HRH The Duke of Cambridge. Catherine is technicaly Princess William never Princess Catherine since she was not born royal but HRH The Duchess of Cambridge is her correct title. Assuming she becomes Princess of Wales someday, not a given but likely, she would be HRH Princess of Wales, just like Diana. She would still not be Princess Catherine.

  6. Sarah from Calif.3 August 2013 at 21:52

    Great post Charlotte ! William and Harry are dashing :) very tricky adjustment for William, leaving baby and momma to go to work, play polo, etc...... My children are always at the back of my mind, no matter where I am.

    does anyone know what that is on Harry's t-shirt?
    I do love that pink dress! The Autumn Winter Collection is lovely! The Cruise 14 Collection Wow!
    Looking forward to pictures of Prince George but, have no problem waiting.
    Have a lovely weekend all.

    1. I did notice Harry's t-shirt and I'm not quite sure what's on it :) It will be lovely to see the official photo and very interesting to see if it will be taken at the Palace or Bucklebury.

    2. Kate, Texas, USA3 August 2013 at 23:58

      Sarah, my first thought on seeing that pic of Wills and Harry was that their clothes suit their personalities! Really funny!

      Hope you are having a great weekend!

  7. In the 90's I bought a little book called "The Royal Princes". There were Princes William and Harry's birth certificates and both the Prince and the Princess of Wales's occupation were registered as "Prince and Princess of the United Kingdom". It must have been the same for the Duke and Duchess of York's daughters and all those bearing the tittle of "Royal Highnesses".

    So I think that the occupation of "Prince and Princess of the United Kingdom" must be considered "normal" by HM the Queen.

    Thanks Charlotte for such a great post! Have a good night or day you all, depending on which part of the globe you're living.

    Monica, France

    1. Hello Monica,

      That is very interesting, thank you so much for sharing.

    2. You're most welcome Charlotte. I think the occupation "Prince or Princess of the United Kingdom" is also mentioned on Royal passports but I could not find a copy so far.

      By the way, I've just found a link to Prince William's act of birth. If Prince Charles's occupation as "Prince of the United Kingdom" is mentioned, Princess Diana's is not as there was no place for the mother's occupation at that time.,r:95,s:0,i:388&biw=1024&bih=656

      Sorry, the link is so long!


      Monica, France

  8. Pauline Oak Hills3 August 2013 at 23:02

    Charlotte you are jsut wonderful. Another great post. I can't wait until we see the beautiful family in photos. And I too agree William will not be cut out of the photos.

    I love it when William said he had to stop and get some nappies on his way home and that he can not be late. Just like a normal new daddy. I wonder if William and his Duchess got to go out to dinner while they are staying with her parents. IF they did we would never hear about it.

    If William was having a hard time concintrating on playing polo can you imgine what it is going to be like for him when he has to return to work and flying those choppers. I know he will really miss his baby & his wife. It will be very hard on both of them. I think there will be alot of photos taken by the Duchess on her phone and sent to William. And alot of phone calls so he can talk to his baby.

    Again thank you Ms. Charlotte for this great blog and all the time you put into it.

  9. Kate, Texas, USA3 August 2013 at 23:45

    Wonderful post Charlotte! As I have said before, I LOVE seeing a man in his polo wears. :-) The all look so handsome on their horses playing! Congrats to William and Harry's team for the win! I'm sure they pulled a good bit of money for charity and it was good for Wills to get out a bit.

    The post made me smile for many reasons, but especially knowing William's mind was on his sweet family and nappy duty! Love it! Hopefully he didn't forget the nappies on the way home! Can't wait to see pictures of precious little George. So cute that William said he wiggles alot. Just such a fun and sweet time for the Cambridge family!

    Well, loved William's trainers! They are definitely eye-popping! I LOVE TEMPERLEY! Such a beautiful collection and so many pieces I could see Kate donning. I really love all the embroidery dresses and the cruise 2014 collection. My favorite is the red coat and dress from the cruise collection. LOVE! I would love to see Kate wearing it in the future. She would look gorgeous and red is such a pretty color on her! Maybe we'll see a Temperley piece for the christening?!?!?!

