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Kate Loves: The Royal Staff

With final preparations being made to Apartment 1A the household of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry is moving to Kensington Palace in the coming months. The younger royals plan to base themselves and their offices at the Palace where William and Harry happily spent time with Diana during the time she resided there.

In today's post we take a look at the key figures in the royal trio's team who provide an invaluable support system to the royals, working behind the scenes to ensure everything from royal tours to informal engagements go seamlessly. I think you'll recognise a few of the faces :)

Principal Private Secretary and Equerry to TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and HRH Prince Harry - Mr. Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton.

I don't think any member of staff has been quite as instrumental in advising and shaping the way the young royals present themselves as Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton. Born in 1960, he trained at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst (William and Harry also trained there) in 1979 and joined the Irish Guards where he was attached to the Special Air Service throughout his twenty year career where he was described as an especially capable officer.


He served as equerry to the Queen Mother from 1984 to 1986,  and for his services was appointed Member of the Royal Victorian Order. He became William and Harry's private secretary in 2005 and has forged a strong bond with the Princes. Jamie is a strong-minded, intelligent man who never leaves anything to chance.

Jamie accompanied William on his 2010 visit to New Zealand.


Mr Lowther-Pinkerton is married with four children and lives in Suffolk. His son William (the dark haired boy) was a page boy at the royal wedding in 2011.

The British Monarchy Flickr

Last week, Jamie became a Lieutenant of the Victorian Order (LVO).

Robert Jobson Twitter

Private Secretary to HRH The Duchess of Cambridge - Miss Rebecca Deacon.

If you've followed Kate's official appearances for any length of time you will have noticed a young brunette who is almost always by Kate's side. Rebecca Deacon is Kate's right-hand woman tasked with organising her diary and numerous other duties.

30-year-old Rebecca is the daughter of a female vicar and an army major, who passed away when she was three. She studied  English at Newcastle University before catching William's eye while working on the 2007 Diana concert where she worked as an assistant to producers helping the event to go smoothly. Rebecca is roughly the same age as Kate which must be nice for the Duchess.

Paul Harrison Twitter Feed

Rebecca is known for her trustworthiness and organisational skills. No doubt she will become an even more invaluable member of the team when Baby Cambridge arrives. Below we share a great photo from the Olympics of Kate, Rebecca and Kate's protection officer Emma Probert (we'll look at the Royal Protection officers in a future post).

Will Munn Twitter Feed

Private Secretary to HRH The Duke of Cambridge - Miguel Head.

Mr. Head was raised in suburban London and went to Bancrofts, a small public school in Essex. He joined the Ministry of Defence press office in his early twenties and served as liaison with Clarence House when Prince Harry went to war in 2007. Editors agreed to a media blackout to allow Harry to serve in Afghanistan  but when foreign media gave the game away Mr. Head's handling of the situation went down so well the Princes decided to hire him. Miguel Head is also credited with handling the French paparazzi's photos of Kate with aplomb.

More From The Telegraph:

'Having come from the Ministry of Defence, Mr Head understands the Princes's desire to put their military careers ahead of royal duty. Being seen to do brave things in uniform has done wonders for their public image.'

Miguel (far right) at a polo match with Kate at the Beaufort Club in 2009.

Personal Private Secretary to HRH Prince Harry - Miss Helen Asprey.

Helen is one of the aides closest to the young royals. In 2010, she was Personal Private Secretary to both William and Harry and she was made a Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order and is credited as one of the royal wedding's key organisers.

Alan Davidson

Helen accompanied Kate on her secret visit to Westminster Abbey on the evening the engagement was announced.

Senior Adviser to TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and HRH Prince Harry - Sir David Manning.

Sir David Manning was appointed as an adviser to William and Harry in 2009 at the request of the Queen when they formed their joint private office in 2009. Her Majesty is said to have been keen to ensure they have a "wise man" helping them. Sir David served in embassies in India, Poland, Israel and Russia before becoming an adviser to former Prime Minister Tony Blair in the run-up to the 2003 Iraq war. The family turned to Sir David to give Kate advice and mentoring on the role she was about to assume.


