Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Prince William's Solo Engagements, Talks Fatherhood, Kate's Cooking Lessons, Charity Auction + More

We have a packed post for you today with news on William's solo engagements, Kate's reported cooking lessons, Kate's mentor's wife speaks, Great Gatsby Fever, Charity Auction and royal gnomes...yes gnomes.

Prince William has been busy over the past couple of days carrying out engagements in support of causes close to his heart. Today, William joined forces with Prince Charles hosting a high-profile conference at St James's Palace to focus world attention on the urgent battle to end illegal trade in wildlife.

The Prince of Wales Website

I was shocked and dismayed to read wildlife poaching and trafficking has reached new heights. Wildlife losses have reached unsustainable levels with some African elephant populations facing the possibility of extinction within a decade because of ivory poaching. Both black and white rhino are under attack for their horns and wild tiger numbers across Asia have decreased by 90% in the last 100 years.


William's patronage Tusk Trust expressed the importance of the conference via Twitter.

Tusk Trust Twitter Feed

To mark the conference Clarence House changed their twitter profile photo for the first time.

Clarence House Twitter Feed

Prince Charles and Prince William, alongside Environment Secretary Owen Paterson addressed guests from 26 of the countries particularly affected by illegal wildlife trade, calling for a global partnership and urgent action to reduce demand for endangered wildlife products, a stepping up of law enforcement against the criminals involved, and help for local communities to find an alternative to illegal wildlife trade.

During his speech at the conference The Prince of Wales mentioned becoming a grandfather:

'I'm very sorry my own father cannot be here today as he's been involved for so many years in conservation. That fact that my son is here too, in order to support his ageing father is hugely appreciated. 
We face one of the most serious threats to wildlife ever, and we must treat it as a battle. As a father and soon to be grandfather, I find it inconceivable our children could live in a world bereft of these animals'. 

And Prince William said this:

Paul Harrison Twitter Feed

William and Charles were shown some of the products that result in poaching.

Sky's Paul Harrison Twitter Feed

It's an incredibly important cause and I for one am so glad the Princes are behind it. Prince Charles announced a Head of State meeting in Autumn to discuss solutions. You can find out more about the campaign here and look out for the hashtag  #endwildlifecrime on Twitter for news and updates.


Yesterday, Prince William and Prince Harry carried out a joint engagement supporting a charity very close to their hearts. The Princes were delighted to officially open the Help For Heroes recovery centre at Tedworth House in Wiltshire.

With the arrival of Baby Cambridge less than two months away, fatherhood was very much on William's mind. The Duke was presented with a white babygro with the words "My Daddy Is A Hero" by two-and-a-half-year-old Jenson Boggi. Whilst talking to Jenson's father, Corporal Josh Boggi, he revealed he is very much looking forward to fatherhood.

More from the Mirror's Story:

'"Are you looking forward to it, Sir?" asked Corp Boggi, a triple amputee from Berkshire. "Very much so", said William, who is due to become a father in mid-July.
The Duke refused an offer to get some practice in by holding Corp Boggi's two-year-old-son, hastily saying: "No, no, you're very kind." William revealed he received words of advice from parents at the centre. "All the mothers have been looking at me, just you wait, just you wait, long sleepless night".'

Military charity Help For Heroes runs four recovery centres across the country which form part of the Defence Recovery Capability - a partnership between Help For Heroes, The Ministry of Defence and The British Royal Legion. The recovery centres are there to inspire, enable and support our wounded, injured and sick, and their families, for the rest of their lives. The centres provide a "launchpad-to-life" where the wounded and their families can access psychological, financial and emotional support.

The Princes met members of the wounded community and their families and heard first hand the positive impact the centres provide. They were both presented with customised hoodies with William also taking one for Kate.

You too can own a Help For Heroes Hoody. The zipped jacket is available in a variety of colours for £30 at the charity's online shop and the best part: all proceeds go straight to Help For Heroes. The hoody is 50% cotton and 50% polyester, easy to wear and machine washable.

Help For Heroes Online Shop

William gave a poignant speech at the centre:

'The British public's unprecedented response to the likes of Help For Heroes, the Royal British Legion and countless other service charities was a heartfelt response to that sense of death felt by countless tens of thousands of people - in fact, the whole nation - who wanted to show support and gratitude.'

