Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Kate's Second Day In Hospital, Palace Statement + Media Reaction To Announcement

Duchess Kate spent her second day at King Edward VII Hospital in London and is responding well to treatment. The Duchess was admitted to the hospital yesterday after falling ill at her parents home in Bucklebury, Berkshire. At present Kate is being treated for Hyperemesis gravidarum, an acute form of morning sickness.

In a short statement St James' Palace said:

'The Duchess of Cambridge is continuing to feel better. She and The Duke are immensely grateful for the good wishes they have received. She will remain in hospital at present and will continue to be treated for Hyperemesis gravidarum'.

Prince William spent several hours with his wife today, arriving at 11.30 a.m. and leaving just after 5.45. William did not make any comment but left in high spirits, smiling and looking considerably more relaxed than yesterday.

I'm delighted to hear Kate is "continuing to feel better", and I have no doubt she will receive the best care available at King Edward's, a private facility which the Queen is patron of.


William and Kate's pregnancy announcement has generated a media frenzy with photographers and journalists descending on King Edward VII Hospital in their droves all hoping to catch a glimpse of family members visiting the Duchess.

Not since the Royal wedding have I seen a story generate such mammoth interest and a look at today's papers proves there's only one story on everyone's mind.

The Times/Nick Sutton Twitter

The Daily Telegraph headline asks: "Could it be twins for Kate?" The Duchess is suffering from Hyperemesis gravidarum, a condition that is more often experienced by women expecting twins. Mothers-to-be who suffer from the condition are three times more likely to have a multiple birth than other women.

The Daily Telegraph/Nick Sutton Twitter

The Daily Mirror leads with "Pregnant Kate 'in hospital for days'".

The Daily Mirror/Nick Sutton Twitter

Today's edition of The Daily Mail features a fourteen page 'Royal Baby Special' (with many thanks to Nick Sutton for sharing a peek inside).

The Daily Mail/Nick Sutton Twitter

A look at the cover of today's The Sun.

The Sun/Nick Sutton Twitter

I've created a new page on the blog for all baby-related news called Maternally Kate. I have a great many posts planned for the next number of months and I hope you will find the page an interesting resource. It will include all the latest news and 'Kate Loves' style posts.

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