Tuesday, 2 April 2013

William and Kate's Easter, Duchess of Cambridge Trademarks Her Name, ISSA Sale + More

Hello Duchess Kate readers, I hope you all had a splendid time over Easter.

As for our favourite royal couple, William and Kate enjoyed a quiet weekend in Anglesey where Prince William works as a RAF Search and Rescue pilot. The couple reportedly attended a local church service on Sunday at St Cadwaladr's Church in Llangadwaladr (quite a word to pronounce) a small village in Anglesey. The church is believed to have been a royal burial ground and one of its windows dates from the 12th century. William was most likely on call, as the couple spent last Easter in Scotland with Charles and Camilla and it was quite possibly his turn to work.


It will be the final Easter the Cambridges spend in Anglesey because whatever William's future plans are it will involve moving permanently from the Welsh island where the couple share a cottage. There is still no official word on William's decision but according to a number of royal sources the deadline has passed and I expect the Palace will release a statement shortly, most definitely sometime this month. Hello! Magazine commissioned a poll of 2,000 people and over 80% of voters feel it's time for the Prince to take on more royal duties while two thirds feel the Queen needs to slow down.  A role in the Household Cavalry has been discussed and the possibility of a transfer to RAF Wattisham cannot be ruled out either. 

Veteran BBC royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell shared his thoughts:

'The Queen will never retire - but after 61 years on the throne, one senses there is an acceptance of the need to lighten the load a little, both for her own sake and her husband's. The hardest person to persuade of the need to slow down will be the Queen but William in particular must realise we're at the point where royal duty will have to take precedence over his military career.'

What path do you think William will choose? Do you think he should pursue his military career or do you feel it's time to devote more time to royal duties?


Speaking of William's role with the RAF, Flight Lieutenant Wales has taken part in a new BBC documentary about helicopter rescue missions. He reveals how his team copes with "dodgy and dangerous situations'" and is shown rescuing a teenage boy who has fallen 20ft from a disused railway bridge. 

BBC Wales

William shares the challenges of his job:

'It's not easy. It makes you feel worried, concerned. You obviously want to make the right call. I have a duty of care for the crew and for the casualty. So you do have to think very carefully. 
When you have got either a young child or a young woman or a young woman or an old man or whatever it is you are going to do. It really focuses the mind when there is an actual real person at the end of it who needs your help and you are their only hope.'

Helicopter Rescue starts on April 8 on BBC Wales. It is expected to be shown nationally later this year.


 Another interesting story that broke over the weekend: the Duchess of Cambridge has applied to the Intellectual Property Office to trademark her title as part of The Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, and will be used solely to raise money for charities. The trademark will be applied to range of goods including clothing, footwear and headgear.

However, we won't be seeing any pieces designed by the Duchess. More on this from The Telegraph:

'So while a 'Duchess by Catherine' fashion line isn't in the works (and probably never will be), we're betting anything bearing her official moniker would be a hit. Plus, the Buckingham Palace shop does sell a range of jewellery inspired by pieces worn by the Queen it's not entirely unfeasible that the Duchess's sartorial prowess could one day be used to raise funds.'

Now, that's a suggestion that would no doubt prove very lucrative :)


Our fashion tidbit for the day: there is a stellar Issa Sale at The Outnet with up to 60% off a range of stunning cocktail dresses and gowns very similar to pieces worn by the Duchess. The Outnet has teamed up with some incredible designers lately and this latest partnership is one fans of Kate's style will enjoy.

South Molton Style

The Plunge-Front Silk Jersey Dress is currently reduced from €790 to €316 and is still available in some sizes. The flamingo pink gown features ruching at front and waist and a draped front panel. The 100% silk piece is also available in a shorter low cut style.

The Outnet

A look at a selection of beautiful pieces currently available. The red lace dress is very much in keeping with Kate's style; it's a particularly pretty piece and Kate's engagement dress is available in an array of colours and prints.

The Outnet


We'll see William and Kate on Thursday and Friday when they'll be carrying out a series of engagements in Scotland :)


  1. I think William should quit trying to eat his cake, and knuckle down to it. He's King after Charles, and should quit trying to play both ends against the middle.

    1. Pauline Oak Hills3 April 2013 at 05:14

      bluhare- Why is it so important that William becomes a full time royal now. Yes he is the second in line but it will be many years before it is his turn. I would say at least 25 to 30 years before it is his turn.