During a Kate engagement, this is usually the part where we discuss Kate's outfit, so for today we'll just say both Princes looked simply dashing in their blue suits. I'm sure you'll agree! :)

They paid tribute to Help For Heroes by wearing the organisations £2 Wristband.

Help For Heroes Online Shop

There's a great video from the visit, well worth checking out.


Meanwhile, Kate has been spotted out and about grocery shopping at her local Waitrose in Kensington. 

@Demi_D16 Twitter Feed

Perhaps the Duchess was shopping for ingredients for new recipes she is reportedly learning from new Italian housekeeper Antonella Fresolone. US Weekly reports:

'Fresolone worked for 13 years at Buckingham Palace where she was well known for her "delicious" Italian cooking. Among her specialities? Homemade pasta and freshly baked bread.
The Duke and his wife hired Antonella three weeks ago, during which time she has been teaching mom-to-be Kate how to make "a number of new dishes" in the small kitchen at Nottingham Cottage.'

We know Kate enjoys cooking and baking, as it's been previously reported the Duchess baked cupcakes for William and his RAF colleagues regularly, and she is frequently spotted grocery shopping around the Kensington area.


The Daily Mail's Richard Kay wrote a very insightful piece called 'Kate will not wilt like Diana says mentor' in which Sir David Manning's (you may recall we discussed Sir David during our 'Kate Loves: The Royal Staff' post) wife quashes rumours her husband was brought on board to instruct Kate in royal protocol.

'Contrary to popular belief, the Duchess doesn't need any help in that department at all. says Lady Manning, Sir David's wife, who writes thrillers under the name Elizabeth Ironside.
Let me tell you, the Duchess is interested in everything and doesn't need any encouragement or etiquette instruction. She knows what is required all by herself. I've heard it said my husband is instructing her on protocol, but that's wrong. He's a mentor.
I've only met her a few times but I have been very impressed. I can't talk about the Royal Family, but I do wish people would give the Duchess credit where it's due.'

Her husband - a former ambassador in Washington and former Prime Minister Tony Blair's foreign policy advisor - is a valued member of William and Kate's staff. He accompanied the couple on their first joint tour in 2011 and has been an unpaid adviser to William and Harry for four years. Very interesting comments from Lady Manning!


Baz Luhrmann's adaption of The Great Gatsby has been hugely successful and influential, particularly in terms of fashion. Two of Kate's favourite designers have paid homage to the dazzling movie with window displays featuring a selection of 1920s inspired gowns.  Below we look at The Temperley London window on Bruton Street.

Temperley London Facebook Page

And the Jenny Packham window at Harrods. So many divine possibilities for the Duchess!

Jenny Packham Facebook Page

Harrods also commissioned one of Kate's go-to milliners, Vivien Sheriff, to capture headwear of the iconic era.

Harrods Facebook Page


Another week, another exciting  Baby Cambridge Fundraiser activity raising funds in aid of Kate's patronage East Anglia's Children's Hospices. This week, the fundraiser is auctioning a Royal Favourite Lot on eBay containing two stunning items.

The first is the beautiful L.K. Bennett Alexia Clutch. The patent leather, sky blue clutch retails for $350 and is not available on the L.K. Bennett US site so it is a particularly wonderful opportunity for US residents to snag the piece at a reduced price. The Alexia Clutch is brand new and was donate by a very generous anonymous donor.

L.K. Bennett

The second is a lovely pair of Cornelia James Pure Wool Gloves with Side Bow. Cornelia James has held a Royal Warrant since 1979 and has a long association with the Royal Family. The £52 gloves are available in pure wool and a cotton style which is perfect for summer!

Best of luck to all bidders and don't forgot you can donate to the fundraiser by visiting the Just Giving Page.


The Chelsea Flower Show is taking place at the moment with a number of royals in attendance. While William and Kate couldn't be there a couple of lookalike gnomes have been making the headlines!

The Times of London Twitter Feed

Finally, a selection of photos of William and Kate at William Van Cutsems wedding are now available to view at the Daily Mail.


  1. Sarah from Calif.21 May 2013 at 14:06

    Thank you Charlotte fantastic post. Will write more after work but, I must say the video is outstanding whoever put that together with the music has the touch.

    1. Thank you Sarah, have a wonderful day at work!

  2. These two young princes William and Harry are as thick as thieves. It's so nice to see them together, along with Prince Charles, fighting for the noblest causes.
    On a lighter note, I will be in England for the Royal birth! I can't wait to hear the news dear Charlotte. LOL!

