Saturday, 16 June 2012

Kate's Date Night With 150 Kids

Duchess Kate had a date with 150 kids from her patronage The Art Room this evening. She invited the children for a production of 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' in Kensington Gardens. Daily Mail Royal Correspondent Rebecca English was at the event and very kindly shared news and photos via Twitter.

Rebecca English Twitter

 Prince William opted to stay in and watch the football (no doubt the Prince will be pleased England beat Sweden 3-2).

Rebecca English Twitter

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is described as 'an enchanting theatrical experience'. Allowing children to open a door and enter a spectacular new world with their favourite characters as they journey through the magical land of Narnia. Set against the backdrop of Kensington Palace this is a very special show.

A look at the hugely popular Lion.

Winter time in Narnia.

Kate joked with the children asking if the show had been too scary for them:

'No screaming too loud. I can now see your faces in the crowd so if you scream I know who you are'.

During the interval she said to the children:

'Did you see all the animals on stilts and wasn't Lucy cute? Wasn't it amazing? I just loved the way it is held in a tent. Really clever. What I really want to know is have any of you tried turkish delight?'.


A look inside the Three Sixty Theatre.

The Duchess met with the cast backstage after the show.

 Kate commented that she loved the fact that the event was only a hop from her house.

Rebecca English Twitter

Many of the children had never seen a show before so it was a memorable night for them. Lovely to see Kate taking her role as patron so seriously. I do believe she works incredibly well with children.

Rebecca English Twitter

The Art Room said the children had a 'wonderful evening' with Kate.

The Art Room Twitter

Kate wore a lovely teal Zara dress with a split at the back.

Rebecca English Twitter

The Duchess teamed her dress with the Whistles Helena Cropped Blazer (With many thanks to What Kate Wore) Unfortunately the £155 jacket is now sold out.

Whistles/John Lewis/PA
Kate was photographed wearing the jacket while shopping in Cheslea on June 2nd.

In Touch Magazine

Kate carried her Anya Hindmarch Maud Clutch. The £450 hinged clutch is available in various colours and can be embellished with embroidered initials.

Anya Hindmarch

The Duchess accessorised with her beautiful Links of London Bubble Stiletto Earrings. (With thanks to eagle eyed Cherry) The sterling silver earrings are available for $215.

Links of London

Kate completed the look with her Prada heels and a pretty necklace.

Kate left clutching a cuddly £15 'Aslan' teddy :) You can watch a video at ITV.

See you all in the morning for Trooping the Colour!


  1. Wow! She looks so happy and raident. The best look of this year so far.

  2. yay, an unexpected event and new pics!

    what a great event- a magical production in a unique setting, with a resident duchess! the kids must have loved every moment and aspect of the event!

    i like the questions she asked: you can tell she's used to engaging ppl with thought-provoking comments.

    can't say i love the jacket. but i like the dress: pretty color, pretty dress.

    does her hair looks slightly shorter? or is it just curled tighter, do you think?

    so tomorrow: mcqueen again, do you think? personally, i hope she wears someone else, and spotlights another designer for such a high-profile event.

    1. Ana B. from Brazil16 June 2012 at 04:17

      Hi, Alpa!
      I agree with you! Catherine's hair looks a bit shorter indeed!

  3. Duchess, thank you so much for this lovely blog. I can't tell you how much I enjoy it! :)

    I was impressed with the ITV video. Catherine appears to be very sweet and engaging.

  4. what a delightful surprise post! love it! she looks lovely!

  5. Lovely to see a surprise engagement for Kate, she seemed to really enjoy the night. I love the dress, I do think her hair is curled quite tight. I'd be *very* surprised if we don't see McQueen, Wickstead or Hooker tomorrow :)

  6. Pauline California USA16 June 2012 at 05:04

    What a nice surprise. I didn't think we would see the Ducness out and about until this weekend. I had to laugh when the said the the Duchess left her Prince at home in front of the TV watching football (soccer of us in the US) with some beers (how would they know if he was drinking
    She looked beautiful as usually. I noticed that her hair look's lighter and that she look's like she has put on a few pounds, her face look's a little rounder. She is looking really good, not so thin. She always looked heathly & fit but now there is just something about her that she is looking better.

    Charlotte, what is your take on this? I always enjoy your comments. And I can't wait until this weekend and all the pictures we will get. Wonder if the Duchess will be at the polo match on Saturday? I read where the polo match is both Saturday & Sunday so that would mean that the Prince will not be able to attend the Dcuhess' engagements with her. Oh will we will get pictures of both of them at least.

    I look forward to your great post's on these up coming events.

  7. she looks so relaxed and pretty and i love the dress and pop of colour.

  8. What a nice surprise! Kate seems to have enjoyed this engagement very much, she is so sweet with children and connects so well to them. The production must have been amazing! It's lovely to see Kate working with her charities.
    She looked amazing, I really like her dress and the shoes, and great hair as always :). Now I'm looking forward to Trooping the Colour, excited to see what Kate will wear!

  9. Wow!! She looks so sweet and happy with children:) Thank you for such a beautiful surprise!!

  10. Her makeup and hair looks great but not my favorite outfit. The color and embroidery is too old for her. I loved last years McQueen at the Trooping.

  11. She is such a natural. And what a great organization - art for children - and a great way to celebrate with them, choosing a special outdoor performance of another "art" (theater). Between the arts and the outdoors (e.g. Scouts) the Duchess is really bringing attention to the importance of such activities in a child's life.

  12. She looked delightful, as always. :)

    I love how she is so personable. ♥


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