      I read on a royal site that William is not being pressured by the Queen nor Charles to become a full time working royal. They would like to see him & his Duchess have the time with their family before it is time for him to be full time.

      I think William will stay in the military but still be able to do more engagements because he will not be flying. I think he will go to teh Blues & Royals which will let him have more free time to do his engagements.

      I would like to see him & his Duchess do their engagements together and a few alone. I want to be hands on parents so they will need the time. I also just read where they are not planning on having a staff of servants nor any nannies at the beginning. I really take my hat off to these two oung parents to be. They have the money to have as many servants and nannies that they want but they elect not to have any or very very few.

      So let's be happy for them to be able to becomes great parents and enjoy their baby when it is born. And not worry about them becoming full time royals because I don't believe it is going to happen right now.

    2. Pauline, because in my heart of hearts I really think William is spoilt and entitled and thinks he knows better than anyone else. I totally get that I can't back this up; it's my gut feeling. And if that's the case, he should start to learn that it's not all about him, and that he can't just take off for a vacation when he feels like it, and it's about duty.

      Heck, Harry is carving out a better role that William and he is in the army (is he full time? I'm not 100% on that). They don't have job descriptions; they have to work it out for themselves. William is 31, and his father is in his 60s. So when Charles finally does become King his reign probably won't be very long, especially with the way the Queen is going! So I do think William should quit being the entitled dilletante he comes across as sometimes, and start getting a backbone, and understand what he means to Britain.

      I'm not saying he shouldn't enjoy his baby(s), and spend time with Kate. But it's time to start knuckling down. It will also help Kate develop her sense of self in her role as well. William doing what he is doing is not doing her any favours.

      Pauline, I do enjoy our discussions; please tell me if I come across too harsh as I know I can. (And you admitted the same.) You make some good points and I like debating with you. Thanks!

  2. as usual you are a star. thanks charlotte.

  3. Our duchess looks her best in Issa dresses.
    BTW-I am not a church goer but often find these little churches in England very charming. :)
    These new ID codes are extremely hard to read and get them right. I feel very discouraged to post. :(

    1. I will be in England in May/June and I've always said I'd love to do a church yard tour of Britain. The counry churches and cathedrals are breathtaking.

    2. Jean from Lancs.3 April 2013 at 15:57

      Oh dear Bluhare--this church is on Anglesey, which is part of Wales. The Welsh hate to be confused with England. You are right though there are some beautiful old churches in the most unexpected places.
      Hope you enjoy your visit to the UK.

    3. Jean, I know Anglesey is in Wales. My mum and dad honeymooned there.

    4. Hi Jean and bluhare, my bad. I should have said "these little churches in UK". Wales, Scotland, or Britain, even in northern Ireland...They all look charming to me. :)

    5. Sarah from Calif.4 April 2013 at 00:09

      I think the thing that amazes me is the time that was put into the churches, cathedrals, homes, buildings, etc....(yes, a lot of blood sweat and tears too) but, not like now when they slap up a building.
      Enjoy your trip bluhare !!

    6. Kate, Texas, USA4 April 2013 at 03:38

      Sarah, you are right about slapping up buildings. :( Definitely not how it used to be done. Bluhare, I have never looked into doing a church yard tour, but that sounds amazing. I have been to a few small village churches and they are perfect and quaint. Such incredible history! A favorite excursion of mine on one trip to Britain was down to Canterbury and touring Canterbury Cathedral. It was absolutely breathtaking! Have a wonderful time on your trip. I am looking at heading back in June! :)

    7. When I was last in England, we went to Burford in the Cotswolds and their village church is amazing. They have graffiti from reformists held there in the 17th century. And the catafalques (is that the right word) of the nobility are beautiful. It would be a privilege going to church there.

      I love the graveyards too; I know there's a lot of people who like to do brass rubbings. And Chester Cathedral where they cut the hands off some of the figures (can't remember why) and the woodwork and soaring ceilings . . . . I can go on and on!

  4. Pauline Oak Hills3 April 2013 at 01:37

    Thank you again for this great post. I am really am glad that the Duchess & her Prince were able to spend a very quite Easter together. And that there is no pictures. Sure I woudl have loved to see them but they do need their privacy. We will get to see this beautiful couple this week together.

    I really do think William will remain in the military. But not with the RAF. He will not want to be away from his Duchess & their new baby. He wants to be a hands on daddy and if he stayed in the RAF he would be gone to much. So I am hoping he will make the right choice for his family. They are his world now and everything else is second.