    Monica, France

    1. Oh Monica how exciting! Kate from Texas might be in London during the time of the birth. I hope you have a terrific time!

      On another note, sending thoughts and prayers to the people of Oklahoma. Such a terrible tragedy.

    2. I am very sad for the people in Oklahoma , in the morning I am going to donate to Red Cross. I was born in Oklahoma , and the state has a special place in my heart .
      On a brighter note, I love seeing Willam and Harry together. William and Harry have nice vibe with each other. I believe Harry is William second favorite person ( at least until the baby is born). I also like seeing William with Charles . The Future Kings need to be in the public. eye together .

  3. Jean from Lancs.21 May 2013 at 14:50

    Thanks Charlotte.
    First having watched on TV the disaster in Oklahoma, send sympathy to all affected and Particularly hope all our friends on this blog and their loved ones are safe.
    I love the orange hat and can visualize Catherine in it.
    Yesterday William and Harry wore identical ties, which I believe are the Regimental ties of the Blues and Royals---just wondered if that might be a hint that Prince William will return to his Regiment when his contract with the Air Sea Rescue is finished.
    Hope today's conference on poaching of threatened wild animals brings some good results.

    1. I would imagine that's a very good guess. The Household Cavalry seems a very likely choice for William.

    2. Kate, Texas, USA22 May 2013 at 03:07

      Jean, I noticed their ties matched which I thought was funny. After your post it makes sense why they matched. Thanks for the info! Also wondering if there will ever be an announcement from SJP, or I guess Kensington Palace now, about William's future plans??? Will announcements come from KP now that William, Kate, and Harry have set up court there???

  4. Shantel (@FashionandFaith)21 May 2013 at 16:02

    I'm at work but couldn't resist the urge to pop over and peek at my favorite blog! Thanks so much for the post--wonderful as usual. I really liked the update on Prince William...I think posts like these may be able to tide us all over while Kate is on Maternity Leave (so to speak). Charlotte, you are brilliant!
    I'd better run...the students await!
    Have a wonderful day everyone and, if you have a moment, pray for Oklahoma.
    Minnesota, USA

    1. Thank you Shantel. It will be a quiet period for sure but we'll keep up with William and all the latest news and I have a long list of Kate Loves posts I want to get done. I was just thinking there won't be an overseas tour this year either. They're such fun! I'm sure they'll travel overseas in 2014 though.

  5. Thank you for the wonderful post the you given to us i know william and kate will be a better parents they will raise their child just like princess diana did to both william and harry

  6. Pauline Oak Hills21 May 2013 at 16:29

    Ms. Charlotte another great post. Thank you for highlighting William. Yes your blog is about our beautiful Duchess but William is the most important person in her life and then with their baby almost here it is an exciting time in their lives. Also William does some very important work for the service men & women that need's to brought forward. We hear about the work but it is nice to see William involved with it. And where has our Duchess been hiding? Any idea.
    Thank you again for this great blog and the time you put into it.

  7. Meanwhile zara told daily mirror kate is natural mother

  8. Kate, Texas, USA21 May 2013 at 17:07

    WOW! Great post, Charlotte! Where to even begin to comment! Thanks for sharing about the great work all the Wales men are doing. It truly is sickening and so sad that animal populations are near extinction because of the almighty dollar and people's selfish desires to have a piece of these animals. It's lovely to hear Prince Charles speak of his grandchild, but in such a sad subject. Great to see father and son making huge efforts and showing such passion about a cause dear to their hearts. I pray that the many efforts to stop endangering the wildlife will not be in vain.

    William and Harry.....LOVE! I love to see the boys together and can't help but think of how proud their mom would be. The video was fabulous! Whomever put it together did a wonderful job! Seeing some of the older servicemen in the video made me miss my grandfather terribly. He was an Army man to the core...except when it came to his granddaughters, he was mush. :) Veterans should receive the very best care and support to maintain a healthy life, confidence, and dignity. It looked to be such a great day and no doubt with William and Harry's backing, Help For Heroes will continue to provide the amazing support to these veterans.

    I had read the piece from the DM already and found it quite interesting what Lady Manning had to say in support of the Duchess. Maybe it will quiet some of her critics and as was stated "give the Duchess credit where it's due". Thank you Lady Manning! :)

    I haven't seen The Great Gatsby, but am really wanting to! LOVE the window displays and the lovely 1920's inspired attire. The Temperley dresses are gorgeous!!! Makes me want to slip one on, do the Charleston, and revert back to the Roaring 20's!!!!