The Duchess reportedly still holds meetings with him on everything from foreign affairs to constitution. He is described as charming diplomat who never gives anything away.

Press Secretary to TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and HRH Prince Harry - Ed Perkins.

37-year-old Ed Perkins was appointed as the new press secretary in September 2012. A professional journalist from Wales who loves Rugby, Ed graduated from Cambridge University with a Ph.D and spent his first five years at the Palace as press secretary to the Duke of York. He played a huge part in assisting with the Diamond Jubilee coverage.

Assistant Press Secretary to TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and HRH Prince Harry - Nick Loughran.

Nick Loughran is a former press officer at the City of London Police and is known as a professional who always goes the extra mile. Seconded from Buckingham Palace, he joined the Cambridges on the royal tour last year.

William, Kate and Harry have a strong, intelligent and trustworthy team in their office, all excellent choices in my opinion. What do you think of the royal staff?


No word yet on William and Kate's Easter plans. Kate was spotted in Waitrose in Anglesey shopping for scallops this morning, perhaps they'll travel to Berkshire over the weekend and spend it with the Middletons? Or possibly with Charles and Camilla?

Wherever you're spending it, I wish you all a very Happy Easter!


  1. I often look at rebbeca in the background. She has some nice clothes on which can be a little more high street and affordable to me.
    A very busy job but I expect very exciting.
    You do a wonderful job Charlotte... Happy Easter to you.
    Do you think William got Kate an egg?

  2. Sarah from Calif.29 March 2013 at 20:39

    Oh my I need time to absorb all this info.
    I must say the scallops that Kate was buying are calling my name (love them)
    Talk to you all later :)

  3. A great and detailed read charlotte. Well done. Best,Kathy

  4. I wish you - and all who read your blog - a very happy Easter as well, Charlotte! Thanks for the informative post. :o)

    Hugs from snowy Minnesota!

  5. All these people sound very well-qualified but there have been some questionable moments of late, such as the holiday to Mustique, which whether you agree with it or not, which opened the royal couple to a high leval of criticism, even among some supporters. I felt at the time that William and Catherine weren't getting the best advice, that there staff might not be in touch with the mood of many of the people. Since then, there has been a large increase, pre-planned or not, in engagements for Catherine. The decision on whether or not William stays in the military is another questionable area. Regardless of what that decision is, announcing that it will be made public and then postponing it indefinately, is not ideal. Likewise, the announcement that new patronages are to be made public, which has yet to happen. The wording of some statements were unfortunate too leading to too many expectations. Failing to mention the holiday on Mustique and then having it discovered was also unwise.

    I think, in short, these may be people that William and Catherine are comfortable with, which is good, but ones who may not be giving them the best possible advice.

    1. I am sorry anonymous but there people do not ok their vacations. William & Catherine are grown people and can make their own choices. Their staff is just that "staff." And I don't thonk the royal couple bais their work or their private vacation on the mood of their fans.

      Catherine has been ill when she was first pregnant and could not work. But since she has been feeling better she has gone back to work. You don't make any sense. You are making Catherine sound like she does nothing but she works but maybe not enough for you or many other people.

      I can go on & on but I will not waste my time. Nothing William or Catherine does or will do in the future just will not be good enough for you. Whatever Williams choice for his future will be the best for his family and nothing else. Him & Catherine will take the balance of the year off to be with their baby when it is born. But of course you will complain about to.

    2. Pauline Oak Hills30 March 2013 at 02:23

      Hello Ms. Charlotte
      Thank you this great post. It is very nice to get a little insight to their staff. They have a wonderful group of people around them who care for them.
      It is reall nice to hear William & his Duchess will be able to spend alot of time together once the baby is born. What a very special time for them.

      It really sounds like William will be leaving the RAF to be able to be the hands on daddy he wants to be. But what he plans on doing will be nice to hear. But whatever it is, it will be for the love he has for his Duchess and that new baby his Duchess is carrying.

      Now Happy Easter to you Ms.Charlotte and the rest of my friends.

    3. As for the vacation William seems headstrong and may have received good advice which he chose to ignore.

    4. The other option is they don't listen to the advice they are given. I have read that William in particular can be quite headstrong and thinks he knows best. Kate probably just follows his example.