    Can't wait until the 4th & 5th.

    1. I confess I went-a-googling to see if William does plan to be a hands on dad, and all the stuff I can find says yes, he does. However, I couldn't find anything other than from blogs or tabloids and I don't like to use those as sources if possible.

      I had doubts about whether he would. So if he is planning it, then good for him. It's about time one of the royals did (although I understand Charles was a much better father than his fther).

  5. Llangdawar,gosh that is a mouthful!!I read somewhere that William handed over his pink slip regarding quitting his RAF job,I don't know if this story is completely true.4th and 5th should be awesome! :))Thanks chica!! xoxo

  6. Thsnk you again for wonderful post i really love seeing the duchess but it important that they have their own privacy.... life

  7. I love clicking on my Duchess Kate tab and finding a new post! Thanks so much, Charlotte.

    I think it's great that William & Kate had a private, quiet Easter celebration. I'm sure it will be very hard for them to say good-bye to Anglesey. It was the best gift the queen could give them, the chance to live away from the "spotlight" and enjoy the first years of their marriage.

    I hope that William continues to serve part-time in the military, which would give him a chance to do what he so enjoys while still fulfilling more royal duties. It'll be interesting to see what he decides to do...

    Looking forward to your posts re: Scotland!

  8. Robin Indiana USA
    Wonderful post Charlotte. I love the picture of the English Church so charming. So happy William and Kate got to spend their last Easter in Wales in their farmhouse full of memories already for them. William is smart and he will make the right decision on their future. It is Spring break and it has been sunny almost 50 degrees maybe snow is finally gone! Looking foward to Thursday.

  9. It's really important that they have privacy and time to adjust as a new family, but I can already picture a media frenzy when the baby is born. If William continues his RAF duties, if left to face this herself, poor Kate could become vulnerable. Also, I think it's great that they have applied for a patent for th Duchess' title. Capitalising on her name will no doubt generate thousands if not millions. For me the next few months will be crucial for the family...Any news about where the baby will be born?

  10. This is a wonderful site dedicated to the Duchess, she is most wonderful and so is Prince William. It is an exciting time for them with the news of a Royal baby on the way. It is so wonderful they will be great parents, I to love seeing and hearing the great things both Prince William and Duchess Kate do and all the remarkable charities they support. Yes I too think William should remain in the Military at least for now. Both the Duke and Duchess deserve to have their own privacy and especially with a Royal baby nearing and since the late Princess Diana tried so much to give both Princes a normal daily up bringing and privacy from the worlds media.

    The Duchess looks elegant in everything and is graceful, I hope they both will visit New Zealand with their baby someday.

    Regards from
    A Chivalrous Gentleman,& Royalist.

  11. Kate, Texas, USA3 April 2013 at 13:14

    I glad William and Kate enjoyed a quiet, peaceful Easter together in Anglesey. I mentioned in a previous post, but it must be a bit hard closing this chapter in their lives. They have enjoyed their quiet life on Anglesey and no doubt have made fond memories in their little farmhouse. I hope these last days are fun and memorable! I love the little village church in Llangadwaladr (no clue how to begin to pronounce that). It seems so quaint and pretty with a rich history as many village churches are.

    In my opinion I think it's time for William to step up to full-time Royal duties. We all know his love and passion for the military and has served his country well, but being a solider is not his destiny. Also mentioned in a previous post, the Queen and Prince Phillip are not getting any younger. Even if it is not her desire to slow down a bit, that time will inevitably come. We all adore the Queen, but her reign will eventually end. I think Nicholas Witchell said it well when he said "royal duty must take precedence over military career." :)

    I absolutely LOVE Issa! I think I would like one of every dress shown above plus more! Kate definitely wears the brand well. She looks gorgeous in every picture!!! I think it's great she has trademarked her royal title. Something that will definitely be advantageous to the foundation and to many charities. Smart move!

    Looking forward to the engagements tomorrow! Thanks for a great post Charlotte!

  12. Isn't it possible for William and Kate to keep their Anglesey home as a country residence? Because other royal family members also have country residences.. I'm not from the UK so I don't know how these things are going in Britain :)

    btw I love this blog, I'm from the Netherlands but I've been interested in the British Royal family for a long time! I look almost every day on this blog to see if there's a new post :)

    1. They don't own it. They rent it from the landowner. And it's far from a cottage as most people would describe it. It's a 5 bedroom house on the beach on a landed estate.