    Thanks for the very informative and great update. So much to report on! I do want to say my thoughts and prayers are with the many people in Oklahoma who were devastated by the horrific tornado yesterday. So many have lost everything. It's especially heart-breaking to hear about the loss of life from the elementary school. Praying for Oklahoma!

  9. Ana B. from Brazil21 May 2013 at 17:25

    Charlotte, you are so fast!! Thank you for another update!
    Well, William's passion for the wildlife is something I really cherish. Brazilian forest has been damaged not only by our own people, but mainly for foreign people who come here illegaly to steal our birds ans plants to sell them in the black market. This is something I get really angry for.
    Can't wait to watch The Great Gatsby! It's going to be awesome!!
    It amazes me how much Catherine enjoys housewives stuff! This is something I couldn't care less! I'm sure her kids will love her food! I can only "cook" a Brazilian dish called "brigadeiro" which is one of my favourite sweets of all time! If you try to cook it, I'm sure you will fall in love with it! It is a national passion, definetely!
    Hope you have a lovely week!

    1. Sarah from Calif.22 May 2013 at 01:50

      Hi Ana, hope you are well. I'm a foodie so, what is "brigaderio "? Your probably a great cook but, just busy with studies.
      I do have compassion for those who need to kill endangered species for life sustenious. After that if it's just for greed. What more can I say "off with their heads "
      Well not really but......

    2. Ana B. from Brazil22 May 2013 at 02:42

      Oh, Sarah, "Brigadeiro" is super easy and fast to cook. And it is very hard to explain what it is because it is something that only exists here, as far as know. Well I'll post you the recipe and some link with the recipe and photos.
      Here we go, hope you like it!

      You'll need

      -1 can of sweetened condensed milk (my family in the US always tell us your product is different from ours, so I don't know if it will taste the same, so if you can, try to buy the original product, which is called "Leite Mo├ža" and it is selled in the supermarket in the US and other Countries).

      -2 or 3 tablespoons of cocoa/chocolate powder

      -1 tablespoon of butter

      In a medium saucepan over medium heat, combine the cocoa/chocolate powder, butter and condensed milk. Cook, stirring, until thickened, which goes around 10 minutes. Remove from heat and let it cool.

      There is to ways now:
      Or you can eat it the way it is, which is awesome!
      Or you can form it into small balls and roll it through chocolate sprinkles and put it in small paper cases. This is the way this dish is served in birthday parties.

      Here are some links, if you're interested:


      Hope you like it!
      In youtube you can watch some videos who teach how to do it and if you google "Brigadeiro" you'll fin what it look like.


    3. Sarah from Calif.22 May 2013 at 03:19

      Ana how fun. Thank you. I will be checking out the websites and you tube. My co-worker is a Kate fan, world traveler and a foodie too so I'll have fun sharing this with her. She really wants to go to S. America this summer .
      Of course chocolate, who can resist! Hugs to you too.
      PS I am actually going to make a Tres Leache Cake tomorrow my first attempt.

    4. Z. from Portugal22 May 2013 at 12:38

      I can confirm this, Ana and Sarah! :) Brigadeiros are also very popular here in Portugal. I can't cook it (I'm a very bad cook), but I must assure you it is DELICIOUS.

    5. Sarah from. Calif.24 May 2013 at 03:00

      Ana and Z. I wish I could pop over to Brazil and Portugal for a nice meal and friendly chat with both of you. To explore both of your unique cultures would be so fantastic.

  10. Very nice comments from Lady Manning. Though not surprising. :) (But isn't too bad that normally it's the negative nonsense that makes the headlines.)

    And I applaud William's efforts regarding the protection of wildlife. How sad that this problem seems to be getting worse, rather than better.

  11. Sarah from Calif.22 May 2013 at 02:05

    I so love it when William and Harry team up! Those soldiers are precious and their cause was just.......
    As for the gnomes, I love gnomes but reallly . I get the characature thing but,, maybe a bit over the top.
    Love love the 20's dresses. My grandma danced with Al Capone. Not really something to brag about just a bit of history.
    Prayers and my heart go out to those in Oklahoma..
    Thank you Charlotte again. Delightful post :)

  12. I might be in London at time of the royal birth (leave the 11th). It would be very exciting since my first trip to England was when William was born. A very exciting time over thirty years ago. Wonderful to see William take on two such important causes!