    Hope everyone has a great evening! Thanks again for the post Charlotte!

  10. Maureen, London4 August 2013 at 02:41

    Yes, as others have said, it's a cheeky picture on the front of Harry's t-shirt! The lady seems to have a finger in her mouth, so it's a bit erotic! From this photo, Harry looks like he's put on a bit of weight. I don't much like William's red trainers.

  11. what a beautiful post Charlotte! William looks so handsome and so does harry both so cute. I love to see the birth certificate and the photo of George's grandmother Diana.

  12. Well i think the family photos will be sooner of william catherine and the little prince george will be later next week... nice post Charlotte william looks so handsome and relax and i think uncle harry looks so carefree and cute i love that william stopped and said the to pick up the nappies sound like a new daddy and im pretty sure they are hand ons parents as lady diana did before raise william and harry plus lovw to see princess diana picture with little prince william now a new dad

  13. Is this true that the duke and duchess of cambriges will leave the anglessey did i spell correct forgive i was rushing fulfiled my girlfriend duties as my lovely boyfriend sister will be married on wednesday so to leave this evening Btw to you know about this prince george will have his first wedding outing in north wales with mum and dad here article
    I will try to check every now and then... but wont promise

  14. Fifi from Texas4 August 2013 at 15:12

    Didn't William or Kate wear those red trainers during the London Olympics?

    1. Pauline Oak HIlls4 August 2013 at 18:49

      @Fif- Yes Kate wore the same color of trainers during the Olympics. Nice to see William not afraid to wear

  15. Greetings from N.C., USA

    So cute to hear William talking about nappie duty. :)

    Again, I have heard that they are utilizing 52 rooms of 1A in KP and not just 21, with half of them to be used for support team members. Does anyone know for sure about that?

    I am eager to see the jewelry that I have heard that William has had commissioned for Kate to commemorate the birth of Prince George.

    I dont' know how others may feel about it but I think Harry wearing that t-shirt was tacky. I think he may be feeling a little like life is passing him by in the committed relationship/building a future aspects of his current situation and so he was "acting out" a little. It's not an uncommon reaction. I pray that God will provide him with a mate as trustworthy, beautiful, capable and steadfast as Kate. Don't get discouraged Harry. :)

    Also, I thought the temperly ad campaign was somewhat eery and macabre. No offense, but that kind of took away from the attractiveness of the dresses for me.

    I don't know how Kate has managed in staying current with her royal obligations, keeping her husband on an even keel, and, overseeing the renovation, decorating and outfitting of two huge homes. I am certain she has had the help of the best architects and designers, yet even with that, that can take alot of effort. She has done all that while pregnant. I think the girl is definitely queen material. :)

    Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. It is so awesome hearing from women from all over the world. What a blessing. :)

    Cheerio Ya'll
    (do they even say Cheerio in England anymore Charlotte?)

  16. HI,

    As commented by someone previously Kate uses the title Duchess of Cambridge because it is a more senior 'rank' than that of Princess William of Wales. Prince William is mostly called Prince William rather than the Duke of Cambridge because the Prince William title is more senior.

    Only women who have no other title use the Princess husbands name of blah eg. Princess Michael of Kent. who is from European Royalty but has no other English title. Her husband is the Queen's cousin. But she is a Princess of the UK as well because her husband is a Prince. So if Harry married and the Queen didn't give him a title, then his wife would be a princess but would be styled Princess Harry of Wales.

    1. No, actually, William should be called "the Duke of Cambridge," not "Prince William," because as with his wife, the ducal title is of higher status than the princely title. It is a peerage and meant that William ceased to be a commoner.

      Princess Michael of Kent was not "royalty". She held a very minor noble title, not a royal one, and titles in Austria are illegal anyway. They've been abolished.

  17. Jean from Lancs.4 August 2013 at 18:29

    Yes---I think they both had a pair.

  18. Does anyone know whether Kate would be required to where the jewelry gifts she gets on official visits and does she get to keep that jewelry? Is there any differentiation that those countries can make on certain gifts to say this is an official gift and this is a personal one just for you?