  13. Jean from Lancs.3 April 2013 at 14:45

    Charlotte, I meant to say,"Hope you had a lovely Easter", but can see you had a very busy one.
    Doubtless we will soon hear what the Duke and Duchess have decided,but first it will have been thoroughly discussed with HM and the Prince of Wales.
    Glad they were able to attend church on Easter Sunday without photographers present and delighted that the good people of Anglesey obviously leave their phones at home on Sunday morning.
    Read somewhere that Catherine had registered her name and their charity--mainly to stop anyone else hi-jacking it, though I understand the Royal Collection is to produce some baby mementoes--but not until after the child is born.

  14. Z. from Portugal3 April 2013 at 15:13

    I think William should pursue his military carreer in London , in the Household Cavalry, maybe for a few more years. After all, he is not the heir of the throne yet. I also think that the Queen should slow it down, for her own sake...

    Wonderful Issa garments! I love the green dress and that grey gown Kate wore some years ago.

    Lovely post, Charlotte! Can't wait for the end of the week, I'm really looking forward to seeing the Cambridges in Scotland! I love Scotland and everything related. :)

    Hugs from a very rainy Portugal (I won't dare complain about the weather :) because I know it has been really, really terrible everywhere... I hope you all keep safe and warm!)

    1. Kate, Texas, USA4 April 2013 at 03:24

      Z, the grey Issa gown is one of my favorites also! Kate wore it to a Starlight Children's Foundation charity event back in September 2009. :) LOVE!

  15. I feel it is time for William to take on a full time royal role. The military is a wonderful place to serve (my mother's father was in the army) but it is a closed enviroment, much as the royal family is. William needs to get out in the world more and both he and Kate need experience with full time royal duties. To be a successful royal is more than cutting ribbons; it takes time to build up particular areas of focus.

    While both Charles and Diana were/are open to personal criticism both developed strong areas of charitable interest over time. Charles with young people and Diana with areas such as land mines and AIDS. As long as William and Kate only do a bit of this and that, they will be seen as pretty people making appearances and not be taken too seriously. They need to link their names to particular areas of work and gain expertise and experience in those areas and learn to interact successfully with the public and yes, the press.

    William and Kate aren't children. They are both in their thirties, a time when most careers are normally fully developed. Both have had over ten years since university to persue their own interests with comparatively few royal duties. In that time, Kate has had very little experience working in the world, and William was isolated in the military. They need to get out there now and live up to their potential. They have already lived together for some years now and have had plenty of private time, much more than most royal family members. If they are not going to be seen as just more rich young people like their friends, they need to get on with their role in life.

  16. How is Will shirking his responsibilities? He dated Kate for almost ten years to avoid divorce. He saves people's lives working for the RAF. He works fundraisers to raise money for charity. Furthermore, he is leaving the RAF and Wales because: 1) the RAF's ownership is changing hands from the British government to a private company, America's Bristow Helicopters; 2) his KP apartment will be ready this year so the couple will have a London base to take on more royal duties; 3) the Queen allegedly gave them a country home, Anmer Hall, for weekend retreats. Seems to me everything in this man's life is moving forward like clockwork. I'm sure we will see more of this couple in the future.

  17. Sarah from Calif.4 April 2013 at 00:49

    Hmmm hard call. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are getting older. Prince Charles could be on the throne along time.
    Bless you William and Kate on your decisions. Very hard calls as far as I'm concerned.

  18. Well said, "Anonymous" 3 April 2013 16:31. I agree and so, at least reading the results of that survey, do the British public. I think people see how hard the Queen and Prince Phillip, as well as the Princess Royal and other members of the royal family, work, how many engagements they undertake - and aside from the Queen and Prince Phillip - these members are rather low in the order of succession. William, the heir to the heir to the throne, and Kate, on the other hand, have been allowed to essentially play and do whatever they wished with a relatively light official workload. I'm guessing the Queen has let William have his time to play house with Kate and let Kate get acclimated, now it's time for both of them to buckle down and get to work.

  19. I think William should stick with the military a little longer. Look at Charles, he's been a full time royal for so long just waiting in the wings. With the longevity of the Windsors, William may still have a long time to wait before he is Prince of Wales, let alone before he is King. And the Queen has four children who are all very active in their royal roles who can pick up slack. Also, I really admire William and Harry for pursuing military careers and while it's not charitable work, it is certainly service to their country.


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