Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Kate Not At Garden Party, The Middletons to Participate in Thames Pageant + More

Hello Duchess Kate readers,
With great disappointment I wish to inform you all the Duchess did not attend the garden party at Buckingham Palace today.The Daily Mail article which was written on May 11th exclusively announced plans for Kate's attendance 

"The Duchess of Cambridge is to notch up another major royal first when she attends a garden party at Buckingham Palace later this month. The Mail cannot disclose the exact date of the partly due to security concerns, but it will take place within the next few weeks".

There is another garden party at Buckingham Palace next Tuesday, May 29th. One can only assume this is the party Kate is scheduled to attend. The Mirror's Victoria Murphy tweeted William, Kate and Harry will not be carrying out royal engagements until the jubilee. However I do not think the garden party is considered an official engagement I will keep you updated regarding official confirmation. 

Victoria Murphy Twitter

Below we see Her Majesty in pink greeting guests at today's event.


So, what has Kate been up to? Duchess Kate was spotted shopping at her local Tesco in Anglesey on Sunday. Perhaps planning a quiet evening meal with William? 

Sands Holiday Homes Twitter

In other news, Her Majesty has invited the Middleton family to sail on the 'Elizabethan' during the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant. The Elizabethan, a replica 1890s Mississippi paddle steamer, is part of the Royal Squadron. A source told The Telegraph

"Michael and Carole's inclusion on the Elizabethan has only just emerged and has taken a lot of people by surprise, but the Queen is incredibly supportive of the Duchess and her family. Boats travelling in the Royal Squadron are solely reserved for special guests of the Queen, which demonstrates just how far the Middletons have come".

Daily Mail

A very romantic photo of William and Kate graces the cover of Hello Magazine this week.

Hello Magazine

I hope to restore and add new pages to the blog within the next couple of days. I'm also planning a new version of 'Repli-Kate' and continuing on with 'Kate Loves' during the quiet period until the jubilee :)


  1. I was reading about the Garden Party earlier on the British Monarchy Facebook page and did not see any mention of Kate. I was afraid she did not attend. Maybe we can hope for the one on the 29th. I think it is fabulous that the Middletons are being included in the Pageant. I think the Royal Family has come so far since the days of Princess Diana. I also think that it is amazing that one day when Kate is Queen Catherine, people who have bumped into her in various stores will be able to think fondly on those memories.

  2. I completely agree Rachel. Diana's time with the royal family was difficult from what I gather, she received no support. With Kate things are being taken slowly, her family are being included and I hope she receives praise for doing the job so well.

    Fingers crossed for the 29th :)

  3. Pauline Oak Hills, CA. USA22 May 2012 at 21:37

    I agree with both of you. I think William has a big part of making sure that the beautiful Duchess' parents are included and are part of the royal family as much as possible. We all know how much William care's for his Duchess' family and how much they love him. I take my hat off to the Queen for making sure that they are included. Now are they included in the concer t with the rest of the family? Let's hope so.

    I was really disappointed that the Duchess was not at the garden party but maybe she was busy at home with William. So now if she show's up on the 29th maybe William will be by her side, let's all hope to see them together.

    Thanks for up dating the blog. You are just so good!!!

  4. Thank you very much for your comment Pauline. I fully expect Kate is in Anglesey with William right now, I guess it would make more sense to attend next weeks with the jubilee only days away.

  5. ugh - i was so looking forward to today's garden party and kate pics!

    i agree, rachel, i think the public's memories of kate and william are being built up in a way that is diferent from the usual memories of royals. memories of them as nice, hard-working ppl. i think will should stay in the military for at least another term. his repuation as a serving military man is an excellent one, and will carry in the long run better than just another royal doing openings, etc. he will be "in line" for decades to come, and should have a "real job" for as long as possible.

    having said that, i do miss regular pics of kate which we would get if she was a full-time royal!

  6. Disappointed that Kate did not attend the party. I really hope both she and William attend on the 29th

  7. I was hoping to see her today but I guess not but, I am really looking forward to all the upcoming Jubilee events. We will be seeing much of her then!

  8. Very disappointing indeed. I've spoken to a couple of reporters via twitter who have said they heard she is attending on the 29th.