      I am looking forward to the day that Kate is allowed, or chooses, to carve out more of her own niche. I don't think she's found it yet; she seems a bit rote on some of her appearances. Yes, she's still learning, but Kate's cousin has been quoted as saying Kate finds it hard to find the people she meets interesting. Perhaps it's because she still hasn't found anything yet that she an become passionate about. This is not meant as a slag on Kate at all. I just wonder if she's been pushed in a direction that perhaps she isn't crazy about.

    5. Marion from Germany30 March 2013 at 16:52

      Dear Anonymous,

      I share your opinion, but who knows which advice Kate and especially William take - or when they assume that they know better? I can imagine that someone from their highly qualified staff objected to that Mystique-holiday, but the decision was in William and Kate's hands.

      Dear Charlotte,

      what wonderful ideas you have for my favourite "Kate loves"-section. Not in a thousand years would I have come across such a fantastic idea to introduce the staff. I saw Jamie-Lowther-Pinkerton and Rebecca Deacon before but the others were totally new to me. They must have rather weird working hours, I guess. And please do the post about the security staff, such a vast amount of new information. Thank you so much, Charlotte.

    6. Kathy I completely disagree with you. Anon was just saying that there have definitely been eyebrows raised in recent months. Whether you believe it's a valid concern or not doesn't change that reality.

      I think others speculation may be accurate, that they were advised on multiples facets of their actions and acted as they saw fit.

      Sarah, TN

    7. To Everyone, as the original anonymous,

      Kathy, If Catherine had many more weeks like the last one, even if she undertook just one engagement a week, you would hear no complaint from me. Nor would I expect her to work while she was ill or for some time after the baby arrives. But by January of this year, with her appearance at the portrait gallery, and on shopping expeditions, Catherine was clearly well enough to take on some light engagements. Naturally, her advisors could not stop her and William from taking a holiday, but they could have suggested an official appearance or two, which would have helped offset criticism. The recent tube engagements shows these can be worked up quickly when necessary. Even publications favourable to the royal family, were left very uneasy about that holiday.

      If staff is just staff, they should be sacked tomorrow and will be quickly, if bad publicity gets out of hand. Good advisors can't tell their employers what to do but they can guide them in the correct direction. Especially if William is stubborn, he needs staff he will listen to, not yes men and women.

      I also pointed out a number of instances where official announcements have not been followed through. This is an issue that directly relates to staff. Whether William remains in the RAF is up to him and his family, but there should have been no suggestion an announcement was going to be made until it was certain the decision was immediately forthcoming. The same is true with announcements of new patronages for Catherine. Good public relations says announcements need to be followed upon quickly, or they shouldn't be made in the first place.

      For security reasons, no holiday is likely to be announced long in advance, nor should it be, but not to mention it at all looks sneaky. Official silence did not protect William and Kate from being photographed and, compared to the intrusive French photographs, they received little sympathy from any but their most ardent followers.

      I'm a great admirer of the queen and the Princess Royal, and had great admiration for the remarkable abilities with people of the late Princess of Wales, in spite of any private weaknesses. The Earl and Countess of Wessex began their marriage with a host of bad publicity but have improved much since then. William and Catherine are fortunately not yet in that position but I feel it is time for them to take on a greater royal role.

      No one in public life can afford to ignore public opinion. The staff of William and Catherine must have a strong role in guiding the couple towards the correct choices. Far from never being satisfied, I was much impressed watching Catherine with the Scouts in the snow and with the queen and welcomed the publicity given the charities she visited. I hope the Duchess-Do-Ltttle sobriquet becomes long forgotten, in coming years.

    8. I'm sorry bluhare but Kate never said she found it hard to find people is the actual quote from Kate's cousin.

      "Miss Barton said afterwards: 'She did look a bit surprised, although I think she knew I would be here 'I only saw her in the distance at the royal wedding to be honest, but we've had another family get-together since, so we've seen her in the last year or so.

      'The family is terribly thrilled and very very proud because we think she does a good job and it's not easy walking about talking to lots of people and being genuinely interested in who she meets.'

      This is from the Daily Mail.