    People are known by their deeds and when Kate takes on a more complete schedule I think much criticism will die away as it did for Sophie. I would hope Kate would start taking on engagements again around October after the usual September break.

    I do think it's a shame that Lady Manning made comparisons with Diana. Diana worked enormously hard and had a natural way of enagaging people that I have yet to see in any other member of the royal family. While I think the comparsions was meant to be favorable to both women somehow it sounded problematic.

    I'm also puzzled by the press treating the fact that William is expected to be at the birth as original. Charles was present when his sons were born.

    1. Sarah from Calif.22 May 2013 at 03:52

      P.S . the dresses are scrumptous, stunning and alluring.
      working on my vocabulary. Can you tell?

  13. Kate, Texas, USA22 May 2013 at 03:09

    Can I say the gnomes are HILARIOUS! What a hoot! :)

    1. Shantel (@Fashionand Faith)22 May 2013 at 15:13

      They are creepily funny. That William one...OMG! LOL!!
      Minnesota, USA

    2. Love the Gnomes!!!!Specially the Kate one! They would have to make another one after her delivery :-))

  14. Kate is attending The Queen's Garden Party today, very much a surprise event! It starts about 4 :)

    1. Jean from Lancs.22 May 2013 at 12:21

      Thanks for letting us know.
      Possibly any engagements she attends now will be last minute arrangements.

    2. Z. from Portugal22 May 2013 at 12:47

      Oh my God, that is a wonderful surprise, Charlotte!! Can't wait for the next post later... :)

      I must say I'm delighted that now we have information about William too. (But why did he refuse to hold that soldier's baby? Is he afraid to hurt his back? ;)) He must be saving all his energies to hold Baby Cambridge for sure, ha ha!)

      Hugs and see you later this afternoon!

  15. Sarah from Calif.22 May 2013 at 13:58

    Charlotte have you seen the comments from Joan Smtth about Kate ? Here we go again. This one will become very heated.
    Looking forward to The Queen's Garden Party pictures. Hopefully Kate doesn't stay on her feet to long or her back is going to be hurting tonight.

    1. Sadly it's becoming a way for these people to gain media attention. It seems to work every time unfortunately.

  16. I see there has been another attack on Kate today by the author Joan Smith. It really makes me angry and it seems like just another form of bullying - picking on someone who is not in a position to fight back. And the really irritating thing about all these attacks is that they are by women - Hilary Mantel, Sandy Toksvig etc. Surely feminism is about the right to make choices - whether it be a high flying career or life as a home maker. We should all support each other's choices, not decry those who choose a different path. I am willing to bet that in her lifetime of charity patronage, Kate will achieve far more than any of these angry, bitter women ever will. Annie, UK

    1. Sarah from. Calif.24 May 2013 at 03:25

      Annie UK , , yes a lot of truth in what you have said.
      I thought femimism was about having the right to choose too but , according to these ladies it's not. Why are they knocking her down? Is it. be cause she likes to cook ? make a bed ? wash the clothes? let someone she loves stand out more than her? So she didn't rise to the highest
      place in the fast life ( how many people actually do ) I too am willing to bet she shines like a

    2. Very well said, Annie!


    3. Feminism is all about living the life one chooses, home, family, career - and most modern women do it all . It's absurd to attack the Duchess for deciding to be a wife and mother. I expect her public identity will become clearly defined as the years go by and her unique interests emerge. She was lucky enough not to need money, and once she captured a Prince's heart, her choices for work narrowed. So what ? This old feminist counts her as a sister.

  17. Charlotte, are you expecting the royal family to make a statement regarding that poor soldier murdered in London? I see he was wearing a Hope for Heroes tshirt and he served in Afghanistan, so perhaps the Princes will send their condolences?
    What do you think?

    1. I know The Queen has expressed her concern on behalf of the royal family. The Queen will also visit Woolwich Barracks next week.

    2. Sarah from Calif.25 May 2013 at 01:05

      :'( :'( :'( truely

  18. As a life-long environmentalist married to a wildlife biologist, I'm impressed with William's dedication to saving endangered animals. I hope his involvement shines a light on the terrible destruction of wildlife and ecosystems.

    I've also been touched by both of the Princes involvement with Help for Heroes. My husband, father, and father-in-law are all veterans and -in my opinion - we can never do too much for the men and women who serve their countries.


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