    No official confirmation but it's looking promising :)

  9. I loved reading the tweet about the girl's mom who bumped into Kate at the fruits and veggie isle!! Proves how down to earth Kate really is!!:))
    Any idea why Kate did not attend the garden party event??Cant wait to see what Kate will wear on the 29th!!

  10. Pauline Oak HIlls, CA USA23 May 2012 at 03:13

    Do you know if William will be attend with his Duchess?

  11. Siddhii - I also love the tweets, particularly the Anglesey sightings. The only conclusion I can come too is, she didn't attend because she is going to next Tuesday's party. No official word yet but it's looking likely.

    Pauline - It was reported William would not be attending due to work commitments but should Kate attend next week it's possible William will be there as it's so close to the jubilee.

  12. One of the many reasons why the Queen is someone to look up to is her ability to learn from mistakes-I truly mean it. She has guided the monarchy during turbulent years, made mistakes of her own, yet did not fear in owning up to her them and implementing the lessons so as how NOT to repeat them (re: Diana, Kate, etc).. And, of course, as has been stated in the above comments, I'm pretty sure William has a lot to do with it-but back again, the point is the Queen listens. There is so much dignity in her and I am glad she is receiving the respect and affection she deserves from the British public.

    Elizabeth II really defines what a modern monarchy should inspire-and whoever succeeds her will have some HUGE shoes to fill.


  13. What a pity that Kate didn't attend the garden party yesterday, I was looking forward to seeing what she would have chosen to wear. I hope we will get to see her at next week's party. It's great that Kate's family is being included in the Jubilee celebrations, I think it's a nice sign of respect towards her and her family and well deserved.

  14. Pauline, Oak HIlls, CA. USA24 May 2012 at 00:22

    I don't know about the rest of you Kate fans but I am having withdrawals. I was hoping to see pictures of the beautiful Ducehss at the garden party yesterday but she did not attend. And we don't know if she will be there on the 29th. But if not then we will have to wait until the 2nd of June to see the Duchess & her Prince. Then we will get them for a full 4 to 5 days. But I bet after that they will go under the rader until the Oylmpic games in July.
    I jsut love the idea of seeing Kate shopping for groceries and just thinking her standing in from of a stove cooking for her Prince as he comes home from a busy day at working. I also heard she makes sure he has a hot bath ready for him, so sweet.

  15. oh yes, can't wait to see a new 'Repli-Kate' and 'Kate Loves'! I hope you can restore the old entries and the one with the old pictures of kate!! good luck!!

  16. Pauline Oak Hills, CA. USA24 May 2012 at 19:20

    Oh I so agree with Fiona. Would love to see the section "Kate Loves" with all the old photos you had. Could you do a section showing the PDA between Willaim and Kate. I know there are alot of photos but you could pick out the best ones (the ones you can post).

    But again anything you do pertaining to the beautiful Duchess and her Prince is great.

  17. Pauline - I did not remove any of the old photos from 'Kate loves', have you noticed photos missing from them?

  18. oops, I thought also that the old entries were not online (including kate loves). everythin before may. But I found them now... sorry...But you had one sector with kates old pictures from 2006-I guess.

  19. Oh yes Fiona, the Kate before Cambridge page, I'm going to try and restore it as it was always interesting to look back on.

  20. yes! this section! I loved them! was a great job! :o)

  21. Pauline Oak Hills, CA. USA24 May 2012 at 23:50

    Charlotte- I thought you had to remove all the old post so I did not look for the Kate Loves page. Where would I find it. Would like to look at those pictures and the post again. Sorry guess I am getting old...lol

  22. I also can't find the pages like "Kate Loves" anymore, where would I find It?

  23. I will put them all in a page this week :)

    Very odd the search box isn't showing them!

  24. Hi Charlotte! Im a huge fan of your blog, so much so that I've been looking at old posts from when I didn't follow your blog. My question concerns the dress that Kate is wearing on the cover of Hello! I've never seen it before and I was wondering if you knew what designer it was?



    1. Hello Amelia,

      Thank you for commenting. Kate's wearing her Libelula shirt dress there :)


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