      The cousin does not quote Kate it is her OPINION on how hard it is to do what Kate does.

      Just wanted to clarify and show how things can be seen differently.

      I know people are always looking for Kate flubs but Kate never said that.

    9. Interesting comments. I was reminded, while reading the really excellent bios of the staff and/or servants, whatever term you prefer to use, of the description of the "Gray Mice" that surround the Queen and Prince Philip at Buck House. They are hidebound by tradition and continue to embrace the Bagehot mantra "We must not let daylight in upon the magic." They are entirely yes-men and yes-women as many have noted and their primary job is to insulate the royals, including Will, Kate and Harry, from the common public (witness the sour looks on any or all of these staff when they are photographed in public to see how much they dislike commoners being around the royals). I'd guess the atrocious PR decisions surrounding Kate's morning sickness, cancellation of her engagements then immediate extended vacation to Mustique, are being made by the Palace PR machine, which still assumes that the UK and the world press are all-adoring and all-approving of any action taken by family members. That PR machine, as we all saw, also incorrectly assumed that the British public would not care about Princess Diana's death and would not need any reaction from the royal family. Public opinion is important and it does matter, especially in times like we are having now. Hopefully, as time goes on and the message that not every action they take is automatically OK with the public, that message will get through to the young royals.

    10. Jean from Lancs.31 March 2013 at 20:51

      Extended Mustique vacation? They had 10 days at the most. Quite candidly the fuss about it seems bizarre to say the least.

    11. Sarah from Calif.1 April 2013 at 00:53

      Elizabeth, didn't you recently go to England? How was your trip? I think it was you right? !

    12. Anonymous #I've Lost Count: Your quote in no way contradicts what I said. The cousin said it isn't easy being genuinely interested in the people she meets, which is pretty much what I said.

      And while I'm on it, can all you Anonymouses pick a name? It's not that hard. I do it, so if I can master it anyone can.

    13. Actually bluhare it wasn't pretty much what you said. To refresh your memory, you said:
      "...Kate's cousin has been quoted as saying Kate finds it hard to find the people she meets interesting."

      and the actual quote from Miss Barton:
      "The family is terribly thrilled and terribly proud because we think she does a good job and it's not easy walking about and talking to lots of people and being genuinely interested in who she meets."

    14. Sorry bluhare but that was the cousin's opinion on how she sees Kate's job, NOT how Kate sees her job as being difficult. I understand the need to discount Kate but I where are the actual quotes from Kate? Anything else is hearsay. Sorry but Kate never said being interested in people was difficult.

    15. MariBy: Kate's cousin said it was not easy for Kate to be GENUINELY interested in who she meets. How is that different from what I said? I said hard, you said genuinely. Potato, potahto. I paraphrased the cousin, you quoted. It's still the same thing.

    16. bluhare: See answer of Anonymous 2 April 2013 03:29.

      Also I did not say 'genuinely' - Miss Barton did.

  6. Thanks for this background information! Best of luck to all of them!

  7. Robin Indiana USA
    Thank you Charlotte for this blog and Happy Easter to you and to all who reads this blog. May everyone have a wonderful weekend. Robin

  8. Kate, Texas, USA30 March 2013 at 03:43

    Great post! Thanks Charlotte! I have read a couple news articles that say Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton will not be around too long. Reason...Run out of steam, fresh ideas, etc. I wish I could remember who wrote them and what they were. I will admit I have very little knowledge on how the Royal offices work, turnover rate, etc. I find it hard to believe being such a trusted friend, wise advisor,and hard worker wouldn't be around forever, but curious if anyone else has heard this? I certainly hope there's not truth to it. :)

    Side note....I LOVE the pic you posted from the wedding day. Such a fun pic that captures personalities! I saw an interview with the photographer who said he got the idea seeing a picture in the palace with Queen Victoria and her children sitting all around her. :)

    I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing Easter! To all those celebrating in the cold and snow, spring is just around the corner! :) Happy Easter!

    1. Hi Kate,

      For me the wedding photo is very reminiscent of one from Charles & Diana's wedding - Diana is surrounded by all the bridesmaids and page boys with Charles standing to the right. Almost identical.

      It is a lovely photo...I wish we could see all the others! They only make @ 4 public...


