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Kate Loves: Polo

Kate's attendance at William's polo matches over the years has been a highlight for fans of the couple. It is one of the rare events where we have the opportunity to see the couple relaxed amongst friends and enjoying 'off duty' time. Let's take a look at some of the matches Kate has attended over the years, the locations and of course her sartorial choices.

Kate attended a number of William's matches in 2006. Rumours of a romance were circulating and William was reportedly eager to impress Kate at his polo matches. Below we see Kate wearing a beautiful strapless dress with striking accessories.

Marie Claire/Rex Features

Kate looking elegant in a black dress at the Beaufort Polo Club in Gloucestershire. 

Re Features
Chatting with William after the match.

Rex Features

The Beaufort Polo Club is a favourite of the Princes with its scenic location and close proximity to Prince Charles' residence Highgrove (William celebrated his 30th at Highgrove).

Beaufort Polo Club

In June 2006, twenty four year old Kate attended a Chakravarty polo match in Richmond wearing a gorgeous red halter wrap dress with white polka dots and LK Bennett espadrilles wedges. Kate was accompanied by her sister Pippa and they both looked lovely in summer dresses. One of my all time favourite 'Kate looks'. Eye catching and sophisticated.

Aussie Finder

William also played in a match in aid of his patronage 'Tusk Trust' in June 2006.

Baeur Griffin
In July 2006 Kate and Chelsy Davy watched the Princes play polo at the Tidworth Polo Club in Wiltshire. Kate wore a halterneck summer dress and her hair pinned up. 

Tidworth is one of the oldest polo clubs in the country, having been the home of military polo for many years since 1907. Set in the stunning grounds of Tedworth Park, the club is known as a scenic, relaxing place with a relaxed atmosphere and reasonable cost.

Tidworth Polo

Kate relaxing with friends at the Beaufort Polo Club in 2008. 


Enthusiastically cheering on her Prince. Adorable shot!


Kate supported William at a charity match in Coworth Park in 2009. The couple enjoyed private time together after the match.

Kate wore a delicate lace top with pearls for the Dorchester Trophy match at Cirencester Park Polo Club in July 2009.

A look at the gates of Cirencester Park.


And the following week we see Kate looking rather tired at Beaufort :)

Just months before the announcement of the royal engagement Kate proudly cheered on her prince at  the Beautfort Polo Club wearing a stunning mint green Joseph dress.

During the couple's brief visit to the US after the royal tour of Canada, William played in a charity polo match in Santa Barbara. The Prince scored four goals for the winning team and was rewarded with a kiss from his wife who was wearing a hand painted silk Jenny Packham dress.

This summer we have seen the couple attend two polo matches thus far  (See here and here to read posts on these events) with Lupo accompanying Kate to both :)

Looking forward to the next match!


  1. I just stumbled across your blog while looking for pictures. You have done a really great job putting together these pictures. I really love Princess Catherine. :D

  2. Wonderful post yet again Charolette! So, I hate to say this - but what I noticed the most was her changing body. Her legs are SO thin now! I worry she will need to gain a little weight to get pregnant. Even the photo in the mint dress - her legs are so different now, and that was 2010.

    But - I gotta say, it also gives me hope! Guess I should start running every morning like Kate.


  3. I find her more stylish before marriage. She seems now putting on much thoughts when wearing clothes.

  4. Thank you for your blog, Is just love following it!

    I also love the mint dress and the black one! Do you know, which designer the mint one is?

  5. When I look at those old pictures it always hits me how much weight she lost. Then I think her prince already loved her back then, but the public just started to love her after all the weight loss...

  6. Hi Charlotte. These photos were fab. I too loved that polka dot dress on kate. Her hair was beautiful also, looked as if she had a slight fringe.? She certainly loves her "style". I look foward to your next blog. Keep up the good work! Maria.

  7. Thanks for the post! It's great to see some of the duchess's more casual looks from the past. It's also very noticeable from some of the pics though how much weight she has lost in recent years...

  8. Hi before Lupo, Kate took another dog, a Golden Retriever, with her when she went to watch polo. (Not sure which club but Chelsy was with her--might have been back in 2006. Think she was seen out jogging with this Golden when she and William visited the Middletons at Christmas so must be their dog. Anyone know it's name?

  9. Love her look in the tan boots!!!also love her yellow top worn below with black jeans.the jacket jeans look seems to suit the polo occasion more than dresses!:)

  10. Pauline California USA27 June 2012 at 18:26

    Great post. Just love seeing the beautiful Duchess supporting her Prince while he is playing polo. She has always been there for him.
    They are such a beautiful couple together. Can't wait to see them together on the 5th of July.

    And thanks Charlotte for a great blog. Just love it.

  11. Thanks for the post Charlotte! Very interesting to me. I thought I knew a lot of pictures from her (on a Polo Match) but I was wrong. :-)

  12. Thank you all very much for your comments. 'Kate loves' is great fun for looking back on events such as the polo etc.

    Kate was at the polo with a retriever, I believe a family pet but will find out for sure for 'Kate loves: Dogs' :)

    As for her title, it's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge so as far as I know Lady Catherine wouldn't be used.

    And I'm almost certain is going to a Wimbledon match :)

  13. I don't think any weight Kate has lost is as significant as the wonderful job she has done toning her legs and arms. I'd love to know what her workout routine is. She looks fabulous!

    1. I think that she was fabulously toned down before all the weight loss. She had an almost perfect body then - toned yet curvy. I think that what she has done is lost a bunch of muscle and become sinewy instead. I feel rather sad for her because she was such a natural beauty before all this and now she is just another polished made-over PR job who looks 10 years older than she really is !

  14. Great idea for a post - THANK YOU! I love looking back at the old photos. And it was not difficult to see the potential in this extraordinary young lady.

  15. I love when they attend polo matches because it is when we see them the most relaxed. I thought it was so cute to see Kate and Savannah (and Lupo) last weekend. Wonderful post as always!

  16. The pictures of the Duchess are very nice! She looks beautiful, as always. I'm thinking she wanted to be thin for the wedding, like all brides. In addition, she didn't want to gain weight prior to getting pregnant. Being naturally thin, she might have lost a little too much, but it won't hurt her in the long run. Better to not be overweight & pregnant - health-wise. Thank you for your posts!

  17. Wow! In the older photos, Kate looks MUCH more healthy than she has in photos recently. The photos show how drastic her weight loss has been. But the early outfits were cute. Her outfits pre-marriage seem much more age-appropriate than the ensembles now, even with her elevated position.

  18. oh her weight was so much healthier back then! i wish she would put her weight back on.

  19. The red halter dress is pretty but not appropriate for watching polo. It's a generational thing I'm sure, but to me it looks a little slutty in that setting.

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  21. What's the brand of that white handbag?


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