    Would love to know who gifted Kate with the diamond and ruby necklace ensemble she wore with the black velvet evening gown.

    She hasn't worn the charm bracelet that Camilla apparently gave her and I was wondering why. It is a simple but beautiful bracelet. I hope non-Camilla fans didnt have anything to do with her not wearing that.

    And, while still on the subject of jewelry, :), I had read that Prince Charles had gifted Kate with some nice pieces of jewelry also. Does anyone know anything about that? :)

    Just wondering. :)

    1. She has often worn the bracelet Camilla gave her. I'm puzzled as to why you think she hasn't.

      As for official gifts of jewelry, they would go into the general royal collection rather than become personal property, and could be loaned to various royal women. Royals do have to declare such gifts, and they'd have to pay taxes on anything kept personally. Many official gifts have been donated over the years, but jewelry usually becomes property of the Crown.

      The diamond and ruby set seems to have been a personal wedding gift, not an official state gift.

      Charles gave Catherine a diamond bracelet and matching earrings as a wedding gift. She has worn them publicly, most recently, I believe, on the occasion of the church service celebrating the Queen's coronation. That was when she wore the champagne lace dress and pink coat by Jenny Packham.

    2. @vittoria

      As far as I know, Kate hasn't worn the bracelet Camilla gave her in over a year.

      And, Princess Diana was given a very lavish sapphire and diamond set from a middle eastern sheik. She wore them often and they were reported to be some of her favorite pieces. She got to keep them I am almost certain. William and/or Harry are now in possession of that set. I have been waiting for Kate to wear it. Now that Prince George has arrived perhaps she will.

    3. If they were a personal gift rather than an official state gift, then she could keep them, though as in the US, taxes are supposed to be paid. Charles is quite friendly with the Sultan of Brunei, if I am remembering correctly. He may have been the source of that gift.

      I'm not sure how certain anyone can be that the Duchess has not worn the gift from Camilla in over a year. It's a small, not hugely conspicuous piece, and it wouldn't necessarily show up in every picture taken of her. On the other hand, pictures taken of the Duchess with Camilla suggest that the two women get along well.

    4. @ 19:13

      That diamond and sapphire set is known as the Oman Set from the Sultan of Oman.

      I never implied that Kate and Camilla have anything but an enjoyable relationship. Kate can get along with anyone, even those who are not real fans of hers. I think she has a proven track record of that. She is a strong and gifted diplomat.

      And, Diana had plenty of jewelry to go around. Certainly not as much as Queen Mary although enough to make her daughter in-laws happy and future grandaughters, etc. William and Harry opted not to keep some of her jewelry for reasons of their own and that jewelry went to auction.
      The pieces they kept are special and beautiful and I am sure they will enjoy seeing those pieces on the women they love. :)

  19. Rose from Montreal, Canada4 August 2013 at 22:37

    Thank you so much Charlotte for keeping us informed with all information on the Cambridges and Prince Harry. Love most of the dresses and could easily picture our lovely Duchess in a lot of them. Not too keen on the capes though. It is so sweet that William is thinking about George when he is away from him. It doesn't take long for the little ones to wrap themselves around our hearts. Nappy buying is so normal. I am also looking forward to seeing the photos of the Cambridge family. I also tip my hat to Kate for the wonderful job she is doing wearing so many hats. I would really hope she could read this blog and see how much we all think of her and wish her and her family all the very best.

  20. Hello Charlotte, thanks for the wonderful post on William and Harry's polo game! I was curious to know how it went and you supplied all the details I wanted to now. I think William looked handsome and he looked really happy. I'm sure he's a great dad already! I'm glad to see he wasn't ashamed of reporting for nappy duty or saying he had to pick up some on the way. I like all the others here, wondered if Uncle Harry stopped by to see Baby George? I can't wait to see the photos and knowing William and Kate, I don't think William will be cut out of the pictures at all. So did William personally fill out everything on the birth certificate or did he just sign it?

  21. In regards to the book, where was the cover photo taken? It looks like a professional photo since Kate is looking directly into the camera. If it is a professional photo, is it an authorized biography? I know the author travelled with William and Kate during the Canada tour in 2011.


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