  9. Great researched post, Charlotte, many thanks. Happy Easter everyone!

  10. I am so pleased that you did an entry on the royal staff! I find this kind of "behind the scenes" stuff really, really interesting!! Those people have a tough job, but it must be amazing to work for the royals. Thank you for a fascinating insight!
    I'm looking forward to reading about the royal protection officers too!
    Keep up the great work!! Happy Easter!

  11. Jean from Lancs.30 March 2013 at 12:25

    Thanks for this information Charlotte.
    I was particularly interested to learn that Catherine still has meetings with Sir David Manning on everything from "foreign affairs to the constitution".
    Glad to know she is being fully primed for the future.

    1. I was very interested to hear that also, Sir David is an incredibly knowledgeable man and as an adviser one couldn't ask for a more qualified person.

      Thank you all for your comments, I'm delighted you enjoyed the post. I wanted to do something a little different with the 'Kate Loves' section this year to keep it fresh hence the 'Titles and Style' and 'The Royal Staff' posts. I'm so glad you all enjoyed them. I've always been fascinated by what goes on behind the scenes and the people involved in helping the royals.

  12. Happy Easter to all! Just because advice is given, doesn't mean that it is taken. And perhaps the Wales don't want their private vacations announced in advance. Colorado Eve

  13. Sarah from Calif.30 March 2013 at 17:22

    Charlotte and all Duchess Kate fan's,
    Have a peaceful and wonderful Easter weekend !

    Thank you Charlotte for this post. It must be very tricky finding people who are reliable and that you can trust. I do love that wedding picture !
    () ()
    - o -

    That is an Easter bunny but, it might not come out right when I post it.
    He is risen !!!!!!!

    1. Theresa, from Paris30 March 2013 at 22:07

      Great easter bunny, Sarah ;-)

      Happy Easter to you, and to Charlotte and all fans of "Duchess Kate" !!!

  14. That was so interesting to read about, thank you Charlotte. The 'Titles and Styles' post was also brilliant, I find it all so fascinating. This really is the best place to read about the Duke and Duchess. Wishing everyone a Happy Easter!

  15. Great post, very interesting!
    Happy Easter to you, Charlotte, and to all Duchess Kate readers!

  16. Ana B. from Brazil30 March 2013 at 22:28

    Thank you for this very informative post, Charlotte.
    It was a great idea, as usual!
    I'd like to wish a Happy Easter to all of you, my friends!
    Any news about the chat?
    Hugs :)

    1. Hello Ana!

      We will organise a date very soon :)

  17. What an interesting post! I love learning more about what goes on behind-the-scenes of royal life.

    Wishing you a joyous and blessed Easter, Charlotte!

  18. Happy easter folks im looking forward the styles

  19. Blessings & Peace My Friends*

    Charlotte, you never cease to amaze us with the bounty of information you make available to us to better understand TRH William and Catherine and the Royal Family. So many times we see names in television clips or your postings but forget just who the person is or what position they represent. My wife and I consider your blog the one stop information center of TRH without having to sift through endless other websites. My wife and I are commiserating with William and Catherine as they consider the next ranges on his career moves. I spend a dozen years in the U.S. Navy with search and rescue and faced our squadron’s decommissioning. I have to make a choice of leaving the service or retaining in C-130 aircraft. Flying C-130’s is a whole lot different than helping families, communities, or service members with helicopters. It worked well for our family and careers. I am convinced William and Catherine’s desires for the future will work best for God and Queen, his family, and children. Thanks again for your most informative posts, Happy Easter and enjoy the day. John and Joan, East Tenn.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story. There are so many options available to William at the moment, I'm sure he'll choose the best one for him, Kate and the baby taking into account his royal future.

      William and Kate attended an Easter service in Anglesey, no photos as of yet, it's unlikely any will surface.

      Hope you all have a very happy and peaceful Easter 'Duchess Kate' readers :)

    2. Sarah from Calif.31 March 2013 at 17:45

      () () () ()
      ťŠťŠHappy Easter All !

