Friday, 3 August 2012

Kate Watches Hockey, Visits Team GB House + Olympic Interviews

Kate spent the evening watching the Olympic hockey match between Great Britain and Pakistan.

Kate cheering on Great Britain who triumphed with a score of four goals to one.


Kate sat next to GB hockey president Richard Leman.

London 2012 is the first Olympic games where the hockey pitches aren't green. Pink is used for   the area surrounding the pitch and blue for the field of play. The Riverbank Arena is an inspiring and modern venue.

London 2012

Kate visited the Riverbank Arena and played hockey with Team GB earlier this year.

London 2012

Kate wore (what's becoming known as her Olympic uniform) a Team GB fleece, J Brand Jeans and her £245 'nice blue' Stuart Weitzman Corkswoon Wedges.

Stuart Weitzman


So what were the Princes up to while Kate watched the games? William and Harry completed four interviews, including one with the BBC, but unfortunately Kate didn't take part in them.

Victoria Murphy Twitter

I just saw the Princes' BBC interview with Sue Barker where they discussed their surprise at Her Majesty's role as 'Bond girl' at the Olympic opening ceremony and how proud they are of Zara Philips Olympics performance. William said he is hoping he and Kate are not shown on the 'Kiss Cam' and the possibility of he and Kate running the London marathon :)

John Stevens Twitter
From the Channel 9 interview.

AllyinPerth Twitter

And a little more information on why Kate is a sight to behold with a hockey stick :)

AllyinPerth Twitter

You can watch the channel 9 interview here.


Afterwards the couple visited the Team GB house.

Widiane Moussa Twitter

Singer Katherine Jenkins was also present.

Katherine Jenkins Twitter

William and Kate met with athletes, military personnel and gamemakers. 

Katherine Jenkins Twitter

Kate appears to be wearing the red ZARA Blazer with gathered shoulders. It is available for £79 and a lovely choice. 

A closer look at the detail.

Kate also wore a white and navy polka dot top with Zara jeans.

William and kate will watch the swimming next.


  1. I too saw the William and Harry interview on bbc! It was a lovely interview a shame Kate wasn't with them but loved Williams comment about the kiss cam! I think it would've been lovely if him and Kate had been shown :) William seemed very secretive over the possibility that him and Kate could be doing the London marathon next year! Hope they do! It will be a lovely way to raise some money for charity whilst keeping us who like Kate appearances happy :) haha

  2. That is hilarious that Kate attacks people with hockey sticks. That is so me with a tennis raquet

  3. I love that red blazer. I was getting tired of that white polo :P
    The beige polka dot is a really nice combination too. She looks great. Too bad her hair isn't pulled back...

    Hope I can find an interview on you tube :(

  4. I saw the interview, it was really lovely ~ they are great ambassadors!

    When they mentioned that the DoC's might be running the London Marathon next year my first reaction was great but if they do WHEN is there any time between Royal Tours and training for a marathon to have a baby????! I hope the marathon running for Kate is delayed and the baby is on the cards...fingers crossed!

    Here's hoping,



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