    3. Shantel (@FashionandFaith)1 April 2013 at 15:39

      John and Joan,
      Thank you so much for your service! I think that we all here are praying for you as you both make your decision.
      I hope everyone had an awesome Easter!
      Minnesota, USA

  20. A very happy Easter to all! I had commented on this post earlier but I guess it got lost somewhere. On another note, love Helen Asprey's necklace!:-)i don't get to see that design very often in royal circles. Thanks Chica!xoxo

    1. Shantel (@FashionandFaith)1 April 2013 at 15:40

      I agree! I am needing that necklace!! (I don't know where I would wear it, but I need it in my jewelry box! LOL!)
      Minnesota, USA

  21. Sarah from Calif.1 April 2013 at 01:14

    Well my Easter break is almost over. Boo hoooo. :(..........

    watched. "Skyfall " yesterday loved it . Trying to get hubby into British things.
    Anybody out there into "Game of Thrones " 3rd series starts tonight. Love the dragon things.
    vvvvvvvvvv. (those are dragon teeth.)

    Also "The Bible " History Channel was well done and accurate. >O that's a fish for those who understand.
    Has "Call of the Midwife " come out again in England? Can't. wait for that.
    Beautiful day today !

    1. Oh my, Sarah, our cable company has just had "watch shows for free" week) we don't have comcast, and my husband is now totally addicted to Game of Thrones!! I have to call them today and get some sort of promo deal so we get HBO and husband can continue to watch.

    2. bluhare, Game of Thrones is very addictive. Such an amazing imagination the writer has. Personally they could off the (risque) things and it wouldn't hurt the show one bit. I'm just a little affraid about watching it to the end. I have watched different things (series) to the end and then on the last episode have been disappointed. Ugh. I read about one called. "Ripper Street " looks very interesting. British, I obviously like all things British. ! Unfortunately we do not get BBC America here. Oh well I'm blabbing on.
      Charlotte thank you for allowing me to carry on with my endless chatter.

    3. Sarah from Calif.1 April 2013 at 22:39

      bluhare, That was me. (Sarah) again Anon 21:56 the computers are being difficult

    4. Sarah from Calif.1 April 2013 at 22:47

      Charlotte, Hi I see you are posting ! Did you have a nice weekend? Are you back in school today or Tues. ?
      Thank you for all you do !!!!!
      I would have loved to see Will n Kate this weekend but, for their sakes I'm glad we didn't. :) sending sunshine your way.

    5. Hello Sarah!

      I had a great weekend with family thank you! How was yours? I just saw the premiere of Game of Thrones Season 3 a couple of hours ago. It was excellent as expected, it's such a pity the episodes are not longer but it's a great show.

      William and Kate reportedly spent Easter in Anglesey, whatever path William choose their time in Anglesey is coming to and end, something I think will prove very difficult for both of them, particularly William. I read the deadline for William to make his decision has passed so whether it's a transfer to RAF Wattisham until 2015, a role with the Household Cavalry or full time royal duties I do hope they'll be very happy!

      Sunshine is much appreciated Sarah :)

    6. Sarah from Calif.1 April 2013 at 23:37

      Charlotte, Our weekend was very quiet. No more little ones around for Easter :( I miss that but not ready to be a Grandma. So we visited with the older folk. I hope the time Wiliam and Kate have spent in Anglesey has been very precious for them.
      Decisions decisions not always easy to make for the future. They have a very tight rope to walk and I wish them my best!

    7. Charlotte, any word on what William's future plans will be since the deadline for his decision has past? I just read that Kate has trademarked her royal title to be used to raise money for charity in the future. A wise and positive move to use her appeal to raise money. :)

    8. Hello!

      No word at all but I'm quite sure it will be announced very soon. I'm writing up a post now on the latest news, I waited until this evening in the hopes we might hear something but it will be a little while longer :)

  22. Happy easter to all well i guess william and kate attented mass for sure but no pics but i guess their in their private times are let be them i think their focus in to york girls who attend the easter service

  23. Happy Easter Charlotte. Fascinating blog just to see the various people who help make all it all happen. Happy Easter to the Duchess Kate blog spot family. Donna

  24. I keep forgetting to mention, but I adore that Grecian light blue gown she's wearing in one of those photos. I'd kill for it!


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